Leah Culver : A Female Programmer Beauty with Brains

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If one feels that the world owns only male developers and famous coders then it is a wrong conception. We have got many renowned and successful female coders who are not only known for their work but beauty as well.Leah Culver is one such name and this article highlights her life and achievements.

Meet Female Programmer Beauty with Brains

Leah Culver who is presently known as the famous programmer was born on 5th November in 1982 and graduated from the University of Minnesota in the field of computer science in the year 2006.

leah culver
    • In the year 2007 she co-founded the famous micro-blogging site, popularly known as Pownce which was later acquired by the Six Apart in December 2008.
    • She was a geeky and focused child from the very beginning and believed in the power of a woman.
    • She always aspired to do something worthwhile and big for the society to lay foundation for the female coders and developers all across the globe.
    • She left the Six Apart in the year 2010 and co-founded Convore which emphasized on the real time chat in the year 2011.
    • Later Convore launched its new product which was known as Grove.io which mainly focused on the hosted real time chat for the companies too.
    • Culver had a great role in launching and developing these sites and bringing them in front of the world.


Life is a long journey 4 Programmer

When asked about the most important things that Leah has learned in her life so far, she answered that life is a long journey and there has always been challenges to move ahead and succeed. Bravery, ambition, resilience are some other important things that life has taught her. Describing her strengths.

  • She is quite good in solving the crossword puzzles and is equally bad in answering the mails and texts in the appropriate time.
  • She is a very ambitious woman who aims high to play around with CouchDB, GIT, Beanstalk and many other projects and also wishes to change some of the online interaction sessions too.
leah culver

On asked what disappointed her in her life, she mentions her failure in not being qualified for the National Honor Society in High School and also considers Pownce as her greatest achievement.

Self-motivation is the real path to success

Leah Culver has come a long way and today is one of the renowned faces of the world in the field of development and programming. She always believed in the power of self-confidence and considers self-motivation very important in the path of perfection and success.

She also believes in the power of dreams and has been inspired to put all her efforts to succeed in her life. She was named among the most influential women by the Fast Company Magazine in the year 2008, November. She has been a source of inspiration for a lot people across the world and especially the women. She has always been remembered for her contribution and the world still waits for more to come.

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