Top 10 Fun Facts About Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Founder

Every one know that Facebook is a social website that helps people communicate more efficiently with their family, friends and coworkers. It facilitates the sharing of information through the social chart, the digital mapping of people’s real-world social connections.

It is one of the most-trafficked sites in the world these days.The founder of the social networking site Facebook Mark Zuckerberg reigns in as the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

Mark Zukerberg is only 29, and he has accomplished what few people could do in a lifetime. He is the epitome of an ambitious, progressive innovator willing to work around the clock to help develop the next big business venture. And make the world more Open



Just look at some interesting facts about him.


    • Mark was born in White Plains, New York but grew up in Dobb Ferry which is in New York only
    • He began using computers and writing software as a child

    • He completed his studies from Harvard University where he listed French, ancient Greek Hebrew and Latin as languages he could read and write.

Mark Zuckerberg is of Jewish descent but considered himself an atheist.

    • He is a vegetarian and once said he will only eat meat if he has killed the animal himself. However, among his “likes” on his Facebook page are McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger.

    • Microsoft and AOL tried to recruit him when he was in high school after he created Synapse, a software program that used artificial intelligence to learn users’ music-listening habits.
    • He purchases a Hungarian sheepdog named Beast; you can see a Facebook page of his dog that has 1.5 million fans.

    • Once in his interview he said that he had a soft corner for Chinese girls and so he married his Chinese gf later on
    • Albert Einstein’s “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler” is one of his favourite quotations.

    • If you type @Β:0] in a Facebook comment window and hit enter, you can see that his name will appear.
    • Mark has a colour blindness- he cannot see red and green, but blue at his best.

  • By July 2011, Zuckerberg became the most-followed user on Google’s social network Google+, leaving behind Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • If Zuckerberg lives to be 80, he can spend US$300,000 of his worth every day. (As of 2012, his personal wealth is estimated to be US$17.5bn, which makes him one of the world’s youngest billionaires).

  • Marks wear rubber sandals to board meetings.

The legal case against Facebook dates back to September 2004, when the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra founder of social-networking site ConnectU accused Mr Zuckerberg of copying their coding and ideas.
Mr. Zuckerberg had worked as a computer programmer for them when they were all at Harvard before Facebook gets public interest. The case was dismissed due to a technicality in March 2007 but without a ruling.

Final Word

The most powerful man within the net isn’t Steve Jobs or William Henry Gates. It’s the Mark Zuckerberg who controls our social interaction