Founder of Free Software Foundation: Richard Stallman

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This time the software freedom activist and computer programmer Richard Matthew Stallman “RMS”. The free software activist and the living legend- Richard Stallman

Some Facts About Richard Stallman

    • Richard M. Stallman is one of the most renowned and successful practitioner of the Free Software.
    • The living legend who does not only lead with the free software concept but also is the father of the XEmacs.
    • He is best known for his GNU project, also Free Software Foundation and Gnu compiler collection also.
    • He has spent half of his life in standing against the software patents, digital right management and many other illegal and horrendous issued that hinder the freedom of the user rights.
    • These rights may include software license, activation keys, binary executables and much more. With these revolutionary thoughts in mind the man succeeded in preserving the rights of the users and has gained a lot of respect and fame all across the world

Founder of Free Software Foundation

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His early life

  • He was born on 16th march, 1953 in New York.
  • He had keen interest in the field of computers from the early childhood.
  • His first experience and the interaction with the computers began when he was hired to write some numerical problems in the language Fortran at the IBM New York Scientific Center.
  • Also he served as a volunteer laboratory assistant in the department of biology, a fact to digest today. Later he continued his higher studies from the Harvard University.
  • He even served the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as a programmer in his early years in the university.
  • He gave up on his doctorate program at MIT to focus more on the programming areas at the MIT labs.

His contribution and works

  • He has done a commendable work in the field of computers that can never be replaced by anyone.
  • He became famous with his GNU operating system which launched in the year 1983. According to him he tried making this software compatible to Linux so as to make it reliable and portable. Soon he became popular with a non-profit corporation, known as the Free Software Foundation.
  • The foundation claims for the fundamental rights of the users all over the world.
  • He is even a non salaried president serving this profound organization.Not only this but has done an outstanding contribution and is still on the same track. His other works include text editor (EMacs), debugger, compiler and many others.Founder of Free Software Foundation

Honors and awards

    • He was awarded as the honorary lifetime membership award in the year 1986 from the Chalmers University.
    • He was honored with the Exceptional merit Award from MacArthur Fellowship in the year 1990
    • Honorary doctorate from Sweden’s Royal Institute in the year 1996
    • Electronic Frontier award in the year 1998,Yuri memorial award in the year 1999.

    Richard Stallman is doctorate award from many reputed and dignified universities such as University of Glasgow in the year 2001,Vrije University in the year 2002,Universidad Nacioal in the year 2004,University of Pavia in the year 2007.

    • National University of Cordoba in the year 2012 and many others.
    • His immense and selfless contribution and extraordinary work are what brought him to the peaks of success.




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