[Quick Way]How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi or Other Bank

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After demonetization circulation of cash in a market is reduced to 70% to 80% but still, cash is necessary for the local shop, laborer, and other lower-middle-class people. But one benefit from demonetization is Cashless service. All banks are now promoting their cashless services like Net banking,  Credit/debit card, and mobile banking. Using the service like Net Banking For common man is the very Big problem because bank employee doesn’t have time to teach these service to client or customer but don’t worry Technologers.com take the challenge to show everyone about Net banking or other bank work which was done with the help of simple click of the mouse. Today I will show you How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi or any other Bank Online.

For fund transfer,  you need net banking of Syndicate bank which is provided to almost every customer, but some people don’t activate it, or some people don’t know how to use it. But from now onwards you will transfer the money from syndicate bank account to any bank account.

How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To SBI or Other Bank Online:

What you need to Transfer Money from Other Bank:

1.  Bank Account number of That Person.

2.  IFSC Code of That Branch of That Bank  (you can easily find IFSC Code from Google.com )

3. Name of Person (This is optional for some bank )

There is 3 step to transfer money from Syndicate Bank to State bank of India or SBI or any other bank.

Step 1

How to Login in Syndicate banking

First, you have to Login in Netbanking of Syndicate Bank with your User id and login Password. Here is the Direct Link of Syndicate Netbanking.


How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi

After Logged in You will enter into Main Page of Syndicate Net banking. where you will find a direct link for Change Account Password, Check Account Statement, Current balance etc

Step 2:

Now Click on Payment option on the Top menu:

if you have added account detail of person (whom you want to send money) earlier than you can easily transfer the money with simply filling the detail like Account number, IFSC code, Transfer amount.

How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi


But if You don’t have added account detail of person earlier than you have to add detail now. For adding account detail of new person is called beneficiary. So click on Create Beneficiary from left side menu in above Screen.


How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi

Step 3: Creating Beneficiary in Syndicate Bank:

While creating beneficiary it will ask you what type of beneficiary you want to create for an account transfer.



How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi


  1. IMPS Funds Transfer using MMID (Mobile Money Identifier)
  2. NEFT/IMPS using IFSC
  3. Third Party Funds transfer in Syndicate Bank (Without IFSC Code)

We are using 2nd option for fast and quick money Transfer :

After Filling all the detail you have to submit the form by pressing ADD button on right Side.

How To Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi

Step 3:

After Adding IFSC code of bank it asks for confirmation:

Step 4:

OTP Screen will Appear after you confirm beneficiary

Now you have successfully added in the new beneficiary of your account.

Step 5:

Choose Your Existing beneficiary from

 When You click on Small Search icon for selecting available beneficiary. Now Enter Name of Beneficiary which we added in the first step:


After Above Screen again OPT verification begins. You have to enter Your Transaction password and Your OTP sent to your mobile number.


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Finally, everything is Done now you can easily Transfer Money From Syndicate Bank To Sbi Successfully. In next article, i will share how to delete or modify Existing beneficiary in Syndicate net banking.


How to Transfer money using NEFT in Syndicate Bank

How to transfer Money using IMPS in Syndicate Bank Internet Banking


Syndicate Bank Internet Banking Important Security Tips From Syndicate Bank

  1. Access Bank’s Internet Banking Website only by typing: https://www.syndicatebank.in in the address bar of your browser, never click on a link that offers to take you to Bank’s website.
  2. You can view the Bank’s name in the green address bar in your browser. Check for the Lock icon in the browser window. Click (or Double Click) on it to see details of the site’s authenticity. This is important to know because some fraudulent web sites imitate the lock icon of your browser! 
  3. Avoid online banking from public or shared computers or virus infected computer
  4. Syndicate Bank or any of it’s representatives never send you email/SMS or calls you over phone to get your personal information, password or OTP (One Time Password). Any such e-mail/SMS or phone call is an attempt to fraudulently withdraw money from your account through Internet Banking. Never respond to such email/SMS or phone call.
  5. Always ensure your PC is updated with latest anti-virus and operating system patches. Install personal firewall and anti-spy ware to protect your PC from internet attacks.
  6. If your log-in IDs or passwords appear automatically on the sign-in page of a secure website, you should disable the “Auto Complete” function in your browser to increase the security of your information.
  7. Configure your browser settings to ensure that you are warned each time you access secured or unsecured web pages.
  8. Change your online banking passwords periodically (at least once in a month). Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters [such as !,@, #,$, %, ^, &,* (, )] in your passwords, The special characters are also provided in the virtual key board.
  9. Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to Internet Banking.
  10. Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorized Individuals from accessing your information.

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