12 Best Alternative Sites Like MeetMe [Talk To Strangers Free]

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MeetMe is a Chat app which helps you to talk to strangers. It is a social networking website where you can chat, meet and have fun with strange people. However, MeetMe app is not considered as a dating app. Basically, it is an online app where you connect with people and chat with anyone. On Meetme application one can find new people and have fun, can make friends, best friends, some may stay permanently and some of them just go. It became a popular app within no time. Few of the pages said it had 4.5 million active users in a day. And every day 74 million chat messages were sent from this app. Even though the app is popular, there are few people who search for Alternatives of Meetme app.

If you are one of them then you have come at the right place as here in this article we are going to see the Best Alternatives Sites Like MeetMe where you can talk to strangers.

Before we see the alternatives of MeetMe, let us first see some of the questions related to Meetme App.

Q1. What Kind Of Site is MeetMe?

Meetme is a social media platform and a dating app, where strangers meet and can date each other. The Meet group founded this site in 2005. On this site, the users are allowed to interact with each other for free through chatting. One can use this app on their mobile or can browse it on their PC, laptop.

Q2. Is MeetMe A Free Dating Site?

Yes, MeetMe App is a free dating site which has a free version available for Mobile iOS or Android. It is an online dating site which allows the members to meet new people.

Q3. Can you Search For Someone on MeetMe?

No, this app does not have a search option to look for a specific person. However, if you have messaged someone before, then you can search for them in your texts. Click on the chat and then, click on Profile.

Q4. Is MeetMe Anonymous?

Originally, MeetMe app was made as a dating site, but it became the most popular chat apps with a user of more than 100million.

Q5. How Old Is MeetMe App?

MeetMe is a dating and a chat app, which is a very old app. This app is free to download and use. However, there are some in-app purchases and advertisement. Both Android and iOS users can download this app on their devices and use it. This app is not for kids, so make sure your kids do not use it.

12 Alternative Sites Like MeetMe

If you are also searching for sites like MeetMe then check out the list below.

1. CamSurf 

camsurf logo

CamSurf is a random video chat app that helps people with similar interests or in similar locations meet in a fun video chat environment.

There are always thousands of users using the platform, so connecting with people is no issue. 

CamSurf has various language filters. There are no costs to use CamSurf and it requires minimal storage, both in the app and browser-based versions.

Check Out Website

2. Tinder

Alternative Sites Like MeetMe 

All of them known about Tinder, as it is the most popular dating app. As it is the most popular dating platform, it is the best alternative to the MeetMe app. Tinder app has so many great features to get the best matches so that you get a perfect match. From a very long time, most of the people are using the Tinder app to date. If you also want to meet strangers then you must use the Tinder app. The app also gives you tips on how to chat with strangers which helps you to find more matches.


3. Facebook


One of the best alternatives to Meetme app is Facebook. However, on Facebook, it is nothing related to dating. As it is a popular app, it is a pure networking site where you can make new friends, share photos, videos, and so much more can be done. On Facebook, one can update status, do comment on others posts, can upload own posts on their timeline. However, as we told you that Facebook is not a dating app, but one can meet a stranger and talk to them.


4. FriendFinder

Alternative Sites Like MeetMe 

FriendFinder is also the best alternative to Meetme app. It is a nice dating app where you can find love. There are the best features available which you can use and find love. You can also chat on webcam. This app has all the features which a dating app should have and it is the best dating app which you must use.




5. Hi5


Another popular site like Meetme is Hi5 and it is also a similar site like Tagged. On Hi5 dating app you can meet new people and get to know them. It is a good platform to meet a stranger and can date them if both of them are interested.


6. Twoo

We can say it is the best alternative to Meetme dating app. Twoo app is for dating purpose only. Join the app from the given link, Sign in and then start chatting with new people. You can get people who are nearby you or around the world. Twoo app has great filters which you can use to check out the people around you.

All the people who are using Twoo dating app will be seen around your location. Likewise, if you meet online then you can also meet them face-to-face. It is very easy to use and one can easily meet new people.



7. Skout

Another popular alternative to MeetMe is Skout dating app. Skout app is a combination of social networking and dating. One can join the app as an Adult or as a Teen. Then you can join in some peer groups where you can post comments on anyone’s post, photos, status, etc. Whenever the nearby person gets joined in the group then you will be notified.

Overall, we can say that Skout is the best alternative of Meetme app which one can easily use to chat with strangers. If you want then you can also date the one in which you are interested.




8. Hot Or Not

Hot or Not is also a similar site to Meetme dating app. This site is a combination of social networking and dating. If you are interested in meeting new people and chatting with them online then Hot or Not site is great. You can find a stranger and then chat with them, or flirt with someone in whom you are interested. You can use the Match feature of the site and get your match and start flirting. Just search, Match and start chatting. It also has a location feature which shoes the best profiles which are near you.


If you are under 13 years of age, then you can’t join this app. And the users whose age is between 13 to 17 years can’t chat or share anything with the users of age more than 17. This terms of use is a great one.



9. Smoothie

Smoothie app is about going out and meeting someone in real. You can meet people around you and get instant dates, take selfies, meet them, chat with them. This app does not need an account to get in touch with anyone. It gives you a map and the location of your match so you can easily find a way to meet your date.


Smoothie App works so easily, as it:

  • Matches you with a person near you based on your preferences
  • Can take a selfie or can ask any question to your match
  • If you like the match then you can meet them
  • Easily get the location of each other on the map and take selfies, chat and meet up.




10. Tagged

This one another popular social networking site. So many features of Tagged dating site are similar to Badoo. Here you can meet new people and get interacted with them. Finding new people and talking to them is always fun, so enjoy it by using the Tagged app. On this site, you can find people with the same thinking and chat with them. You can also meet them face-to-face. There are so many stories of Tagged where many people got their soulmate.


Some of them start this app just for fun but end up with a serious relationship. If you also want to use this app, then first Sign Up with your email ID and then start using the app.




11. Bumble

Bumble dating app is similar to Tinder app and Meetme app. On this app, you need to create a profile with a few pictures. The other user can check the profile if they “Like” they can swipe right and if they reject they can swipe left. When two people have liked each other’s profile then they are a match.

However, this app allows the female to send a message first if she is interested. If the match is done and the female does not send the message within 24 hours after pairing then the match is no more. The users of Bumble is 55 million worldwide and most of the users are under 35 years of age.



12. Badoo

Alternative Sites Like MeetMe 

Badoo is also a popular social networking site. It is the best alternative of the MeetMe app as it has a huge user base. As there are so many users, it is very easy to find someone for you with your likes. On this website, you can Chat together, hang out, and can also become soul mates if you both are ready. However, on this site every day more than 300 million messages are sent. As this site is a dating social networking site, it has so many great features which are similar to all the dating sites. It helps you to easily find the new people. Sign Up on the Badoo app and then start using the app. If you want then you can also Log In using your Facebook account. There is also an app available of the Badoo app which you can use on your Smartphone.


badoo Website

13. Azar App


Azar app is another best app to chat to strangers. This app can be used on Android and iOS device. Azar dating app has more than 10 millions of users. Just register on the app and easily find someone and start chatting with strangers from anywhere in the world. You can select the region, preferences and also gender. If you got someone then you can also do a video chat with them.



So, these are some of the best alternatives to the MeetMe app, where one can meet strangers and chat with them. If you are interested to talk to strangers and want to meet them then there are apps which also shows the location of the users. So, it easy to get the location near you and meet them. Many of them have used apps like Tinder, which is quite popular. Now, you can also try out some of the apps which are listed above.

We hope this article was helpful for you, stay tuned to us for more and latest updates.