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Every once in a while, we get calls from various call centers. Be it call centers of telecom giants, banks or some other place, calls from these centers always annoy us. But it is not always us who get irritated. Sometimes even call center agents get all fussy owing to their job profile. That’s the reason people came up with Call center memes. Memes have taken the social media by storm. Every now and then we come across a meme which highlights certain stark reality fact.

We all love to share memes on Facebook and WhatsApp. WhatsApp groups are always flooded with funny memes. One of the most popular memes at present are the call center memes.


We have some of the funniest call center memes for download right here.

Some of the funny topics on which people post call center memes are mentioned below. Call Center agents can easily relate themselves to these…


  • Ridiculously long working hours Meme Collection:


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Working hours at call centers have always been around 10-12 hours a day. People get all blue in the face when their working hours get extended on busy days.

  • Wink and your break is over call center memes:

As if long working hours are not enough! Your breaks seem to end within minutes and that drives you mad.

  • Dumb Customers in Call Center Meme:

Call Center MemesCall Center Memes

When an agent gets all caught up with a dumbo on the other side of the call, only he can know how bad his day is going. Sometimes it becomes just impossible to make a customer understand. The poor fellow can neither shout at the customer risking his career, nor make him/her understand….poor soul.

  • The customer who never shuts up call center memes:

Call Center MemesCall Center Memes

You must have come across such customers if you have ever worked at a call center. They ask for your advice and then go all blah blah blah… Agents be like “Well if you need my advice, would you minding shutting up for a second and hear me out?”

Call Center Memes

  • Verbal Abuse call center memes:

Call Center MemesCall Center Memes

On most days at work, you must have come across some crabbed customers who don’t give a shit about your advice and keep holing on the phone. You literally have no other option than to hear them out. It would be a good day for you if you don’t get abused at work that day…What a life man…what a life!

People have started looking for the best call center memes over the internet. Most of the people have started their career at BPOs and call centers.


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Call Center Memes

They can totally relate to these memes and that is why they love to download call center memes and share them on social media. Often such funny and amusing call center memes are made by call center agents themselves.

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Call Center Memes

When they get annoyed or frustrated over some issue that they faced at work, they try to depict it through a meme and share it on the internet. They get their thoughts out through such memes and make everyone aware of the kind of annoying and funny situations they come across at work.Call Center Memes


You can Download Almost All Call Center Memes 

Download all Meme

We hope you like our Call center memes collection. if you have any kind of question, comment then please let us know through a comment on this post!

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