Meet the Founder of Twitter- Jack Dorsey 2019 Update

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You must have heard a lot about twitter and have used it often but have you ever cared to know who gave the world this stupendous gift of technology? It was the creation of a young boy who had a keen interest in computers and technological. This boy was Jack Dorsey.To know more about his invention and life continue reading this article.

Journey of the twitter boy

    • This great man was born on November 19th in the year 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri. From the very beginning of his life, he had a keen interest in computers and communication.
    • He was the part of the Catholic High School and got enrolled in the Missouri University of science and Technology and later joined the New York University which the birth place of twitter.
    • While he was the man who followed his dreams and being a school kid began vigorous programming along with other innovative ideas to create something big.
    • Twitter was the result of his persistent zeal and enthusiasm he had throughout his career.
    • At an early age of 15, he wrote the dispatch software which is still in use by many taxicab companies today.

The Final Destination


It may shock you but this man who later decided to contribute something in the field of a technology dropped everything in the year 2000 to pursue a career in botanical illustration.



In July 2000 he came up with an innovative idea of the web-based real-time status or the very short as well short message service communication. His inspiration was the Live Journal and also the AOL messenger. It was 2006 when he introduced twitter which was originally named as ‘twttr’ and later became very popular in the whole world.

Also, he dedicated one full year to become a renowned and certified massage therapist and also took a keen interest in the fashion technology.Apart from all these he even dreamt of being the mayor of the New York city. But later left everything aside and started working for computers.

Youth icon of the world

    • After being so successful in creating twitter and square he never left the path of simplicity and modesty.
    • He never believed in the power of luck and despite being constantly visited by failures at every walk of life constantly worked towards his goals.
    • Jack with his girl friends Lily cole
  • He is among the top 50 innovators of all times and has also been awarded the lifetime achievement award at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards when he was just 34.
  • With his persistent efforts and inevitable determination, he became successful at a very early age.
  • The young generation has a lot to learn from this great personality who still believes that he has a long way to go and is known for trusting his capabilities and confidence.