14 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android in?

Nothing soothes your soul better than good music. Every one of us has got our own taste in music and we love to spend our spare time listening to our favorite songs. There was once a time when radio and television were the only sources of good music. But now that music has become handy with the help of mobiles, people can enjoy their favorite playlists anytime…anywhere… if you are an Android user and are looking for the best music downloader app for Android, then we have got some of the best options for you.

Here is a list of 10 best Music Downloader Apps for Android:


  1. Popular Music Apps: Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Owned and operated by Bharti Airtel, Wynk is one of the most popular mp3 downloaders for Android. It can be found in almost every Android, Windows and iOS phone. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. You can either stream songs online or you can download them on your phone.

[appbox googleplay com.bsbportal.music  screenshots]


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  1. Best Downloader Apps: Amazon Music Unlimited

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Released in the year 2016, Amazon Music Unlimited is a music streaming service by Amazon. It has an unending list of songs from all around the globe. Unlike Prime Music, it has got unlimited songs and thousands of playlists. Subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited and enjoy popular songs and expert-programmed playlists and radio stations.

[appbox googleplay com.amazon.mp3  screenshots]


  1. Song Download App: Spotify


You might not have heard about it, but Spotify is one of the most user-friendly music downloader app for Android. The best thing about it is that it is ad free. You can not only stream music online but can also download your favorite songs on your device. It works on a variety of devices like laptop, tablet, phablet, and mobile.

[appbox googleplay com.spotify.music screenshots]



  1. Latest Songs app: Napster 

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

With a huge inventory of songs, Napster offers the users both the options for online as well as offline music. You can enjoy over 30 million songs from its collection. The first month of the app is free of cost. You can then subscribe to Napster and enjoy an unlimited collection of songs.

[appbox googleplay com.rhapsody.napster screenshots]

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  1. Free Songs Download App: Sound Cloud


Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Listed as the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform, Sound Cloud can be termed as one of the best music downloader app for Android and iOS devices. It has a whopping 150 million audio tracks in its collection and the number is still growing. From the top chart busters to the old classic ones, you can find them all on Sound Cloud.


[appbox googleplay com.soundcloud.android screenshots]


  1. World Best Songs Downloader App: Google Play Music

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

I don’t think I even have to say anything about this widely popular music downloader app for Android. The vast collection of songs on the Android app allows you to enjoy over 35 million songs. You can listen to your favorite tracks either by online streaming or by downloading them.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.music screenshots]


  1. Best Songs Play App: MP3 Player

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

With a 4.5 star Google Play store review, the MP3 Player is one of the best music downloader app for Android. it is well known for its impressive equalizer and easy to use interface. It also tends to fix bugs and issues real quick and ensures a smooth experience for its users. It supports almost all types of music file type like mp3, flac, wav, midi, aac files etc.

[appbox googleplay media.mp3.mp3playe screenshots]


  1. Indian Popular Gaana: Bollywood Music & Radio

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

You just can’t miss the ‘Gaana Gaana Gaaaaanaaaa….’ annoying ad of this music application. But the ad is rightfully just in saying that the app will tempt you to listen to your favorite tunes all day long. It is available on various devices running on different OS like Android, Windows, and iOS. Apart from old classics and the latest songs of English and Hindi, you can also find a wide range of regional songs in the app. That is what makes it one of the best music downloader apps for Android.


[appbox googleplay com.gaana screenshots]



  1. Indian Mp3 Downloader app: Hungama

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Just as the name goes, the app has created quite a ‘hungama’ in the world of music lovers. It is one of the most used mp3 downloaders for Android devices. Famous Bollywood entertainment website Hungama created this popular music application to garner a wider audience in the country. You can easily enjoy top chart busters of Bollywood and download them from the app.


[appbox googleplay com.hungama.myplay.activity screenshots]


  1. apps for Android: Saavn Music App

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

If you are a fan of good music, then you must have come across this music app. Available on Android, iOS and Windows phones, this amazing music application has over 30 million music tracks in its collection. The app is available in over 200 countries across the globe making it one of the best music downloader apps for Android. the app has over 20 million distinct active users per month.


[appbox googleplay com.saavn.android screenshots]


  1. Download MP3 Music app

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

With an astounding number of tracks in its music collection, the Download MP3 Music app is one of the frontrunners in the list of the best music downloader apps for Android. You can easily search for your favorite track and listen to it online or download it for future. And the best part about the app is that the app is free of cost! You can get songs of all genres; be it RnB or Rock, romantic or Pop… Download MP3 Music app has got them all!


[appbox googleplay com.jamendoandoutly.mainpakage screenshots]


  1. Simple MP3 Downloader

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

If you are in search of the best mp3 downloader, then you will ‘simply’ love this music search engine. Type in any song you would like to hear and Simple MP3 Downloader will give it to you. All your favorite tracks are now just a click away. You can download your songs and save them in your device to enjoy offline music any time…anywhere…

[appbox googleplay com.supermusic.getmusicz screenshots]

Now I will tell you 100% working android app which downloads any song in few second.

1. Jio Music App

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

Jio Music provides truly Unlimited Ad-Free access to HD music in your favorite language without any barriers. Listen & Download your favorite HD Songs without any additional charges, unlike other music apps. Listen to it anytime, anywhere.


[appbox googleplay com.jio.media.jiobeats screenshots]

2. Tamil Music ON android app

  1. if you want to download Tamil Songs than check out Tamil Music ON android app.

[appbox googleplay com.mobilegit.tamilsongs screenshots]


We hope you like our collection of the 14 best music downloader app for Android. If you think that we have missed any of your favorite music downloader app, then do not hesitate to give your suggestions in the comment section below.


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