How To Download IOS Apps on Android Using IOS emulators for Android

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Are you an Android user who adores IOS apps but does not want to invest money in buying an IOS device? Well, you can enjoy unlimited access to numerous IOS applications through your Android device by using the appropriate IOS emulator. With the right IOS emulator in hand, you can easily use any IOS application you want on your Android device. If you are in search of how to download IOS apps on Android, then you have come to the right place. We have listed some of the best IOS emulators for Android right here. But let us first know what is an emulator and how does it work.

What exactly is an IOS emulator?

How To Download IOS Apps on Android

Emulators are basically hardware devices or software programs which impersonate a particular device or program with which other components expect to connect with.

An emulator mimics the characteristics and features of a device or software to interact with other devices. So, an IOS emulator is a program which helps you to run IOS applications on devices running on other operating systems like Android or Windows. They help you to access OS-specific apps on devices running on other Operating systems.

How do emulators work?

The main challenge of using a particular Operating System’s applications in another Operating System is that both the systems have different coding platforms. To establish a link between both the processors and allow one’s application to run smoothly on the other is a tough job to undertake.

To enact like the processor, you want the emulator to mimic, you need to have a detailed knowledge about its components and features. The basic idea is to break the processor into smaller functionalities and then try to build up emulators for each feature or function. In the end, you connect all the smaller emulators to prepare the main one. A processor emulator can be prepared in three ways; Interpretation, Dynamic Recompilation and Static Recompilation.

The end-result of all the above three methods is an emulator which can enact like three processor you want to mimic to use its application in other devices.

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The process of using emulators:

  • Download the emulator app onto your device.
  • Open the app and run it
  • Install the app on your device
  • The emulator install padiod on the homepage
  • Click on the padiod icon


How To Download IOS Apps on Android Using IOS emulators for Android

  1. Cider APK:

This is one of the most popular IOS emulators for Android devices. It allows you to experience smooth IOS interface on your Android phone. Using this app you can easily run IOS based applications on your Android devices and phones. If you are an Android user and you are unrested in trying IOS applications, then you don’t have to put your ‘almost entire salary’ on buying the latest IOS device like iPhone or iPad.

You can easily download the Cider APK application on your phone and then run the desired IOS application on your Android phone.

How To Download IOS Apps on Android

Developed by a group of students of the Columbia University, this application was developed for Android users who wanted to try IOS applications and games. It makes the IOS applications compatible with Android devices. The emulator was developed by converting the binary coding on IOS onto Android.

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Before installing the app onto your phone, make sure you have enough space in your device else the app won’t run efficiently. If you have a phone with RAM more than 1 GB, then the app guarantees you a smooth experience.

How to  downloading and installing Cider APK

  • Go to Settings -> Security -> enable Unknown Sources Option
  • If you have an older version of the app, back it up and then uninstall it.
  • Download the application onto your memory card or SD card
  • Open File Manager app and click on the application icon to install it.
  • Click on the app icon

Now that you have installed the application in your phone, you an easily run IOS applications and games in it. But be assured that if you have Android launchers in your phone, disable them before installing the emulator.

  1. iEMU iOS Emulator

If you want to get IOS apps on Android phone, then the IEMU IOS Emulator is one of the best emulators to go for. Just like Cider APK, this IOS emulator or IOS tool is also free of cost. There were days when people had to buy an IOS device to use its applications. But now with the help of numerous IOS emulators for Android, we can easily run IOS games and applications on Android devices without wasting a penny.

How To Download IOS Apps on Android

Here are the steps of how you can use iEMU Emulator app on your Android phone:

  • Download the application on your phone from Here
  • The app is approximately 62 MB. So please take a note; check your phone’s memory space before downloading and installing the emulator.
  • Once installed, the app gets saved by the name padiod.
  • Now open the padiod app and enjoy a wide range of IOS applications on your Android device.

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This emulator supports only .ipas and izip files.

The above mentioned IOS emulators help you in using IOS applications on your Android phone. But if you are an IOS user but want to experiment with Android applications, then we also have some options for you. In order to get Android apps on IOS, Android emulators for IOS are needed.

3. iAndroid application

One such very useful app is the iAndroid application. This application cannot be downloaded directly from the store.

  • First, choose Sources from the Manage Option in Cydia.  
  • Search for
  • If this source is not added, add it to enable your IOS device to download iAndroid.
  • Click on the above-added source to open a series of applications and among them one would be iAndroid.
  • Click on Install button present on the top right corner
  • After installation, you can easily run Android applications in your IOS device.


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    1. once you download cider you have to open cider through cider icon which available on your home screen. once you run the cider you can see so many apple app available for download

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