How To Check Idea Net Balance Through Idea USSD Code [Updated !]

Pan-India integrated GSM operator, Idea is one of the popular yet controversial operators in India. Though the company flourished in its early days, it started dwindling afterward owing to the rise in competition in the market. On 20th of March, 2017 the company decided on merging with Vodafone to create the largest telecom giant in India. People’s perception might be that the company merged because of its abating condition. But the company is currently the front runner in gaining from Mobile Number Portability and Revenue Market Share, leaving Airtel and Vodafone way behind. Idea customers often enquire how to check Idea net balance on the internet. We have got it all covered for you guys…

Before we suggest you how to check Idea net balance let us first inform you all you need to know about USSD Codes. So, basically what are USSD Codes? USSD or as a few of you might be knowing, “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” are codes that help the user get vital information regarding their cellular plans. This protocol used by GSM Cellular telephones is used by the customers to communicate with the service providers’ computers.

How To Check Idea Net Balance
How To Check Idea Net Balance

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Very Important Idea USSD Code

Idea USSD Codes Ke FyaydeIdea USSD Code
Check Idea Main Balance*130# or *212#  or *123#
Idea net balance Check*432*4# or *125# or *131*3#
Idea Loan USSD Code *165*
Idea Find Own Mobile Number*121*4*1*4# or *121*4#
Idea 2G Net balance Check*125# or *131*3#

Idea USSD Codes For Internet Balance:


  • WAP Browsing
  • prepaid callback service
  • data pack details on prepaid services
  • talk time details on prepaid services
  • mobile-money services
  • location-based content services
  • menu-based information services
  • enhance mobile marketing capabilities
  • interactive data services


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Idea Full Talk Time Offer Detail

190N/ARegular Talktime200
230N/AFull Talktime230
250N/AFull Talktime250
300N/AFull Talktime300
350N/AFull Talktime350
400N/AFull Talktime400
500N/AFull Talktime500
550N/AFull Talktime550
600N/AFull Talktime600
750N/AFull Talktime750
1000N/AFull Talktime1000

Thus, USSD codes have reduced customer dependency on customer helpline or support services. The number of customer care calls have dropped significantly as day by day new USSD Codes are being developed to help the customer extract the data they want. Each USSD code is designed in such a way that it provides unique information regarding the pack the customer is using. There are Idea codes for various purposes like checking Idea net balance, talk-time balance, special packs or offers, SMS balance etc. We have listed out some of the options people use USSD code for in specific categories…

List of All Idea USSD Codes


  • Check Idea main balance or number Check USSD Code

*130# or *212#  or *123#

  • Idea main menu USSD codes


  • Idea Balance Check


  • Idea Loan USSD Code


  • Idea Find Own Mobile Number Check USSD Codes

*121*4*1*4# or *121*4#

  • Idea account balance Check


  • Idea mobile number portability USSD codes

Sms Port to 1909

how to check Idea net balance
how to check Idea net balance


Above were some of the miscellaneous options that the customers can opt for. But the most common thing that customers want to know is ‘how to check Idea net balance’. The answer to the question depends on which type of pre-paid data plan you have opted for.

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You want to check your Idea Net Balance


  • Then use the code for ‘Idea net balance Check’ which has three variants- *432*4# or *125# or *131*3#
  • If you are curious to know the Idea 2G net balance Check, then you can use the codes- *125# or *131*3#
  • If you are interested to check the Idea 4G net balance Check, then you can use any one of the following codes- *432*4# or *125# or *131*3#

There are Idea USSD Codes not just for checking USSD Codes but also for taking talk-time and data on loans. Yes guys…you read that right! If you are running low on balance or internet data, then you can go for loans from Idea. There are USSD codes for them too. Have a look at the below Idea codes for various loan related options that Idea offers to its customers:

List of Idea USSD Code For Important Service

Idea USSD BenefitIdea USSD codes
Menu Services*147#
Loan USSD Code*150*10# Or *150*20#
Internet data MB Loan CodeSMS ” ICREDIT ” to 144 then you will get 30MB 3G Data for only 1 Day.
Get Rs 5 Internet data loan*165#
Idea Cellular Menu Service*111#
view free benefits *167*1#
view usage benefits *167*3#
view loan benefits *167*4#
Idea GPRS Settings SMS “SET” to 12345
Idea DNS servicesSMS “START” to 1909
Hunny bunny hello tuneSMS “HB” to 56789
20MB Internet data loan*150*773#
Customer Care number or Complaint number198 or 12345

Idea Ussd Codes to Check Loan Number:

  • Idea Loan USSD Code: *165*loan amount#
  • Idea Internet data MB Loan Code: SMS” I CREDIT” to 144 then you will get 30MB 3G Data for only 1 Day.
  • Idea USSD code for Rs 5 Internet data loan: *165*# or *165*Loan Amount#
  • Idea USSD code to view loan benefits: *167*4#
  • Idea USSD Code for 20MB Internet data loan: *150*773# or *165*Loan Amount#

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Unlike many other mobile operators in India, Idea offers several USSD Codes for various customer needs. You can use USSD codes for recharging your talk time plan. Each recharge value has got its own USSD code. You can not only recharge your talk time and SMS plan through USSD Codes but also your internet data pack. Specific USSD codes are available for specific types of data.

Idea 4G/3G/2G Internet Packs USSD Code

Price benefitValidityUSSD Code
1870 MB 3G data2 Days*150*18#
39150 MB 3G Data4 Days*150*39#
103350 MB 3G Data28 Days*150*103#
198800 MB 3G Data20 Days*150*198#
2461.5 GB 3G Data28 days*150*246#
3492.5 GB 3G Data28 days*150*349#

Idea 2G Internet Packs USSD Code

Price BenefitsValidityUSSD Code
1375 MB 2G Data2 Days*150*13#
76430 MB 2G Data10 Days*150*76#
126700 MB 2G Data15 Days*150*126#
172970 MB 2G Data21 Days*150*172#
205Unlimited 1.25 GB 2G Data28 Days*150*206#
3994 GB Unlimited 2G Data Speed20 kbps upto next 1 GB after FUP limit and 10 kbps after that28 Days*150*399#

For example, Idea internet pack USSD code for 2G is different from that of 3G and 4G. So, if you are wondering how to check Idea net balance then please have a look at the below codes which will certainly help you out. We have listed out codes for all types of internet plans. Other than that, we also have all the Idea USSD Codes for other miscellaneous needs like Check Idea last 3 recharges USSD Code, Check Idea last 7 calls USSD Code, Check Idea last adjustment USSD Code, Check Idea GET SIM USSD Code, etc.

Do mention in the comments if you guys want the code for any other information you need!

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