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WhatsApp has become such an integral part of our lives these days that it is impossible to imagine our days without chatting on the app. Launched in January 2009, the social media instant messaging app has taken the world by storm. In the year 2014 it was acquired by Facebook for a whopping 19.3 billion dollars. Till now over one billion users have been using the app and its wide popularity in social media messaging app category can be clearly noted from this fact. Apart from chatting with friends, the other positive point about it is that people get to flaunt their DP in it; just like other social media apps like Facebook. People are very cautious of what they use as their WhatsApp profile pic and status. It is an indirect indication of your mood and personality and most of us keep a regular check on our friends’ and family members’ WhatsApp profile pic.

Many people use their own pics as their WhatsApp profile pic. People also use pics with their family members, pics with friends, selfies etc. as their display picture on WhatsApp. When people go on vacations they keep updating their WhatsApp DP on a regular basis to show their friends and family that they are having a good time.

Cute Love Whatsapp DP | Profile Pic| Whatsapp Profile Pic:


While most of the people prefer such kind of WhatsApp DP, some others prefer philosophical quotes in their DP. When they go through break ups, they update sad status on WhatsApp along with moody quotes in their profile pic. Similarly when people fall in love, they put love related quotes and romantic DPs on their WhatsApp profile. Sometimes they update their DP with their lovers to express their happiness.


Funny Whatsapp Display Picture:


Our site provides all kinds of DP for WhatsApp. For those going through break ups and heart breaks, we have a huge collection of WhatsApp wallpapers and profile pics with sad quotes. For people who are beaming with love and would love to share their feelings with their friends and family members, WhatsApp profile pic is the best way to express it and we have some of the best romantic DP for WhatsApp right here.

DP or Profile Picture for Group

Another trend that has been doing the rounds is updating the WhatsApp DP for the friend or family member whose birthday comes on that very day. Teens now a days change their WhatsApp DP on their friend’s birthday and keep a pic of them along with their friend as their WhatsApp profile pic. While updating such DP they also add edits to the pic to make it more attractive. Some edits have frames others have colorful backdrops that give a different look to the pic.

Sad Whatsapp DP | Profile Pictures:

We have a wide range of WhatsApp profile pics with friendly quotes that can be easily merged with normal pics to give a different look to the image. Such images can then be used as WhatsApp DPs. WhatsApp wallpapers with friendly quotes are also downloaded during Friendship Day. People share them to their close friends over WhatsApp and sometimes use them to post on their friend’s Facebook profile.

We have got them all… Have a look at the following collection of DPs for WhatsApp on Friendship:

Another moment when people love to update their WhatsApp profile pics is when their marriage anniversary comes, or when their parents’ anniversary arrives or when there is some other major family event like marriage ceremony, thread ceremony, birthday party etc.

Romantic Whatsapp DP | Profile Pictures:

Whatsapp DP | Profile Pictures on Life:


Whatsapp DP|Profile Picture Free Download:


Heart broken Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures:

Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures Indian National Flag:

Awesome Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures Free Download:

Mr Bean Funny Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures:

Whenever any such major event comes, people upload new pics as their WhatsApp DP.

Birth Day Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures

If it is their marriage anniversary, they update their pics with their fiancée. If it is their parents’ anniversary they update their profile pic and keep a pic of their parents as their DP. When it is marriage season, girls get all dolled up and the selfie season begins. They update their WhatsApp profile pics every few hours pouting in some and dancing in the others. People also update pics of them and their family members enjoying the event. We have a huge collection of family related WhatsApp wallpapers and DPs right here in HD quality. Do have a look…

I am Sorry DP|Profile Picture For Whatsapp:


People are very particular on what they use as their WhatsApp profile pic. We have a wide range of WhatsApp DP options for you guys. Girls love to keep cartoon WhatsApp DPs; particularly those with minions and other popular cartoon characters like SpongeBob, Simpsons etc. We have them all right here.

Whatsapp DP|Profile Pictures for Exams:

Whatsapp Profile Pic Whatsapp Profile Pic

Minion WhatsApp wallpapers are highly popular because of the witty and funny dialogues on them. Minion wallpapers are available with quotes on friendship, self-respect, confidence, romance, good times etc. The cute little guys have stolen every girl’s heart and that’s the reason why minion WhatsApp images are highly demanded. We have some of the best Minion WhatsApp profile pics alongside other amazing cartoon wallpapers right here.

Popular WhatsApp DP|Profile Pictures:

Whatsapp Profile PicWhatsapp Profile Pic

There are some people who are fitness freaks and they keep advising others to join the gym and work out like them. They share fitness related quotes on their Facebook walls and WhatsApp groups. For all such fitness freaks out there, we have a lot of WhatsApp profile pics here with fitness related quotes on them. They will inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food items, working it out in the gym and keeping yourself fit.

School kids now a days own phones too and they too join WhatsApp. They update their DPs during festive occasions, during exams etc. During exams, it is not just school kids who update their profile pics with funny exam related jokes and puns; even college kids use such pics as their DP. We have many exam related WhatsApp DPs here which you can use during exam time.




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