How Alec Oxenford and Fabrice Grinda Earn Money Through Olx

OLX is a big name in the internet world. It is basically an internet company which based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City. The website OLX works in a way to hosts advertisements which are generated by free users to sell and buy things across the world. The classified advertisements driven by urban communities take full usage from it. It also adheres to provide discussion forums which are presented with various genres.

How Olx journey started:


Earn Money Through Olx

The company was founded by Alec Oxenford and Fabrice Grinda in March 2006.

  • They are called the Internet entrepreneurs, who accomplish to run this privately held company.
  • The international versions run across Spain, India, Portugal, South America and Mexico.
  • The company was founded with the belief of improving the standards of already existing services in the same range of work. At that time the reason was Craigslist.
  • The urge by the people out of frustration to reach out for a global scenario lift made the grounds of company’s visibility

Meet the Founder of Olx

  • Fabrice was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.He stayed in New York for early childhood, he shifted to France and did his schooling from there.
  • Fabrice was graduated from Princeton University in 1996.
  • He was awarded for being the outstanding student in economics and he won the Halbert White prize for the same.
  • He was also accoladed with The Wolfe Balleisen memorial prize when he presented his thesis.
  • His excellence is best visible from facts that he invested himself in companies like Peopleperhour, Viajanet, Brightroll and many others in the row.
  • He posted more than 100 active investments throughout.

Some More Interesting Point You Love About Her

  • He worked in Mckinsey before planning the internet startup as a business consultant.
  • He started planning the offset of the company in 1998. He always believed in the economist in him. He left Mckinsey then and sold everything he got and moved to France to start the work.
  • He also invested his working skills in Zingy In, being the CEO of the company.
  • He coined the name “Alibaba” to the project of opening such a work in the internet market. Then afterward switched it with “OLX”.
  • He had started the work and it took the good span of time for him to accomplish the task he always dreamt about.

Earn Money Through Olx

  • He hired the best programmers at that time for design purposes.
  • He brought up his mind and scrolled down to every corner to extract good gestures to bring in the dream he desired. He believed that one should keep on working; something will definitely land out perfectly.

With over 12 categories and further many subcategories, it is helping generation to have an easy hand with buying and selling. From mobile tablets to home furniture’s, from real estate to clothing and accessories, it is holding good hold on selling and buying nearly everything.

The luster of laurels

OLX played a good competition against Craigslist in the USA and it was regarded best by TechCrunch and business week (August 2009).It was given accolade to get top ranked in top 10 hottest startups through tech by maNY IN January 2010.August 2012, made it reach as Finalist in Lead411’s, New York City Hot 125.

The task of earning money – Earn Money Through Olx:

The website is earning money, the world scroll up and down for reason. Here, what was shown by highlighted facts is labeled below.The company is thought to earn money through featured ads and sponsored links on the website. It is categorized good money making sources.

The task of Feature Advertisements is done this way: The company is thought to deliver the ads for around 10 $ or maybe 4500 as with rough idea. The ads which are displayed just below these sponsored links come under feature ads.

  • Another reason for moving heavy money bounds to OLX door is given to massive traffic flow. This traffic flow held up the position of getting treated as an advertising treasure. The unique advertising banners which are phased on the website drive another hole to bring the plethora of money.
  • Affiliate programs are another source to bring money to their desk.