Co founder of Apple Computer Steve Wozniak Who Need Intro

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Steve Jobs needs no introduction But Steve Wozniak does : Apple is one of the leading and an impeccable technology known today.Possessing a product of this brand is enough to add to the beauty of our personality. Although Steve Jobs is known and well praised for giving the world this extraordinary technology but the contribution of Steve Wozniak in the field of micro computing is commendable and can never be over looked.

About co-founder of apple Steve Wozniak

  • He was born on August 11th, 1950 in San Jose, California.
  • He invented the Apple 1 technology in partnership with his friend, Steve Jobs.
  • It was Wozniak who individually developed the renowned Apple 2,which emerged as the brightest star in the field of micro computing.
  • In his later life, he and Jobs attempted to develop a user-friendly and satisfying alternative to the computers that were introduced by the International Business Machine at that time.After he gave the world this wonderful apple technology.
  • He successfully created the Apple one, also called homebrew.The year 1987 marks the ends of his career.

Co founder of Apple Computer

A look to his personal life

  • Wozniak was married to an Apple education development executive, Janet Hill.
  • The year 1981 was a stress full and a year full of miseries for him.He was injured when his plane crashed while taking off from the Santa Cruz Sky Park.It took him full two years to recover back from this disastrous event.
  • He even lost his memory after this plane crash. Neither he was able to recall back the incident nor his day-to-day life.
  • It was the real power of the logical thought procedures that brought him back and healed these disorders.
    The man made appearances on a variety of reality TV shows including Kathy Griffin and many more.
  • Very few of you would be know with the fact that he dated the comedian Kathy Griffin and his relationship was well documented in her reality show.

Some interesting and crazy facts about Co-founder of Apple Computer Steve Wozniak

Co founder of Apple Computer

  • Wozniak was popularly referred to as the Wizard of Woz.
  • After he appeared in the dancing show, he accused the producing team in manipulating the innocent audience in order to gain more attention and popularity.
  • The man who gave the apple to the world revealed that he once asked Jobs to write an intro to his autobiography, but he denied.
  • Woz was greatly influenced by his father who actually taught him the basics of electronics and computing.
  • He is a sworn and an active member of the Freemasons.
  • He was the one to found the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an impeccable organization that works for free speech, privacy, consumer rights and innovation.
  • Wozniak was inducted in the incredible Invention Hall of Fame in the year 2000.


Though the name of Steve Jobs alone is highlighted when it comes to the Apple technology, but the contribution of this great man, Steve Wozniak can never be overlooked and the world must pay regards to honor him for his commendable work and contribution in the field of micro computing.