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Story of the Youngest Face that Change the Face of the Web is Matt Mullenmeg.The most popular web blogging tool name WordPress used by around 60 million websites around the world was invented by a boy who was just nineteen pursuing philosophy and political science, that says a lot about how much he deserves the pedestal where he stands today.

Founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg:


A guy who loves music, writes poetry and prose, considers himself a musician-
Matthew Charles Mullenweg,Man of multiple talents at the age of 29 today is under the Forbes thirty list of Social/Mobile under thirty because of his contribution to the web world.


Inception of the WordPress

It all started back in 2002 when Matt was just eighteen, when he started the use of b2/cafeblog, a blogging software to praise the photographs he took in a competition he took part in D.C.The idea was in reality incepted right there when he imparted a few minor code relating to topographic entities as well as cleaner permalinks.


Milestone for Matt Mullenweg and WordPress

The year 2003 proved to be a milestone for his career as he declared that in the very beginning of the year that he will be forking the b2 and will develop it to make it up to the mark to the web standards and for himself.

Mike little, the co- founder of WordPress approached Matt then and WordPress came into existence.
The database for WordPress was b2 ,so the b2 developer Michel Valdirghi joined the league along and made WordPress what it is today. According to the stats 18.9% of best 10 million websites around the world use WordPress as their blogging tool and content management system which is really commendable.

Big decisions in life and beginning of “Automattic”

    • In the year 2004 October Matt Mullenweg dropped out of college to join the CNET Networks,which was the time he left Houston and moved to San Francisco.
    • After being associated with CNET for more than a year he left to dedicate all his time to WordPress
    • It was when he announced his another web baby Akismet. It was late in 2005 he announced about Automattic which is the company whose parts are WordPress and Akismet.
    • As per Matt Automattic is like a secret force to websites like Gravatar, VaultPress, IntenseDebate, Polldaddy covering around a half billion followers and it’s the smallest company to do so.


Accolades and No looking back

Matt is one of the few content and passionate people who loves to work on his creation, he finds WordPress just indispensable for him. In his talked about blog “About Matt” he writes about his love for photography, poetry and his passion for WordPress.


  • The man is considered among the ten most influential people responsible for changing the face of the web world.
  • He has received numerous awards for the giving WordPress to the web world and many other contributions along with it.
  • Matt is also associated with many Philanthrophic and charity organisations.
  • In the year 2007, Matt was named 16th among the fifty most 50 most important persons on the web by PC World,reportedly the youngest on the list, whats notable is he is the youngest to ever make it to the list.

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