5 Best apps to see through clothes

10 Best Apps To See Through Clothes For Android And iOS In 2021

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See through clothes apps are what you need if you are a prank lover and love to prank on your friends or colleagues. 

Well, when there is so much adult content, nude images, images of girls in bikinis, or swimsuits are so readily available on the internet, creating your own one could be of fun which you don’t want to miss. 

And here, you can download see through clothes software to make some of the free, funny, and amazing images of your own, which could be of your dreams as you want them to be. 



Q1. How can an Android camera see through clothes?

Till now, there is not a single Android camera that can claim that it can see through clothes, but with the help of some see through clothes apps for free, it can see through the clothes. 

And if you update with the new smartphones out there, then you would also be familiar with some of the incredible phones that claim that their camera can see through clothes, glass, or plastic, but to what extent they are true is another topic of debate. 

So all you can do is to use the applications to see through the clothes. 


Q2. Is there any camera which see-through clothes?

Yes, there are pretty decent cameras available out there in the form of some sorts of software by using which you can see through clothes. 

These see-through clothes apps are free and easy to use, and you can see through clothes by using these cameras. 


Q3. Can the iPhone camera see through clothes?

Well, there is no doubt that iPhone cameras are the best, but they can’t see through clothes and offer you the fun which you want. 

For that, you require to download see through clothes software in 2021 so that you can take images by using your camera, which can see through clothes. 


What Are See Through Clothes Apps 

If you are seeking the answer to the question that how to see through clothes with a cell phone camera, then you have in the right place. 

But before looking for such cameras, let’s share a few words about them. Basically, these are the software which offers such cameras through which you can see through clothes. 

That means if you click images of anyone through these cameras, then you can see what their clothes are hiding. This would be fun when you can challenge them that you can see through clothes and shock them too by telling them what they actually have under their clothes. 

Great, right, that is why these see through clothes apps in demand by the people who want to entertain their selves by using their mobiles. 

While there are so many nudes images are available on the internet, and you can access them very easily, creating your own such images would not be thrilling but fun also. 

Hence, the young generation is exploring these apps for fun and adventure to play a prank on their friends. But don’t think that they are used by teenagers only. They are equally popular among the adult generation who want to give a twist to their boring life. 

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10 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android And iOS  

If you are impressed by this new prank trick and want to try it, then what are you waiting for. Get this list of best see through clothes apps to start your journey of fun and thrill. 

When surf on the internet to download such applications, you got so many results on your screen that are not worth your kind attention and precious time. 

So if you want to save your time, then try the following apps, 

1. Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator 

Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator

One of the best see through clothes apps for Android among the crowd is this application which is very simple to use and completely free. 

With this software, you can tell your friends firmly that you can see through their clothes, and they can’t hide anything from you. 

You can even throw a challenge on them and win the bet. You only need to take a picture of your friend or colleagues, and they can see through their clothes and make them shock after the results. 

You can also find their true gender, what they are hiding behind their clothes, and let the game begin.  Just download see through clothes software to let your fun begin. 

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2. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot 

Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

Another app that you can use as a see through clothes camera is this app which is very easy to use, and of course, free. 

This app can enable you to take some funny yet sexy photos of your friends. How, well you have to point your camera towards them and take a picture of them. 

And you can choose among the filters, modes of the camera to make the picture as funny and hot you can. 

There is no limitation to your imagination or fantasy. There are many other options too which you can explore for your fun. 

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3. Body Scanner 

Body Scanner Prank real camera

This is the next superb see through clothes apps which you can use for your Android device. What you have to do with some of the amazing photos is very simple. 

You just need to take photos of your friends or some of their body parts. And then choose the same bare body part from the collection offered by the application to edit the image. 

Yes, there is a wide collection of bare body parts which you can choose to make your images more realistic. 

And you can make a collection of your edited images too to surprise your friends or make them shocked. 

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4. XRay Ghost Scanner 

XRay Ghost Scanner


You can download see through clothes software for your friends who are afraid of ghosts. Yes, that may be sounding childish, but true. 

There are so many people who, even after growing up afraid of ghosts, and if you have some of them in your group, then you can make them haunted by your skills. 

Using this app is simple. First, you have to switch on the camera, then turn it around your friends, and tap on the button “Scan,” and it would start showing some of the scariest things and people around you that would make anybody haunted. 

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You can also share the images of this app on the social media sites directly from your app and let the world, haunted by your skills and camera. 

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5. Super XRay

Super XRay

Another scanner application with the help of which you get some scanned images and videos of the body and body parts is this app, Super XRay, which offers you the same thing as X rays do. 

To get started, you need to download the application from the Play Store available on the internet. Then choose the body part or the whole body which you want to get scanned, and then this app would display the scanned pictures of your body and its parts, and a real–time video you can also watch. 

While using the app, make sure that you are doing everything properly. First, launch the app, then start the video camera on your target area and keeps your fingers apart; that is one of the most important steps. 

For better results, make sure that your target has contrasting colors as the background so that the scanned images would be clear enough. 

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6. Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator 

Cloth Scanner

One other download see through clothes software in the list is this application, which is more popularly known as the cloth remover. 

As the name suggests itself, by using this app, you can scan the body of the person in front of you or can get a picture of him or her without clothes. 

So that could be the greatest prank on your friend this time, and you can get to know what they are hiding behind their clothes. 

To use this application, you have to install it, and soon after that, start exploring it and fool your friends with your pranks. 

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7. Audrey Body Scanner Cloth Free Camera Prank 2020

audrey real body scanner

Another software in the list of see-through clothes apps is this app which is free to use and very straightforward. 

It is one of the best prank apps on clothes removal or see-through clothes, and befool your friends about your camera. 

As it doesn’t have any real body scanner, so you make your friends mug of your camera and app. It is one of the funniest app out there, which you can try to make fun of your friends and colleagues. 

To get started, you just have to search this app on the Play Store, and download it, then install it and start making your friends fool. 

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8. Cloth Scanner Simulator 

Cloth Scanner Simulator

This app would take you to see through the clothes of your friend or anyone around you or whom you want to see behind their clothes. 

This application can be used as an imitation scanner also, and you can see through the clothes of the person who is in your camera target spot. 

To start the app, first, you need to download the application, and then you have to fill in some of the details which it demands, like the gender, body parts that you want to see. After you have filled in the required details, you can access the camera and start taking your images. 

And then you can start your imagination and get the shape which you want to see for your friends. This app is very simple to use and totally free. 

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9. Xray Cloth Remover 

X Ray Cloth Remover

One of the best examples of ‘old is gold is this see-through clothes apps which are quite old but very nice to use in terms of features and simplicity. 

This app is completely different from modern apps, which are very complex to use and very sophisticated, and is very simple to use. 

This app doesn’t offer many features, modes of pictures but offers you high-quality images which you need to prank on your friends. So this app is an excellent choice for those who want a simple application to see through clothes.

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10. Girls Cloth Remover – Body Show Prank Audery 2020 

Girls Cloth Remover – Body Show Prank Audery 2020

Although this app has mentions girls, in its name, it can be used for both girls and boys, for fun only. 

By using this app, you can select all skin types such as white, red, black, or some other skin tones that are available in the app. 

The fact which has to be kept in mind is that this app is for fun only. And you can get features such as adjusting the photo to half body, save the photo directly in your gallery, and share them on your social media handles. 

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While using these apps, you have to keep in mind that these are for fun only, and you can’t actually use them to see through clothes. However, you can prank on your friends and get out of them what they are hiding under their clothes. 

These apps should not be used to harm anyone or their sentiments and are for fun purposes only. So don’t misuse them, and make them a reason for some fun and thrill in your life without harming anyone’s emotions. 



Here we have discussed some of the best and simple see through clothes apps which you can use to prank your friends and colleagues. 

These apps are for pranks only, and they don’t get you any real image of anything through the cloth. But you can use them to cheer up yourself and friends in your circle. 

With some apps, you can also easily make your friends afraid of your skills, and you can leave a good impression of your unique abilities on them. They would be amazed by your this skill and can bite their fingers. 

But you can also share these apps with your friends to make them able to prank others too and share your happiness with others. 

So download see through clothes software for free and let the fun game began. 


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