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12 Best No Crop Apps For Instagram In 2021

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Crop picture for Instagram is one of the essential steps if you want tons of likes and comments on your posts. Why, well, if you are using Instagram for quite a good period of time, then you must know the answer. 

And if you know the answer to this question, then it is definitely for sure that you are struggling with the same problem too, and might be searching for a solution to that. 

And if it is, then you have landed on the right place, where you would get answers and solutions for all your problems, and can get desired popularity too which you want. 



Q1. What app does not crop photos on Instagram?

There is a hell of good applications available out there, which could be one of the best no crop app for Instagram. And you can get them very easily too. You only have to search them on the internet or on any of Play Stores and download them. 

It is as simple as a piece of cake. After it is installed on your phone, you are all set for the fantastic picture to upload on Instagram


Q2.How do you use Instagram without cropping the app?

You can also use Instagram without cropping the app. But you have to follow few measures for that. First of all, download any of the photo editor or photo frame apps on the Play Stores, and edit your photo on those apps. 

Now save that photo to your gallery, and share that on Instagram. If you are using a new version of the app, then you might be having the option to share your images or videos directly on social media handles, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 


Q3. How do I stop Instagram from auto-cropping?

There is one more way in which you can use Instagram without cropping the app or stop Instagram from auto-cropping; for that, you don’t need to download any external software. 

Just open the Instagram app, tap to upload your photo, and drag it to fit the ratio offered by the app, or drag your image with your fingers. That’s it, and now you can upload the photo. 

So in this way, you can upload your picture without the fear of getting them cropped. 


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No Crop App For Instagram 

Now let’s pay some attention to the crop picture for Instagram and start with the basic things. If you are an Instagram user for a long, then you might have faced the problem of auto-cropping by Instagram. 

This app follows a stringent aspect ratio for uploading the pictures or videos and automatically crop your posts according to its ratio, which is 4:5, or 1080 px to 1080 px. 

In doing that, sometimes some of the important elements of your images or videos get cropped and alters the quality of the post, and looked up messy or incomplete, which you might don’t want to share on your Instagram account. 

So if you want to upload a perfect picture on your Instagram handle, then you need some external applications or software which can edit your photos or videos to the ratio asked by Instagram. 

These apps offer more than this, and with the help of them, you won’t only modify your pictures according to the desired ratio but also can edit your photo, like you can add some amazing filters, change the light, contrast, or brightness settings and make it awesome. 

So don’t get your heart shrank by, and use no crop video app for Instagram for free to make your posts incredible, fetching you lots of likes, comments, and you can increase your followers. 

Increasing numbers of followers won’t only make you popular, but you can earn money from this too. When you become an Instagram influencer, then many brands and companies approach you for collaborations and ask you to display or advertise their products on your account. 

And by this, you can earn a good amount of money through these collaborations. So if you think that no crop app for Instagram would be useful for you, then you are entirely wrong. So use these apps and start your journey of becoming an Instagram influencer. 


12 Best No Crop Apps For Instagram 

Now, after reading the benefits of the no crop app for Instagram and want to get them and use them, then you don’t need to go anywhere; here, you would get the best. 

When you go out searching for the best apps, then you get so many results that you would get confused about what app to pick and what to leave; they all are so attractive, but not every app is worth your attention and can waste your time and energy. 

In this section, you would get a list of the top best no crop video app for Instagram and for photos, which you can use for enhancing your posts. And thus, you can save yourself from wasting your time and energy on useless apps. Following is the list of 12 best software which you can give a try, 

1 . Instasize Photo Editor 

Instasize Photo Editor

From the name itself, there is no doubt that it is one of the crop picture for Instagram which you can use for your posts. This app is available on the platforms Android and iOS, from where you can install it. 

Soon after you own this app, you would have access to use all the features offered by it. Its features are so much lucrative that you can’t resist using them. 

With this app, you can get more than 80 filters to edit your picture as you want, you can retouch your photo and videos by using the tools provided by it, and get a natural retouching result that makes your images more beautiful. 

You can also make collages with this app using your photographs almost up to 10 at a time. It also has intuitive management, which makes the editing process more professional and straightforward. 

With this app  Also, you can share your images from this app directly to your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, which would be more convenient for you. 

You get many more incredible features when you get the app, so what are you waiting for, download the app and explore it. 

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2. No Crop & Square For Instagram 

No Crop Square For Instagram

The next app in our list of no crop app for Instagram is this application which makes your pictures stunning and leaves a heart-stealing impression on the hearts of the viewers. 

With this app, you won’t lose any important element of your images while uploading them on Instagram. It is the answer to all your problems and could save you. 

Its most desired feature is that you can select and edit up to 10 images at a single time and share them on your social media sites on the one go, and that makes it super time and energy saving. 

With that, it comes with many filters, background options, wallpapers, and templates which you can select to edit your images and make them perfect click. 

You apply the filters and background together, and they are completely compatible with each other. So don’t leave this amazing opportunity, and make the most out of it. 

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3. Snapseed


If you want to describe this app in short, then it can be described as ‘simple and all-rounder.’ Why because the foremost benefit it offers to its users is simplicity. They just have to select one setting or feature and then set the standards of their choice, and the rest of the app can do itself. 

Easy, right, that is what it offers to the users and earns its name in the market. 

With great simplicity, this app offers tons of features, including adding texts in top fonts, overlays available in masks, enlarger tools, making your picture ready for uploading on Instagram, filters, background, and whatever you need to make your images awesome. 

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4. Cymera Photo Editor 

Cymera Photo Editor photo

While it is a photo editor app, so don’t think it is an editor app only. It does all the things which you want. It can edit your images as you want; you can use it for the distinctive features it offers. 

You get features such as a portrait feature in which you can play with the shades and lights of your photos and videos, and you can make your skin tone more bright and smooth. And all that can be done with no additional size gain like a no crop app for Instagram

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5. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker 

Square InPic

This app is developed by the famous company Studio 8Aps and has a good rating among all other apps. This app is totally free, with brilliant features to make your images of high – quality. 

In this app, you would get more than 20 beautiful filters for your images and many aspect ratio frames for every need of yours, stickers, and many other photo editing features. 

With the photo editing features, you change the brightness, contrast settings, color tone settings of your images.  

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6.Square Fit Size: Collage Maker Photo Editor 

Square Fit Size

Another software in the list of apps to stop crop picture for Instagram is this, which you can use to edit your images and can be counted in the versatile apps out there. 

This app offers you more than 100 layouts of background for your images with various funny and attractive filters. 

With this app, you can give your photos a 3D effect making them more realistic and larger than the size. It also has more than 300 collage templates by which you can save your memories at a one-stop place and share them. 

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7. No Crop & Square For Instagram – Unclip 

No Crop

This could be an amazing no crop app for Instagram which you want to use for breakthrough images. 

With this app, you can make your background blur and focus on the point where you want. You can square any picture too of any size for your Instagram posts with a colored background feature. 

It is simple to use, and edit your images, with unique UI and a dropper tool feature to add image-specific color to your images. 

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8. InSquare Pic 

Square InPic

This tool offers you all that you need to make your Instagram feed full of stunning images and videos. This app comes with many filters and overlays that can change your photos completely. 

You can change the light effects too to make your images exceptionally good, and a collage maker accompanied with photo editing features makes it the best choice for crop picture for Instagram

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9. Square Quick 

Square Quick

One more app for your images is this, which is great in terms of user experience, ratings, and features. 

This application offers you many features, such as you can use blur or gradient effects to enhance your images and can edit them with the comic text options which it offers. 

It has funny emoji-like stickers to make your images and videos genuine and attractive. So what are you looking for, just download this fabulous app and get started.

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10. Square Pic 

Square Pic

This app comes with many features which would make you tempted to use them and create your dream images by using your imaginations. 

You can use this app for various editing tools. To blur the borders of your images and videos, you can make a collage of as many pictures as you wish by using the layouts and designs and can enhance your picture with stickers and filters. 

So it could be a one-stop destination for crop picture for Instagram.  

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11. Square Blur Square Blur

It is one excellent editing app for no crop video app for Instagram, which is worth considering and trying once. 

With this application, you can edit your images and videos using the offered editing tools, and with the squared background feature, you can make your creations suitable to share on Instagram feed. 

Why it is loved by everyone is the fact that it can be used for videos too, and you can create amazing videos as you won’t like the images very easily. 

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12. Square ready

Why this app has the edge over all other apps is the thing that it doesn’t include advertisements. Using free applications comes with the drawback that you have to see the advertisements which they are displaying, and that can be frustrating if you are in a hurry. 


And if you don’t want to see those annoying advertisements, then you have to choose the premium pack. But with this app, you don’t need to waste your time on advertisements nor money. 

It is completely advertisement-free and offers you image editing tools, collage templates, text adding features, and many such features we can count on the list. 

So these are some of the best crop app for Instagram, which can make your Instagram feed full of likes, amazing comments. 

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Bonus Tip 

For perfect pictures, always take care of the light settings and brightness level of your phone as most of us don’t have heavy and sophisticated cameras for great pictures.

So while clicking pictures, take care of the light, and don’t make hurry; otherwise, they would make your pictures blurred and messy. 



In this piece of work, we have learned about the best crop picture for Instagram apps which you can try once for incredible results. 

Editing images is not some sort of rocket science that needs lots of effort. It just needs your imagination and how you are good at editing makes your pictures great. 

So just these apps for an effortless editing experience and make your pictures fetch you some popularity and money. 

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