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Mystic Messenger Emails  Guide & Correct Answers You Should Know In 2021

Mystic messenger emails answers are one of the trendiest things becoming popular nowadays. If you have an understanding of the new trends, then you would be definitely aware of the new wave of anime series or serials and their main characters.

If you are also a fan of animes and mad about the mystic messenger emails walkthrough, then this article is only for which offers you all the correct answers that you need to host your party and invite new guests. 

To host a party and let the guests in, you need all these answers for a successful game, and hence you are with all the correct mystic messenger emails answers. 

So let’s dig in for a perfectly correct answer guide and more details about this anime game. 



Q1. How do emails work in mystic messenger? 

Mystic messenger is a very simple game that is very easy to play. In this game, you need to host a party and invite the guests, which would be your friends or any known person that you know. 

Now, these guests would ask you a question, and you have to give correct answers to their questions so that they remain in your party, and you can play further. 

These questions are asked on the personal chat box of the game, which is also known as the mystic messenger through the emails, and that is why it got its name, mystic messenger emails answers

So you require answering the questions asked by the guests correctly so that they would stay at your party. All these behavior is observed by the characters of the game, and they ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

So to win the game, all you need is the right answers, a decent chat session, and your friends and guests to host and carry forward the party. 


Q2. How many emails do you need for a good ending mystic messenger 

The next question which lies in the mind of the gamers is that how many emails they need. So, according to the game, you need at least 10 emails or 10 guests for a good ending mystic messenger. 

Thus if you want a good ending of your mystic messenger email answers, then you need 10 guests to complete the game. 


What Is Mystic Messenger Emails Answers 

Talking about mystic messenger emails answers with an anime fan would be foolish, but I believe that many readers of this article would not be aware of this game and all that stuff, which we are going to discuss here. 

So it’s better to start with the very beginning for the newbies who want to know about the animes, this game, and mystic messenger emails, and those who already know about it should also be tuned because this section offers each and every detail about the game which they might be unaware of, but definitely help them to win. 

Almost all of us have heard about the anime series, serials, and character, and even it is no hyperbole if I say that today’s generation loves them and has a soft place in their heart for them.

And to make them crazier about the anime, this game Mystic Messenger is launched in the year 2016. Talking about anime, they are such sorts of animations which are created in Japan or countries nearby Japan, like South Korea, North Korea, and countries having a similar culture with that of Japan. 

And outside that land, in the whole world, all such similar animated series and serials are known as animes. Some famous anime series are Naruto, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Darker than Black, which is making the whole globe fall in love with them. 

Now coming on our Mystic Messenger game, it is a South Korean otome game which is based on a novel and developed by Cheritz. It was released separately for Android on July 8, 2016, and for iOS on August 18, 2016. 

This anime game can be explained as a “storytelling messenger game,” which is available in Korean, English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese for various fans of the animes and this game. 

As an achievement, it was awarded the Best Indie Game at the 2017 Korean Game Award, which marks its standard in the international market. 

It is a part of the game that everyone needs the mystic messenger emails answers to play this game, invite the guests and host a party. 


Mystic Messenger Emails Answers Guide 

So let’s start with the most awaited section of the article, which is the mystic messenger emails answers as you know that to host a party and continue that, you need to invite the guests to it. And the potential guests would ask almost 3 questions, and you have to answer them correctly. 

When you answer all the questions right, then only they would remain in your party, and you can win the game. That means you need the right answers to retain the guests with you and conquer the game. For a perfect ending, start the game with 10 or 15 guests for the RFA party. 

Then why are we waiting, without any further delay, let’s start with the guide of mystic messenger emails answers. Here you not only get answers for a single storyline but for Ray Route, V, and Casual story modes too, 

Letter A


  • Cantabile 
  • Monet
  • The Louvre 


  • I might be allergic to guests not attending the party
  • Beef and seaweed soup
  • Cat allergy

Letter B 


  • 100% interest rate
  • Swiss bank
  • $1.2 million all in cash


  • Italian 
  • Drip brewing
  • Arabica coffee!


  • Lock U Up Silver Bracelet 
  • Don’t worry
  • Claw machines at the mall 


  • Report them
  • I’ll look forward to your next video!

Letter C 


  • Yellow and black 
  • Noon 
  • Candlelight 


  • How about people putting on a show?
  • Cat limousine!
  • Cat buffet


  • Odd eye meow!
  • Head meow!
  • Crystal litter


  • Poke it out with a straw
  • Diamond 
  • Green 


  • Give them food and wait
  • Of course!
  • Social media sites 


  • You mix as if you’re cutting, chef
  • 3 cups, chef
  • 20 minutes


  • Cheese is the way of the world!
  • I saw it on YouTube!
  • The face of a generous–looking granda. I mean, you, the owner!


  • It is Verragamo
  • Borborry~
  • A flower bed of pretty boys


  • Limited edition title change ticket
  • Create a banner for the winner
  • The rock band Imagine Mythical Creatures

Letter D


  • Yousung’s LOLOL exploration
  • Jaehee 
  • I know the vanished seven treasure islands


  • Shiny White
  • Hawk Pose
  • Silk underwear with a scarf 


  • Black 
  • The seal is unlocked!!!
  • The rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!!

Letter E 


  • I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?
  • I wanted to help you
  • I really hope you come to our party


  • Games with soda as prizes
  • It’s because you’re too smart
  • There’s this person called Jaehee

Letter F 


  • Bank passbook
  • We split it up
  • All to the bank!


  • Obtain a limited edition cassette tape and hide it
  • Windows 8.1 3711 disks
  • A rainbow-colored floppy disk model

Letter G 


  • I am your daughter
  • Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God!
  • I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person


  • Jalapeno’s Photobook
  • Jumin’s cat
  • Zen’s underwear


  • Shoes that dry quickly
  • Leather that does not wear out
  • Drive shape

Letter H 


  • Request exam result
  • Comparing several hospitals
  • Hippocratic oath


  • Sell Small Issue Magazine
  • Rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, fried eggs
  • Lots of people with warm hearts!


  • Confucius 
  • Be healthy
  • Filial Piety 

Letter I 


  • Nameless 
  • Why don’t you participate in a game convention?
  • How about Scheme?

Letter K


  • Drifting 
  • Car from when you were young, Pong!
  • Compete with your son


  • Ctrl+c 
  • Movie 
  • Ergonomics 

Letter L


  • Of course lol
  • Play LOLOL together 
  • Dia


  • I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt
  • Say hello!
  • Call the police!


  • Nyannyan! 
  • Minimum! 
  • Meow-meow


  • Blood dragon
  • Headset 
  • Focus on balance

Letter M 


  • It’s Diamond Pharmaceuticals
  • Maybe maybe, Diamond Pharmaceutical?
  • Diamond Pharmaceuticals!


  • Tripper Tript invitations
  • Bae screen wedding
  • Use the screenshot function 


  • The chance to discover a gem!
  • Of course
  • Your face reflected in thy eyes


  • Coffin with lace all around
  • Lifesize marble statue of Pharaoh
  • Pink bandage


  • Classic is best
  • The best of all pens in the nation, BIK
  • “Sear the end with a lighter”


  • Realism 
  • Cannes, Venice, Berlin 
  • A film about the environment 


  • Buy her handcuffs 
  • Personalized framed cross – stitch 
  • Give her a bouquet of jasmine


  • Get the help of a college student
  • This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot”
  • Zen

Letter N


  • Lake Na
  • Treatment of getting locked up in a room of mirrors
  • He takes a lot of selfies


  • Select [your name]
  • Jihae 
  • Luciel 


  • Long enough to do well with my eyes closed!
  • Green 
  • Get a camel through the eye of a needle


  • There’s no story of a magical girl who’s not violent
  • It’s cool… Completely suits you
  • Yes, there is injustice going on, so please come to our party and help us!


  • Onthestellar 
  • Leanardo Dicappucino 
  • Baleman 

Letter O 


  • Fried rice
  • Bubblewrap on the window
  • To the freezer!



  • Bald 
  • Of course!
  • Fancy party! Lots of parking space!!!

Letter P 


  • I cannot tell you that
  • A law must be implemented that protects reporters
  • Netizens 


  • Fish – shape
  • Salmon fish sauce
  • Silvervine 

Letter R 


  • Kiss 
  • You One and Only Top Star 
  • Of course!


  • 15 days
  • Whole beans
  • Antigua 


  • I recommend you take the heavy professional Ganon camera 
  • I recommend you take the Olympus X20 
  • Its an extravagant and elegant party

Letter S 


  • Because it’s cool
  • Gold 
  • Korea 


  • More than enough 
  • He is very practical
  • Just your normal attire


  • Your girlfriend will love that!
  • A man’s word is his bond!
  • You’ll be useless if you give up now


  • Leave the battery only half charged 
  • First. Leave the phone in the living room and go to your room
  • Popcorn brain 


  • I have to make a wish!
  • I want to eat it!
  • Memories of my first kiss


  • Asking is not a challenge but a confirmation
  • Wear a watch!
  • Hi, I’m Younsoo. I got your number through Chul – soo


  • Not losing all your money
  • Tell them to invest in stock
  • Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang

Letter T 


  • Chinese 
  • Nintendo 
  • Everyone has small feet!


  • Stick 
  • At the party!
  • Of course!


  • Whoopee 
  • Whoopee Beat drums
  • Oh, my dear sun. Lay your passion upon us


  • It means your grades! Two Fs!
  • Stock prices of peach drinks are going up
  • Call the zoo!

Letter U 


  • C&R Director 
  • So much time!
  • Old man under the moon

Letter W 


  • Flies off to space
  • XOXO foreverurlovely#1star
  • Art organizations will be joining


  • Convince your parents
  • Who says you’re late! You didn’t even try
  • What are you interested in these days


  • Red wine
  • Ice wine
  • Jumin 

Apart from this storyline, there are other story modes too, such as V and Ray Route, which starts on the 5th day, or if you have sufficient Hour Glass and Hearts, then you can unlock them by using them. 

Correct answers for inviting guests from V and Ray Route are as following, 

Letter B 


  • What’s wrong with that?
  • Experienced electric shock
  • You shouldn’t miss this chance!

Letter C 


  • D.Ritchie 
  • Hello World!
  • Trust the programmer 


  • Goshiwon 
  • Press the stop button 
  • 1200~1400 won 


  • Player’s mentality stats increases by +10
  • Never played the main character with awesome clothes
  • Take part in the Costume Contest!


  • Spy Training School 
  • This is getting embarrassing…
  • Must be a machine, not fairy magic!


  • I love vindaloo curry TT!
  • Of course, we have masala!
  • Everyone will enjoy Indian curry!

Letter D


  • Dark Dragon Smug is also the symbol of strength!
  • Smug, the light and hope of adolescent conceit!
  • I think it’s cool! Of course you can!

Letter E


  • A Crowdfunding site 
  • Wireless Earphones
  • Drone 

Letter G


  • Squats
  • Treadmill
  • Chicken Breasts

Letter H


  • Afro hair for Chairman Han as well
  • Afro hair
  • Yes 

Letter I 


  • Robinboy 
  • Because it lets you work late in the dark middle of the night
  • Shoot a bat-shaped light to the sky


  • Why don’t you scoop ice cream into a flower?
  • Coffee!
  • How about rice-flavored ice cream?


  • KNC 
  • H2O (It’s my favorite formula)
  • Behind [name]’s back

@Internert Café 

  • Researcher of Residential Environments
  • PVP
  • You can enjoy a luxurious buffet if you come…

Letter M


  • To be their family for one day
  • It’s the color you like 
  • Three moles behind the ears of Rudolph 


  • Pieta!
  • The Last Judgement
  • Sistine Chapel

Letter N 


  • There’s also a celebrity coming!
  • Have you met a hacker before?
  • Rich enough to fill the swimming pool in money


  • Dreams
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Freud 

Letter P


  • Hades 
  • Kerberos 
  • No, I’m not!

Letter R


  • Pizza Cheese
  • Cook meals how you feel like it should be done
  • 3 minutes

Letter S


  • Nothing but the flesh of an astronaut 
  • The satellite was the weakness!
  • Did you meet something like the Saint dogs!?

Letter U


  • Go 180, stir–fried udon!
  • Yes! I want to eat you!
  • Emphasize it’s good for your health!

Letter V


  • House within the city
  • Carry blood packs
  • A pair of modern and chic suits!

Letter W 


  • Minute hand 24 times, hour hand 2 times
  • Bezel 
  • To meet someone you love

These are all the mystic messenger emails answers which you need for inviting guests to your party and to retain them with your side. 


Mystic Messenger Emails Answers: Plot 

Coming on the plot of the mystic messenger emails, which is important to know before jumping to the mystic messenger emails answers, we would be talking about the background of the game. 

So in this game, the player has to take the role of a female character whose name can be selected by the player itself. That female lead character downloads a mysterious application that takes her into the living world, in either a closed, secured apartment which is owned by Rika. 

Rika is the founder of a charity organization which is known as the RFA or Rika’s Fundraising Association or the Mint Eye HQ. She would meet the remaining members of the RFA, and the task is to organize a party by inviting guests. 

In Another Story, Unknown tricks are played by the leading character in the game and bringing you to the Mint Eye by keeping you on its side. The main character of the game chooses one route from the available seven routes, having their own background to find out the truth behind the RFA. 


Mystic Messenger Emails Answers: Characters 

Now shifting our attention towards the roles of the game, we would be looking at some of the main personas of the mystic messenger email walkthrough. 

Main Characters 

Female Lead Role 

This game is lead by a female character which is referred to as MC. She comes in her default avatar in 5 different appearances, but her original look is brown, with long and silky hairs, and having eyes hidden under bangs is the appearance that is shown in Computer Generated solutions or CGs. 

After she has become a member of RFA all of a sudden and also forced to live in Rika’s apartment, she acquires the Rika’s role and hosts a party that is long-awaited by the members of RFA. In the official adaptation of the webcomic, “Invitation of the Mystic Messenger,” or MC is given a new name, is Hana Kang. 

Jumin Han 

Jumin Han mystic messenger Character

This character is voiced by Yongwoo Shin and is an heir of the company C&R International which is owned by his father and is 27 years old. He comes in short black hair, with grey eyes, and always remains on business trips for expanding his business. 

He is a cat lover and owns a Persian cat named Elizabeth, and dislikes when someone calls his cat by any nickname, specifically when 707 does this. 

He sometimes becomes contrary to Zen, as Jumin has a high standard upbringing, so he sees the world from a different viewpoint, and that sometimes clashes with Zen. 

But then also he is very helpful towards the RFA members and always ready to help them out even by using his authority. 

He enjoys wine and has a great capacity to hold on to himself after drinking alcohol, and often found teasing Zen with his actions and words, and that is why their relationship becomes complex at many places. 

Zen Zen mystic messenger Character

This character of the game is voiced by Jang Kim, who is also the stage name of Hyun Ryu, who is 24 years old, a musical stage artist in the game. 

He has pale skin, having red and brown eyes, and hair of white color, short at the front side and long at the backside, which resembles albino. 

He wants appreciation for his skills instead of looks and is always seen working out and rehearsing to enhance his skills.  

He is allergic to cats but protective towards the members of the RFA organization and always warns the lead female role of the bad guy’s attitude. 

707 707 mystic messenger Character

In the game, he is voiced by Youngsun Kim, but his baptismal name is Luciel Choi and is 22 years of age. He is an excellent intelligence agent and superb hacker and one behind the making of the RFA Messenger application.

He is naughty and loves cat, and is a devoted catholic too who love the junk food. 

Yoosung Yoosung mystic messenger Character

He is voiced by Kyuhyuk Sim and is a young college of 21 years only. He is an addicted online game lover of LOLOL game which stands for League of Loneliness Of Life. 

Although he is addicted to online games but brilliant enough to get admission to the best college in the city and an internship offer by Jumin. 

He is Rika’s adoptive cousin, who was adopted by his aunt. 

Jaehee Kang 

This character is voiced by Jeonghwa Yang and is currently the second only female member of RFA besides the main female character. 

She is 26 and holds the responsibility of Chief Assistant at C&R International, and is also Jumin’s personal assistant. 

Talking about her looks, she has brown stylish hair, brown eyes, and a dying heart fan of Zen. 

V mystic messenger

Another character of the game is V, who is voiced by Hosan Lee, but his real name is Jihyun Kim. His age is 27 years, and he is a very good childhood friend of Jumin and also the leader of RFA. 

He was Rika’s fiancé and is very secretive who always hides things from the members of RFA, maybe to protect them from getting hurt. 

Rika Rika mystic messenger Character

She is voiced by Hyunjin Lee. She is the founder of the RFA organization. From her childhood, he has many mental problems, but despite that, also she always tried to make everyone happy until she was alive. 

With these main characters, we have some minor characters, too, including Vander wood, Ray, Choi Sarah, Choi Glam, Chairman Han, Chief Kim, and many others we can count on the list. 


Mystic Messenger Emails Answers: Gameplay 

The next thing which we should talk about in our mystic messenger emails walkthrough guide is the gameplay. 

In the game, there is a story that is of 11 days, as per the route. On the very first day, there is a prologue for the game, the next three days for “common route,” the next six days for focusing on a route of a peculiar character, and last for the party, which is perhaps the best day for all the players. 

Their behavior is observed throughout these days, as the game happens in real-time and players can have the text messages joining the special messenger group chat. 

On the basis of their conversation on the group in the first four days, they earned hearts at the end of that fourth day; it is clear that whether they are going further or not. And then who was passed have to pass through different three routes and have to reach to the party day and host the party. 



So here we have learned about the correct mystic messenger emails answers and how you can win the game. 

We have discussed the game, its characters, gameplay in detail so that you would be aware of each and everything of the game and don’t face any difficulty in playing the game. 

So all the best for the game. 


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