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Top 10 Games like Huniepop for Android Free & Paid

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For all our readers who love to enjoy dating simulation games, you all must be already familiar with the popular Huniepop game. One gets to play two types of games at once in the Huniepop game which are tile coordinating game and dating recreation. However, it is to note that there are several games similar to HuniePop that you can explore and start playing in your spare time to enjoy.

Some of the games similar to HuniePop have the similar game concept but encompasses different story plots. In these games, you will get to find many interesting and amazing story lines that you may never have encountered before. In fact, you can unlock several of items and earn special prizes for the grown-ups. So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at the games like HuniePop, with a special focus for Android gadgets below.

      1. List of top 10 best games like HuniePop for Android

It is seen that some of you seek to choose virtual dating games over the real dating system in order to play safe and save themselves from a real heartbreak. That is why HuniePop is very popular among the adults. But you must be wondering if there is any great alternative to this game which has similar features and provide you best services. Well, you need to worry because you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we have compiled some of the best games like HuniePop for Android users. Let us begin:

  1. Mystic Messenger

mystic messenger

Mystic Messenger is a gaming application with interactive messaging feature which lets you to experience how to get text messages and phone calls from people available virtually in this game. In this app, you get to experience an exciting and romantic love story with many male characters.

In the game, there are truly several male characters available online that makes you curious and excited at the same time so that you want to know more about them.

In the Mystic messenger application, if you have a close and intimate relationship with someone, you will feel like you are getting real love in your life. Each of the online character offers an interesting storyline for you so that you can immerse yourself while playing this game with other players. 

You will be impressed by the chats, events, and stories of the game. The main reason behind this impression is because every male character in this Mystic messenger game has their own character and storyline. So, there is no reason that you will get bored while playing this game. It is one of perfect games like HuniePop for Android because the game interface is simple and easy for you to play.

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2. Puzzle of love

Puzzle of love

Puzzle of love is one of the puzzle games like HuniePop for Android since it has almost the same storyline. In this game, you are playing the role of a famous novelist who is looking for inspiration and your job in the game is to meet and date many women in order to get inspiration for your next novel. Therefore, you must be smart to use your charm to seduce as many women.

However, this app does not only act as a dating simulation game but it also allows you to play other small games. You need to be able to solve the puzzles in the game on your date to be able to move on to the next level. So, wisely use your wits as a writer to solve this puzzle of love.

For all the unlocked girls, you have to make colorful combinations on the playing field. You can also access special items and toys in the game to help you match your puzzles. Find the girl who suits you the most and feel the love that does not usually tend to happen in the virtual world.

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3. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kitty Powers Matchmaker

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is one of the similar games like HuniePop for android phone because it has almost the same story plot in the game. However, one unique thing about this dating simulation game is that it uses a classic cartoon style which makes it different from other games.

In this game, you will become a matchmaker and you have to manage a matchmaking agency.  You will get to learn a lot from your boss, the drag queen dive Kitty powers. So, it is advised that you use your matchmaking skills to change the love lives of desperate clients with their unique love stories.

Match your client with the other candidates in Kitty’s little black book. Also, you can guide your clients through awkward conversations and dating dilemmas.

This game can get very exciting for you to play with your partners even though the graphics of the huniepop mobile app are less impressive. However, this is optional crafting game play so you can choose the appearance of all the characters.

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4. Amber’s Magic Shop

Ambers Magic Shop

If you are a fan of dating simulation game, it is time for you to become a dark elf Amber in this Magic shop game. You main job in this Amber’s game is to run a magic shop. While you are running the shop, you get to meet some interesting characters. Not to mention, the more often you interact with someone in this game, the more scope you have to them your more than just friends. 

There are several amazing features of this game that makes it one of the cool games like HuniePop. For example, you can choose how Amber characters will be, the graphics, the costumes you want to wear, and also the general settings of the game.

All these features make you drown when playing this game.

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5. Heileen 3: New Horizons Free

Heileen 3 New Horizons

Next on our list is the Heileen 2: New Horizons game which is available completely for free. This game is perfect for those who like to engage in sea and pirates actions.

In the game, the user has to play the character Heileen, a charming female pirate. It will continue the story from the end of the game from Heileen 2 with a different storyline and all it depends on how you play this game. This game also lets you unlock a profession or romance ending or feel the romance of several men in this game.

This is one of the games like HuniePop mobile app for smartphone because you can have an affair with someone. So, do not miss playing this game and install it on your Android device right now.

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6. Never Forget Me

Dont Forget Me

Never Forget is truly one of the best games similar to HuniePop, released by Winter Wolves.

This game is quite interesting for you to play where you get to meet four male characters, each having a distinct personality and character who will try to get close to you. Try to be friends with all of them and choose which the man that suits your type. 

There are two levels that you can choose in this game, normal or hard level. So, no wonder if this is one of the most played games like HuniePop. Therefore, this game will be very exciting for you to play and has five unique endings depending on your decision.

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7. C14 Dating Visual Novel

C14 Dating

This is another best game like HuniePop which is equally entertaining and a source of knowledge for the users. This is because you will get to play a female character that is an anthropology student and will be participating in a summer archaeology internship.

This is the perfect gaming platform where you can have fun time in leisure and also expand your knowledge. While doing your internship, you will also get to date many male characters, each having a unique and interesting personality and story. So, through this game, you can find out what kind of male you like and how to date him.

Besides trying virtual dating you also have the opportunity to know more about archeology. An exciting storyline with various characters makes this game the best game that you can install on Android device.

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8.  Always Remember Me Free


This is the next game on our list of best games like HuniePop. In this game, you will play the character Amy, a sweet and adorable woman. This game has a miraculous storyline that you can just make Amy’s boyfriend recall she after Amy and her boyfriend experienced an intense feud or, you can help Amy find another man who is more suitable and makes Amy fall in love again.

Therefore, it all depends on the decisions you make. You will love playing this game because it has an easy and user friendly interface and it also has a decent storyline, with a variety of unique characters.

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9. Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend

This Hatoful Boyfriend gaming application is a game remake of the popular visual novel, Hato Moa. In this game, you get to find many hidden stories, surprises, and multiple endings that can surely make you addicted to playing this game. So, download this game and feel the thrill of attending various classes at St. PigeoNation’s Institute, such as art classes, gym, and so on to improve your abilities and character.

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10. Roommates

Ambers Magic Shop

Last on our list is the Roommates gaming application. This game is mostly fun for the school students as it is a anime dating simulation game and has a school theme where you will have to live in a dormitory.

This game lets you choose your make or female character unlike the HuniePop game. This game is so addictive and has an interesting story line with a intuitive user interface. So, no wonder this game is one of the games like HuniePop that you can download on many platforms besides android.

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