Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection 15 App

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Looking for a particular word in a text file? Just press CTRL+F and enter the word; you will get your result in milliseconds. But ever thought of looking for a face around the globe? Normal search engines like Bing and Yahoo won’t be able to help you find who the person is. When you have the image of the person but are unaware of who he is, facial recognition tools can come handy. The facial recognition features help you tag your friends in pics uploaded on social media. This very concept if used in image search engines too. When you have a good facial recognition search engine in hand, you can look around for any face you want. Here is a list of some of the best and most accurate online facial recognition search engines:

Check out 15 Best online facial recognition search engines:

  1. Google Facial Recognition

Looking for photos of yours or your friend’s? Google it! Yes, Google has got its own facial recognition search engine and it is gonna stun you with its amazing interface and remarkable image search results. If you have used tags labels in your images, then searching becomes way easier. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. After logging into your Google account on your Google Photoshop app search for the tag or label or name of the person or pet you want and Google will get you want you want. You can also change the label or remove labels and face groups anytime you want.


  1.  Picwiser.com

Talk about apps with ease of use and simple interface and Picwiser stands tall among them. It is a facial recognition image search tool that helps you look for a particular face or similar faces all across the globe.

Sometimes people misuse images of people over the web and if you are doubtful about yours being misused, then go for Picwiser. It looks through various databases to get you the most appropriate results. It uses the same feature as that used by Google Reverse Image search. Its leading-edge technology helps you identify the uploaded image and similar looking images used in the internet.

facial recognition image
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection

3. Pictriev.com

Wanna know which celeb looks like you or who else around the globe resembles your face? Facial recognition website Pictriev.com will be of great use for you! The website is quite basic and is easy to use. You can either upload the image or pic of the person or you can also share the link or URL of the image in the specified tab. Then just click on search and the website will get you the best results. But there are a few restrictions on the type of image the site supports.

The gap between the eyes should be 80 pixels wide and the size of the image should be less than 200 kilobytes. Make sure that the image you upload is of good quality so that the detection can be accurate.

Facial recognition website
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection

Do check out the best camera apps for Android so that you get a good click!


  1. NeoFace Watch

Searching the web for lookalikes or certain images of a person is not always done for fun…security threats are on the high rise and facial recognition search engines can be of great help in tracking down threats. Various security systems have facial recognition to capture the face of the people entering your home and thus alert you of their arrival. NeoFace Watch is explicitly designed to work with surveillance systems to extract the real-time image of the person of interest and compare it with the existing list. It alerts the user if there is a match.

You can download Android App of Neo Face Watch

Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
  1.  TwinsorNt.net

This is a fun app to use! The app has got two frames in which you can upload your pics. The app then compares both the pics or images and tells how much is the twin score. Twin score is basically a measurement of the similarity between both the images. If the images appear to be similar or different fronts, then bingo! You are twinning with the other! It also features real Face Detection API and its built-in Aviary photo editor lets you fine-tune your images for better results.

facial recognition
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection

If the image you have is a blurry one, do take tips from our article on how to unblur a picture!


  1. Kuznech Face Detection

Kuznech.com is a very simple facial recognition search engine that is gonna amaze you for sure. Just upload the image or enter the URL of the image in the specified tab in the website and then click in search. It shows you all the matching or similar results and if your face resembles that of a celeb then it shows the resembling celeb’s pic too! just ensure than the image quality is good and the face is visible clearly. A full-frontal view would be the best to detect and the angle of face should not be more than 45° in horizontal or 30° in vertical.

Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
  1. Betaface

Media companies often look for facial recognition websites to look for celebrity look-a-likes or the celebs themselves in public areas. A good facial detector will be able to extract out the facial features of the person searched. Betaface is a stunning facial recognition website that lets you search by face. Enter the image of the person you are looking for and the website gives you a detailed description of various facial features like gender, presence of beard, mole, scar marks, hairstyle, hair length, head shape, face shape, teeth shape, nose shape, presence of glasses and many more. But it not only gives the facial features but also shows similar faces from around the globe.

It also shows the image of various celebrities which look similar to the pic uploaded. The website has got a vast database of images of 40000+ celebrities; so, you never know which celeb you might look like!

Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
  1. TinEye reverse image search

A very effective and feature loaded facial recognition search engine is TinEye. When you open the website, you will be able to see a tab; just put the image in it and search and the website reverts with results of where the image has been used online. It finds duplicate and edited versions of the searched image, provides corporate and enterprise image tracking and provides regular alerts. The tool performs visual search by colour, provides augmented reality API, UGC moderation, large-scale reverse image searches, copyright compliance, detection of fraud cases, etc. which prove to be very useful for various companies and organisations.

reverse image search
Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
  1. FindFace (Face Search by VK.com)

VK.com is one of the most popular social media apps used in Russia. So, if you are looking for someone in Russsia, then you must search him or her on Findface which is an online face search app that uses VK.vom’s database. Just log into your VK.com account, grant application permissions and then upload the JPEG or PNG photo of the person you are searching for. The file uploaded must be of size less than 5MB. The website has tons of images from the social media app; so, it compares the image uploaded with all the database pics and then shows similar results.

Facial Recognition Search Engine For Online Face Detection
  1. Finderpeople.tech


This is yet another facial recognition search engine that works quite well in Russia. Russia is a huge country and it is very tough to track down a person only by his facial description. This amazing website will help you find the face or similar looking faces across the nation. The only drawback of the app is that it is region specific. So, if you are in US and want to look for someone in your country, then you should go for the other search engines listed above.

  1. Facesaerch

Simplicity at its best…Facesaerch is a very basic online facial recognition tool that looks for the face you want to search through several databases. It displays similar looking faces as result. The face search engine has got an easier than ever user-interface and you will be amazed how easy it is to use. Just upload the url of the pic you want to look for and then the website will get you your desired results. The website also works as a normal search engine; if you enter the name of the celeb or person or any label or tag that has already been used for the person you are looking for, then also the search engine gives you toons of matching results from across the globe.

  1. Baidu Reverse Image Search

There are some facial recognition search engines that are region specific instead of global searches. Baidu Reverse Image search is one such tool that helps you search for people in China. Normal search engines work in a way in which you enter the name of the person and the search engines reverts with images and description of the person. But a reverse image search engine gets you the name and details of the person when you put the image or picture of the person in the search tab.

Though it is not as accurate as the other search engines mentioned above in the list, but it is more likely to find all Chinese people in here than in any of the other search engines mentioned above.

  1. ImageRaider

Yet another impressive facial recognition image search engine is the ImageRaider. Just put the image or the url of the image in the tab of the website and click on search. The website returns all the places like websites and blogs that have used your searched image. SEO and digital marketers often look for websites that use their image to earn credit and links. Photographers and right-holders also look for good facial recognition search engines to find websites who are using their pics without their permission or giving enough credit. All such people can find this amazing website quite useful.

  1. Yandex

Though some of the listed apps and websites are country-specific, some of the websites like Yandex is region specific. It can be used to look for people in some countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey. Very easy to use and loaded with features, this website has a lot more to offer. You can also add you email id to the website so that it regularly sends you the list of websites or blogs that have been using your image without your prior permission.

It also has a normal browser tab for any other thing you want to search.


  1. PimEyes

Facefinder app PimEyes is available on Google Play store and has got quite many good reviews from its users. It is a very popular online face search apps and has proven to be quite accurate in its results. The pic you upload should be of good quality and the face of the person should be properly visible. It should have a frontal view and the face should not be hidden by masks or any other type of covering. It is better to upload pics taken with the camera close to the face rather than from a distance. Else the tool might not be able to detect the facial features properly. Just upload the image, click on search and the app returns you with all the matching results. You can then sort which ones look matching to you.


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  1. Berify

Stealing images and using your images or videos without your prior consent is a punishable offence. If you think your image is being misused in any way, then you can track them down through berify.com. Just drag and drop the image you want to look for duplicates and the search engine will do the rest. It searches its database having over 800 images and gets you the best results possible.

We hope the above listed facial search engines prove to be of great use for you. They are quite authentic and there is no absolute risk in using these applications or website to look for people you want. These apps and websites can be used to look for certain people and can also be used to look for normal people look-alikes or celebrity look-alikes around the globe. But if anyone is found to be misusing any of the websites, then it is a punishable offence.