Top 10 Best Blogging, SEO and Social Media Chrome Extensions

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Google Chrome struggled to jump above 50% usage for quite a while, but last July, Chrome finally managed to leap more than 2% and climb up that final step. So today, Chrome is used by more than half of all desktop users – a number not seen since the Explorer’s glory days. And while there is little difference between top five browsers, most users will agree that Chrome is as good as, and even slightly better than others in most area.

Now, there’s been a lot of articles on the subject of best Chrome extensions, but you have to realize that new ones are emerging basically every day and classic ones regularly undergo impressive upgrades. And a revolutionary new extension can possibly drastically change the day-to-day habits of marketers all across the world. Therefore, without further ado, here you have the 10 best Chrome Extensions for bloggers, SEO and Social media marketers.

1. Evernote Web Clipper


Most marketers have to switch between calculated, strategic and creative hats all day long, heck, they often have to wear them both at the same time. Keeping a balance isn’t nearly as easy as it seems, so in order to stay organized, you need Evernote, an extension that helps you create do-to lists, keep notes, and save any page or article you come across.

2. LastPass


Most marketers have a problem of wanting to share access to their accounts – no matter whether it’s Twitter, Google Analytics or WordPress – without telling their colleagues their passwords. But you don’t have to change all your passwords all of the time with LastPass. This tool allows you to share access to your accounts with your team members without actually telling them anything.

3. OneTab


How much time every day you spend searching for great content, or better yet, how much time do you spend reading through it? An average marketer always has at least ten tabs opened at all times – and most people eventually close those tabs without ever reading them. And if you find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is click on OneTab and all of those tabs will be closed and saved into a list within a single tab.

4. VPN Extension


This might be more general than the other items on our list, but it would be wise to select a VPN for your site by yourself. Picking a virtual private network is not an easy job, and everyone has their own particular needs, but there are some things you should pay special attention to. For instance, if you take a look at Express VPN review, you’ll see that this particular provider has 136 servers in 87 different countries which ensures that you can will have the best possible speeds, no matter where you’re located in the world.

5. Search in a Giphy


As a professional marketer, you already know that posts with images get more shares and comments, and that people appreciate a good gif more than a great headline. The Search option in the Giphy extension allows you to search for gifs within your Facebook, Gmail and Slack accounts.

6. MozBar


Getting the right SEO tools is not an easy job – people tend to find the most complicated tools, and by the time they learn to use it properly, their marketing strategy has already suffered. If you’re not experienced with SEO, the MozBar should be a good starting point, seeing how it allows users to view Domain and Page authority of any link you can find. Also, all you need to do is click on “Page Analysis”, and you’ll get a great list of inbound links to any piece of content.

7. Check My Links


Everyone deals with broken links from time to time, and yes, they are really frustrating for you as content creator, and your followers, who naturally have big expectations. The name of this extension says it all – Check My Links. With one click, the tool highlights all of the broken links, so you can go and replace them before you start pushing your content on social media.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Social Media Chrome Extensions

IT problems are the worse – they can ruin a webinar, frustrate your customers and even throw you off your social media posting schedule completely. In those situations, resolving all of those tech issues is vital, and thankfully, Chrome’s own Remote Desktop is there to save you during that process. It allows you to reach a trusted technician and hand over the reins to your PC remotely, and resolve any IT issuer as quickly as possible.

9. Hootlet

Social Media Chrome Extensions

In today’s automated world, nobody likes doing anything manually, and Hootlet helps save time by completely removing the need to switch between tabs, and copy/paste links. What’s more, it allows you to edit Facebook/Twitter messages, attach pictures and schedule posts whenever you want.

10. StayFocusd

Social media marketer get paid to roam on websites that others use to waste their time, but that doesn’t mean most of them doesn’t suffer from bouts of extreme procrastination every now and then. Thankfully, you have StayFocusd – an extension that limits the amount of time a person can spend on social media and different websites across the web.


And there you go, those are some of the best extensions available today, and while some of you are more concentrated on content creation, while others are more focused on their social media strategies, you never know when you will need a use extension. All of us need a browser extension to find influencers, publish articles across multiple accounts and stay focused on a particular task. A list of useful Chrome extensions is basically endless, but these are some of the more essential ones, and if you try any of these extensions, we guarantee – you won’t regret it.