Best Camera App For Android Free Download 2020

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What makes a phone’s camera preferable than a camera set? There are various points here; portability, easier to operate, immediate application of effects, access to social mebest

dia for immediate posts, multi-utility and most importantly cheaper than professional cameras. Yes, we agree that the quality of the images taken through a professional camera is way better than that taken through a phone’s camera but some of the best camera apps for Android can give you DSLR like effects in just a few ticks. 

Camera applications offer various effects and edits that can change the look of the images. Cameras of the phones do not possess that many features and edit options as that offered by various camera applications.

Use any of the below Android camera apps to give your images that DSLR effect:


1. Camera FV-5:

Jam-packed with top notch editing features like full-fledged exposure bracketing, intervalometer, advanced DSLR-like viewfinder display, impressive shutter speed, long exposure support, make this one of the best camera apps for Android. If you are a photography enthusiast, then you can explore various editing options in this app and you will get manual control over the photographic parameters.

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2. Candy Camera:

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With over 7000,000 users worldwide, Candy Camera is a very popular free camera app for Android that can be used to beautify your selfies anytime, anywhere. Easy to use and a diverse range of editing options, Candy Camera also offers a silent camera mode which will help you avoid the embarrassing ‘click’’ sound of camera in public places. You can also create collages through this app as it offers many collage frames and edits.

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3. Cymera:

One of Android’s best camera app, Camera can be used to reinvent your selfies. There are 130+ filters available in the app and other effects like selfie stickers, film-effect, vintage-feel, multiple lenses, collages, retouch options make it a top choice for users.

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One should always accept his or her own body type; but still, if you are in the mood of slimming your face or butt or body in the pic, then Cymera will help you do so.

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4. Camera MX:

The app boasts of 20,000,000 users worldwide; well, features like auto-optimization, HDR pics, enhanced camera features, high-speed burst mode, live photos, tons of effects and filters, can vouch for that. It is not just image editing features that the app flaunts, it has got several video editing features like real-time video edits, time-lapse video recordings, real-time application of filters and effects.

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5. Google Cardboard camera:

In search of the best camera app for Android free download? You have come to the right place guys! The demand for virtual reality pics is on the rise and this app will help you get that. Make near things look near and far things far by turning your images into VR images through Cardboard camera app. Turning the image into virtual reality one will give a whole new dimension to your image.

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6. Open Camera:

It is a very simple yet feature-rich free camera app for Android. You can auto-stabilize your images, opt for silent mode, zoom via multi-touch gesture, in this app. It has several other features like GPS tagging, lock the orientation of the camera, overlaying of grids, HDR and exposure bracketing, the dynamic range of edits and optimization. Some of the features depend upon the device and software used; so, read the summary of its features carefully before downloading it.

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7. Google camera:

When Google develops a camera app for its Android, there is bound to be no question of doubts. Imagine panorama mode extended… Google camera offers a 360-degree view mode too. high tech features like out of focus effects and high-resolution panoramic view make this app a top choice for photography freaks. You won’t be feeling the need for tons of effects and filters as the app takes too good pics to edit

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8. DSLR Zoom Camera:

Get Ultra Full HD DSLR images through this free camera app for Android in just one second. Impressive shutter speed and jaw-dropping HDR result images will make your download worth it. Tilt-shifts, HDR effects, zooming effects, various filters and edits are only a few features that we can name here; there are tons of other DLSR features available in the app that you can explore only after your download it.

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9. Manual Camera:

We all know our fascination for free products; but you will have to agree that paid ones have better quality features. You won’t regret buying this camera app for Android as it gives way better quality images even after editing. Make sure your device is compatible with the software before downloading. Almost all of its features like shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation can be manually controlled. And the cherry on the cake? Superfast shutter speed and full auto mode!

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10. Camera Zoom FX:

You are gonna love this app for sure! Free to download, supported by over 100 devices, Manual controls, fast shutter speed, ISO, time lapse, focus distance, tons of effects and filters, stable shots, multiple flash modes and the list goes on. The app has got a 4-star rating on Google Play store and people have got really good reviews about it. Just one demerit; it’s a paid app and even though it has got a free version it is not that good. But once you buy the pro version, I am pretty sure you are not gonna regret it.

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11. A Better Camera:

Looking for an Android camera app that has got it all? A better camera is an impressive camera application that covers a wide range of video and image editing features in addition to camera features. HDR pics, Panorama shots with 360 degree view up to 100 Mpix, multi-shots, night mode, focus and expo metering, time stamp, manual controls of various features etc.

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12. Camera 360:

It has won the Best App of 2016 on Google Play in many countries and there is no doubt about why. The selfie camera and the beauty edits of the app are one of a kind. There are various customizable filters, cartoon effects, funny stickers, anime sky, motion sticks, photo collage and grid, are some of the feature highlights of the app. Apart from the classic filters like any other camera app would offer, this one offers some live filters too.

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13. Footej Camera:

With an impressive rating of 4.3 stars, this is one of the best applications to orchestrate your photo taking skills. Talk about editing features and they all are right here. Burst mode, animated GIF, RAW format, snapshot during videos, manual control over focus and exposure, selfie light, panorama mode and many more. And the best part is it retains the quality of the image to the fullest with all the animated stickers and GIFs in high resolution.

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14. Snap Camera HDR:

Experience out of the world HDR camera experience with Snap Camera HDR. The app has tons of features like silent shutter, burst mode, self-timer, stable shot, grid lines, first picture mode, flash mode, and many more. What makes it stands out of the rest is anti-banding, scene detection, format and codec, enhanced details of image, vignette, denoise. It is one of the best camera app for Android that you can find in Playstore.

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15. Camera 2:

it has all the usual camera editing features like the rest mentioned in the list. But what makes it different is the vintage themes and effects. You can make your pics look like they are taken in the 20s, 30s up until the present generation. Try sci-fi edits, comic and sketches, out of focus or depth of field edits and many more fascinating features of the app and you are never gonna regret buying the app.

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16. Retrica:

This Android camera app must have made into every teenager’s phone. Too-good-to-describe-in-words edits and filters, instant collage, fun edits, stickers, doodle text, and what not. You can also upload your images directly to Facebook and Twitter after editing through the app itself. The app has got 4.3 stars in Google Play store and if you go through the reviews, you will find almost all of them are in praises of the app.

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17. ProShot:

This may not the app for you if you are in search of good free stuff as it is a paid app. But the app is worth paying for. Zero-lag bracket exposure, full resolution shoot, live histogram, manual focus assist, robust bracketing options, and the list is too long to be mentioned. The app captures 4K (3840×2160) quality video and allows real-time audio inputs.

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We hope the above-mentioned applications meet your expectations. If you use any of them do not forget to give in your reviews in our comment section. You can also try out some best Android music players if you are interested. We have the collection of the best ones!