Best Android live Wallpapers Collection With Download Link [20+]

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Wallpapers are something that speak a lot about you and your choices. You phone or laptop wallpapers often reflects your mood or your way of thinking. That is why, everyone has got a different choice of wallpapers. Most often we use wallpapers that are still. But the latest trend that has been going on is the usage of HD wallpapers on Mobile. They are somewhat different from the usual still ones that you use. We have collected some of the best Android live wallpapers that you can use in your laptop or mobile.

What is an Android live wallpaper?

Live wallpapers are slightly different from the regular still ones. It lies somewhat in between still wallpaper and a video. If you are confusing it with a screensaver, then let me clear your doubt…it is not a screensaver. It is a short video type running image that you can use as your wallpaper. You must have heard of live images or pictures that most of the modern cameras in smartphones can capture. Well, the live wallpaper is just a wallpaper version of such live images.

Best Android live Wallpapers



[appbox googleplay screenshots ]


There are various types of Android live wallpapers that you can find over the internet. We have gathered some of the most popular and attractive live Android wallpapers for you guys right here. Just download them and you can then easily use them to fire up your PC or phone screen.


[appbox googleplay com.style_7.analogclocklivewallpaper_7 screenshots ]

Among the best Android live wallpapers, the ones with abstract design are the most popular ones. But that’s not it…here is a list of all different varieties of live Android wallpapers that you can opt for:

[appbox googleplay com.wallpaper.livewallpaper.RaindropsLiveWallpaperHD8 screenshots ]


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[appbox googleplay screenshots ]


Abstract live Android wallpapers:

Abstract designs give a very sheek and edgy look to your phone or PC. If you want to give your system a high tech look then you should obviously go for the abstract live Android wallpapers.

[appbox googleplay com.teragon.nightsky.lite screenshots ]

Funny Android live wallpapers:

Funny ones just lift up your mood. They often involve sarcastic comments and reactions from popular TV or movie characters. You will often see MR Bean, Chandler from FRIENDS, Sponge bob square pants and many other in such funny live wallpapers. You can see them cracking jokes, passing sarcastic comments in the wallpapers.

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[appbox googleplay com.wallpapers.emojilwp screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.kklivewallpaper.funnycat screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.energylivewallpapers.funnylivewallpapers screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.crazy.fundance.animallivewallpaper screenshots ]


Nature related live wallpapers:

If you are a nature lover, then you can go for the wallpapers that are nature related. With stunning backdrops and soothing shots of nature, these type of live Android wallpapers will make you fall in love with them. The ones with scenic mountain backdrops and the ones with trees swaying in the Autumn winds are one of the most sought-after Android live wallpapers that people use for their PCs and mobiles.

[appbox googleplay com.GalaxyS5JunglePRO screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.doubledragonbatii.Acva screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.teragon.skyatdawnlw.lite screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.submad.autumn screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.appbasic.naturelivewallpaper screenshots ]

[appbox googleplay com.blackbirdwallpapers.springnature screenshots ]

Others type of live wallpapers:

We have also gathered some other types of live Android wallpapers that you can try. Festival related, ones with cute babies, cute puppies etc…we have got them all.



We hope you like our collection of the best Android live wallpapers. If you have got some other type of wallpapers in mind, please give your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

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