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The meme is short for greek word meme which means imitated thing.Richard Dawkins defined meme in his book “The selfish gene”.Mainly meme is used to explain the way cultural information spreads. Nowadays These type of meme widely used for facebook comment. download our exclusive collection of Facebook Comment Picture of 2018.

There are certain catchphrases, dance moves, mania, and songs dominating our society and people seem to connect with the practice with heightened enthusiasm. This has almost resulted as a communicative medium that allows people (mostly youngsters) to jest with the subtle innuendos of inside jokes. Grumpy cat, Kermit, Bollywood, Donald Trump expressions have all accumulated under the meme category, and whether you like it or not, once the meme gets famous, it is impossible to take down.

What started as Facebook comment pictures resulted as an internet sensation, without which people have a hard time express themselves virtually.

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Where Did It Originate?

The idea of a meme started back in 1976 when Richard Dawkins, an English evolutionary biologist, said in his book, ‘The Selfish Gene’, that what would happen if ideas were like organisms that could breed and mutate. He claimed that these ideas were the basis of the human culture and that they were born in the brain.

In his book, he has argued that all life relies on replication, however, unlike the cells ideas do not depend on any chemical process to multiply. They spread themselves from one vessel to another and despite the appeal of the ideas; some might die in the process.

The ones that have the element of truth in them have a better chance of standing out and sustain themselves in the near future. Since Dawkins needed a term for this theory, he called it ‘mimeme’.

The Greek term meant, “That which is replicated”. He then later abbreviated the word to ‘meme’ because it was monosyllabically similar to the word ‘gene’.

How to Create Your Own Meme

There area 100 of websites which use to simply produce memes generated from already existing ones. All you wish to try with your own text and share with your friends.

Quickmeme Provide the quick way to generate the meme

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Memegenerator Used For Add Caption Above and Bottom

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The Propagation of the Meme Craze

The practice of using internet meme is a propagation in itself, which allows the fad to extend its reach over time by replication, repetition, parody or by using them in the news accounts. Facebook comment pictures are currently the most eminent platform that propagates memes and the more relatable it is, the more followers a particular meme is likely to achieve.

Facebook comment pictures are often inspired by pop culture reference, current economic or political situations or some vague internet story. As long as the meme is relatable and carries a charming inside joke with it, the meme gets propagated instantaneously.

How is the Survival of a Meme Affected?

Studies and a survey have intensively researched on the behavior and characteristics of Facebook comment pictures or memes before concluding the fact. It shows that memes are constantly competing with each other for viewer attention for not resulting itself in having a shorter life. Whereas there are memes, which collaborate their individual creativity to gain a better chance at survival.

An even intriguing study has found that comment pictures, which are tweaked in user creativity and the idea of a ‘dank meme’ fade out even after significant publicity while others (not so creative ones) up their survival rate by collaborating with other comment pictures. Thus, it concludes that viewers prefer to see newer combinations of the meme to newer meme ideas. Nonetheless, the constant replication of creative meme ideas is the reason why some memes fade out eventually.