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What is a craigslist? Have you ever looked-for jobs, items to sell, services, community etc. online? Craigslist is the one that will give you all the answers. It is an American website that showcases classified ads on various sectors like jobs, marketing, housing, personals etc. Viewing the list is free but if you want to post an ad then you need to pay for it to the company. For ease, Craigslist posting software has been designed which automatically posts your ads in the list. We have got the hard part covered by gathering some of the best Craigslist auto posting softwares. 

A brief about Craigslist…

Founded in the year 1995 by Craig Newmark, the concept of Craigslist spread like wildfire. Initially, the ads were posted in English only. But later it expanded to other languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and German. At the moment, over 570 cities in 70 countries have their Craigslist sites.


With over 20 billion page views per month, Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world. Over 80 million new advertisements pop up every month in the list.


13 best Craigslist posting software:


1. Craigslist Posting Software:

Most of the Craigslist auto posting softwares come with a lifetime subscription cost but this one can be paid for on a daily basis. You can post numerous ads per day at a mere price of $2.66 per day. The tool offers a campaign manager which manages all your ads and you can see the status of each of your advertisement.

Now you can easily post your ads across hundreds of bulletins ad keep a track of viewers and reposts through this amazing auto ad posting software.


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2. Crayzilla:

Supporting multiple businesses across the globe, Crayzilla’s database includes top-notch bulletins like Craigslist, eBay, Backpage etc. It automatically generates your Hotmail, Gmail, and Craigslist accounts and takes care of the IP Management. Its content spinning feature creates unique ads every time and posts them across popular cities. You can also set it to clear up your cache and cookies in the browser.

You can easily manage you calendar scheduling for each of your ads and posts and it also takes care of reposting and renewing your classifieds as you want.

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3. ASN Auto-Posting Tool:

One of the most comprehensive Craigslist posting software is the ASN Auto Posting Tool. Available for Windows systems, the ASN Auto Posting Tool keeps posting your ads depending upon your inventory size, the number of cities, and the time consumed in posting the ad each day.

You just have to create the ad, choose the cities in which you want to promote or circulate the ad and the tool does the rest of the job.

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4. CLAD Blaster:

Available for Sale, Automotive, Real Estate, Gigs and Services, the CLAD Blaster gives justification to its name. Posting your ads manually in different Craigslists and then taking a note of ad renewal, flagging and ghosting can drive you crazy.

But CL AD Blaster does the tough part for you by renewing your ads every 48 hours and circulating them around various cities’ CL in a 72-mile radius.

It runs 24/7 and keeps reposting your ads till your property or item is sold off.

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5. Craigslist Quick Poster:

Apt for small businesses, this free Craigslist posting software can make your very popular among CL listings. It is fast and easy to operate. Just fill in the text, headings, location and email address and the tool keeps posting your ads across Craigslist of multiple locations.

It supports real estate ads improves your visibility in various bulletins.

6. Craigslist Auto Posting Software:

Planning to sell off your property? Or do you have job vacancy in your company and you want to post ads about it? Craigslist Auto Posting Software can do the job for you. You can increase the number for clients for your company and post multiple ads across different locations using this Craigslist posting software.

It will take your company’s marketing to a whole new level. Facebook posting, flagging, auto-renewing of ads, PayPal linking is all taken care by the Craigslist auto posting software.

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7. CraigsList Auto Ad Poster:

Fuel up your Craigslist visibility with the help of Craigslist Auto Ad Poster. It has a 10 days free trial with 10 free ad posts. Priced at $67, it is a blessing for people who want to sell off their properties. Put up an ad in Craigslist through Craigslist Auto Ad Poster and make your property ads visible across bulletins of multiple locations.

It supports Windows operating system and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2 in the system.

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8. Craigslist Bot Pro:

Now you can easily automate your personal and business online advertising in a few clicks with the help of Craigslist Bot Pro app. The app offers a free trial period of 25 days but after that, you have to pay $65 for further service.

It is very small in size, but don’t judge the app by its size! It is a very impressive Craigslist auto posting software. Post multiple ads on real estate, marketing, job offers etc. using this tool.

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9. Craigslister eAssistant:

This Craigslist posting software has earned very good reviews from various users. It offers various templates, Captcha Bypassing, YouTube support, Multiple accounts, User-friendly interface and tons of other features that make it a favorite among small and middle-sized businesses.

Though people have also complained about slow posting speed and annoying pop-ups, yet it posts an ad across 361 cities within 30-60 minutes.


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10. CLAD Genius Software:

Literally a genius in its purpose, the CLAD Genius Software can place your ads across multiple bulletins in Craigslist, eBay, and BackPage. You can create accounts on Hotmail, CL and Gmail and start posting your ads across various classifieds. The Craigslist auto posting software renews your ads frequently and creatively to avoid getting flagged or ghosting.

Along with the software, you also get a scheduling tool which helps you decide how often and when to post an ad on which sites.

11. AdPlotter:

With over 400 classified advertisement sites in its database, AdPlotter is one of the finest Craigslist Posting Softwares that you can find. Create your ad and use AdPlotter to post it across multiple classifieds to garner more viewers and customers for your business.

It keeps renewing your ads across high traffic sites and improves your visibility across Craigslist listings. And the best part about it? it is a free Craigslist posting software!

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12. Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility:


Auto ad posting softwares might be creating multiple ads and posting them over various bulletins across the globe but how do you ensure that your ad is views more than the others? Most of the ads you can find in CL are black and white and they look dull.

But Craigslist Classifies Ad Posting Utility is going to give you creative and multi-color eye-catching ads that people just can’t ignore. The in-built editing tools will help you add your special touch to your ad.

It can store up to 200 ads in its ad repository and it also has sample ads which can be used as templates for beginners.

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13. ESC ADPoster:

Specifically designed for Windows systems, the ESC AD Poster is an automatic ad posting tool. It is used to post multiple ads in various bulletins and Craigslist. With a database of more than 300 bulletins, you can reach a very wide audience for your ads and posts.

The app is very easy to use and is very efficient in managing the mailing process for each of the bulletins. Choose appropriate section, create your ad, put in the contacts and text information, and start the posting process. You can submit unlimited ads and ESC ADPoster posts your ad under multiple Craigslists across various locations.

It has a 15 days trial period and after that, you have to pay $98 for further usage.

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Gone are those days when people used to post each and every ad manually across different bulletins and classifieds. It was time taking and very hectic to keep a track of all your ads and making sure that they don’t get flagged due to duplicity. Ghosting of ads is another problem that people come across while posting ads.

The above-mentioned software are efficient enough to ensure that these problems don’t happen anymore. Business without Craigslist Posting software is just impossible to imagine now.

We hope the above listed Craigslist Posting software will help you improve the marketing of your business. Use them to sell off your properties to the best parties.

Craigslist includes such wide-ranging ads and offers that you just can’t access anywhere else. No doubt it is one of the most popular websites in the world.

Though we have listed the best ones we could find, yet we are always open to suggestions. If you have come across any other auto ad posting software or tool, do mention them in the comments section below.