Founder Of Youtube Chad Hurley,Steve Chen and Javed Karim

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YouTube is a household name today. Almost everyone in the world is using this media portal as a means to share their videos and multimedia content with the entire world. The website is so popular that it has catapulted people to stardom whose videos became popular on the website. A Google subsidiary, it is in the top 10 websites in the Alexa ratings since the advent of the website and has consistently retained its ranking.

Founder Of Youtube:

YouTube was conceived by PayPal employees who left the company to start their own enterprise.
Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim came up with the idea of the website at Chen’s home when the friends realized that they were experiencing difficulties to share the videos which they shot at a party before, on the internet.

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed KarimFounder Of Youtube

This seemingly common problem made the innovative minds of these three friends to think about creating a video sharing website. The initial idea of the website was to be made into an online dating service intended to have video introductions of the potential dating people.


Growth and Success:

Started as a startup venture with an initial funding of roughly 12 million dollars, YouTube quickly became an internet sensation and became increasingly popular every passing year. It is said that in 2007 YouTube used the same amount of bandwidth as the entire internet used in the year 2000. This gives us a rough idea of the volume of videos and people viewing those videos on the site. In the year 2006 the company had announced that about 65,000 unique videos were uploaded each day on the website and total views on the website were a 100 million every day.

This unprecedented success attracted the attention of various companies towards YouTube and finally it was bought by the Internet behemoth “Google” at an estimated price of 1.7 billion dollars. The buyout of the website ensured that YouTube will grow leaps and bounds as it was now backed by the most powerful internet company in the world who had the best resources and enough capital to ensure the growth rate of the website and the demand of bandwidth would be matched easily

YouTube Today And Tomorrow:

Today YouTube hosts entire episodes of shows from various television channels. It has exclusive channels for music artists who publish their music videos and exclusive content HD material on the website for the viewing of people. Videos which have gone “viral”, that is extremely popular have brought newfound fame. For example Psy, a relatively unknown artist from Korea is now a worldwide phenomenon due to his music video “Gangnam Style” which was the first video in the history of the internet to cross 1 billion video views

Facts And Figures About YouTube:

  • 1)YouTube is currently one of the largest bandwidth hogs on the internet.
  • 2)Similar to Google every year YouTube posts an April Fools video as a prank to its user base.
  • 3)The time that is spent on watching YouTube videos is equivalent to the total time that is there in the duration of 149 years.
  • 4)YouTube and its rival the movie and show streaming website NetFlix use up half the bandwidth of the entire United States of America every single day.
  • 5)More than 34th of the traffic on YouTube comes from outside the United States.
  • 6)About 10-15% of the video content on YouTube is now available in HD format for the viewers.
  • 7)The YouTube mobile platform has now crossed the mark of more than a 100 million views per day.
  • 8)The total duration of the videos which were uploaded in the year 2010 are said to be equivalent to 200,000 full length movies every week hitting the theatres.

YouTube is now a crucial part of the internet and is a self sustained internet entertainment portal with immense potential to grow as well as to provide people with an excellent social platform to put forth the skills for the entire world to see.

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