10 iphone app to record phone calls Including Free & Paid Version

Call recording in phones becomes important and must require feature nowadays. It helps in so many ways to all and must important it is required for safety purposes as well. Call recording features in the Android phones comes preinstalled from manufacturers during the manufacturing itself. But this feature is missing with the Apple I Phones. In I phone there is no option of call recording available to record the calls. For this, you have to depend on the Iphone app to record phone calls available in IOS for recording the calls incoming as well as outgoing calls.

Note:-Before using the call recording on app check the rules and regulations of your country. There are different rules and regulations to record the calls.

There are two types of call recording apps available for the iPhone.

Method 1 :- to record phone calls

The first type of app record calls on the third party server and access with your credentials. Whereas the second type of apps records the app to the iPhone itself. To use the first type of the apps you have to make the calls to the numbers who are using the apps for recording the calls before making the app to another party.

The third-party server is being used in this system to record the calls and you can access the recordings inline through your registered accounts.

Method 2 :- to record phone calls

In the second type of system, you have to depend on the VOIP app to make outgoing calls and the app record the calls directly into your phone memory. There is no third party involved in this system but the calls should make through the wifi or 3g/4g networks. In both methods, you have the choice to download the recordings to PC or even upload to the cloud drives. You can select the best call recorder app according to your requirements.

Here is the list of apps which are available on IOS. You have to install the app in I phone then you will be ready to start the app for recording the both calls incoming and outgoing.

1. TapeACall Pro

This is one of best Iphone app to record phone calls. It records both the incoming and outgoing calls. There is no limit of call recording time and call time in this app. You can make calls and record the calls as much long as you want to do. There is a nominal fee you have to pay for using the app with which you can record the calls as much as you want.

To make the life of call recording you have to make a 3-way call and the recording will start as soon as you hang up the phone. In this app, you can transfer the recorded calls from the TapeAcall server to the new devices download to your computer or you can upload the calls to the dropbox or the google drive as well.

The app records all the data in the server and charges one time to the user.


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2. Call recorder Intcall:-

This call recorder app allows to you iPhone call to your phone itself. It has good features that the with its automatic call recording system the calls save to phone itself instead to save another third party server.You have to buy this app for recording the calls and this apps charges you per minute rates to record the calls. To record the calls you have to make calls from the app directly.

The call will be recorded when you do the calls from the app. You can play the recorded calls on the phone. You can also set the titles for each call after you have synchronised your phone with pc. It has a unique feature that you don’t need to install a sim card in the phone if you have good internet service.

With that feature, you can make the calls with the help of the app. There are no additional charges impacts your bill because of calls are made from the app directly.

The calls are made via recorder VOIP server and you can record both national and international calls. It records only the outgoing calls only on the phone memory.

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3. No Notes:-

Users can record any calls with the help of noted call recording app. It has the limitations to use in the areas of North America and the UK only and allow the recording of calls with any length. You need to make an account in the app and signup to start the using app.

You can record inbound and outbound calls once you make an account and can send the files for transcriptions. It comes up with the feature of recording the call 20minutes free every month and options to purchase if needed more.

You can share all calls on social media platforms such as Facebook and can send through the email if required to share the recorded calls.

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4. Call Recorder Pro:-

It is very useful to make a recording of both the calls incoming and outgoings. It gives you the feature to download the recordings and share it with via Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox. With this app, you have to buy the credits for using the three-way calling to record the calls on their servers.

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5. Call Log Pro:- Best to make notes for each call

This app is designed in a way that it works on the wifi networks. To use this app you have to make an account in the app with the email. Then after to use the recording feature you have signup with the help of email and password.

You can start this feature by making a call from the app. Once you make the call the call the app directly save the recording to on your phone in the ‘Call Log ‘section of the app.

In call log, the recordings are organizes with the date, time and length and the number or contact you have to make the call. You can rename the recordings. You can send the recording through the email.

This app charges you on the basis per minute of recording. 

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6. Google Voice:- Only Available on US

This is free service which is provided by Google for those who want to record calls for just fun and for a short timeThis is the call recorder for iphone without internet.There are some limitations to this app because this is a free service from Google.

It allows recording only incoming calls no outgoing calls are allowed to record in this service. With this app, you record the calls to google voice number that is later forward to your iPhone or Android.

The maximum recording time is allowed with google voice up to 3 hours.

As this service is free from the google hence there is no need of an app to record the calls. Just you have to set up the google voice service with your Google account before starting the services to record the call.

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7. Call recorder Unlimited:-

Call recorder is similar to the app Tape a call pro. The app is using a similar three-way system to record the calls. It prices its services at the same price as offered by the app TapeAcall. It looks like the in display the data as well in a similar way to the Tape A calling app.

It allows the recordings to cloud storages and shares them using a variety of means of social media. It is the best app to use for recording the calls on the iPhone.It comes with the features to upload the recordings on the social media networks as well.

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8. iRec Recorder

This app lets you record both the incoming and outgoing calls as well. It also allows you to make the outgoing calls on the cheapest rates This app cost you on a monthly bases or yearly bases.

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9. Call recorder lite:-

Call recorder is Lite is a free app which lets you record both calls incoming or outgoing. Three-way calls system used in this app as used in other apps to make the calls and record the calls. The app will first dial the recording number and once it is connected then after you can dial the number which wants to dial. It serves the other features include the ability to upload the recordings to google drive or drop box.

This is a free call recorder for iphone India and lets you record the unlimited calls but it allows you to listen to the recordings only for 60 seconds.

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10. Call Recorder App:-

Call Recorder for iPhone is another app which works great when you need to record your calls incoming and outgoing. It gives you the quality voice recording and with clean voices from both sides conversations, you have made during your calls. It uses a conference call system to start the recording of your calls.

You need to call from inside of the app to make the recordings when you required to record for any person.

In this app, once you call a person using the app you have to wait for a few seconds until there is an option of call merge not enables. Once it is available you have to tap on the button of merge the call then after the recording of the call will be started. It gives you the clear visual clue with showing the recording time so that you know the call is being recorded actually. It is available by paying on the basis of monthly or on the bases of yearly.

You even do not require to have a sim card to use this app. It works on the network 3g/4g or on the wifi to make the calls and record the calls. This app is allowed to deliver high-quality services with the options to share calls on different social media apps, emails, cloud storage, and more.

It charges on the every minute base you make the recordings. The price can vary according to the use of the app. It is one of the best apps for iPhone to make recordings of call.

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All these apps are available on the iPhone app stores and can be downloaded for the use. Some apps required to pay for availing the services but some apps are free to avail the services. You have to choose the app according to your requirements and needs to record the calls.

In some of the countries, the recording is illegal that is why the apple is not offering the recording services. For recording the calls you have to see the rules and regulations of the countries in which you are leaving currently and using the iPhone services.So of the apps are allowing to record the recordings directly to the iPhone and some are using the third party services to record the calls.

You have to choose the app wisely with all considerations in the mind related to your requirements. The recordings which you have saved in the cloud or iPhone directly can be available for transfer as well. You can transfer these files through the emails or can be uploaded with the help of Facebook also.


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