8 Best Free Online Text Message Bomber For Iphone & Android

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Though we rarely talk over SMS or offline texting nowadays, still they can be fun sometimes. Those were the days when things were all simple and conveying short messages through texts was a big thing. But now that online messaging has taken over the SMS trend, people have almost forgotten the fun of offline messaging or Short Messaging Services. The latest trend has brought back people’s attention towards SMS and it is called SMS Bombing. There are several free online text message bomber available online, but only a few of them work effectively. So, choose genuine working SMS bombers from our site.

What is SMS Bombing?

SMS Bombing is an all-new trend of prank messaging in which a particular message gets repeated a multiple numbers of times. Generally, when you send a message to a person, it is sent just once. But with SMS bombing the fun is, the message gets sent multiple numbers of times. You can easily scare the shit out of your friend by using this technique.

An SMS Bomber or a text message bomber is basically a software program which duplicates a particular message a multiple numbers of times and sends it to a friend as a prank. Naturally, it will be quite annoying for someone to receive a message a numerous number of times and voila! Your friend got pranked!

SMS Bomber is a software or program that is specifically designed depending upon the Operating system. That means an SMS bomber made for Android phone won’t work on Windows phones or iPhones. Every OS has got its respective SMS Bombing software. So while downloading the software be careful; download the respective software of SMS bombing.

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Here is a list of some of the best online text bomber that you can easily use to prank your friends:


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1. SMS Bomber (Cydia): Best SMS Bomber For iPhone 2017

The Cydia SMS Bomber is one of the best SMS Bomber for iPhones. It helps you to generate multiple numbers of text messages by sending the same message again and again to your friend. In the world of social media messaging, SMS Bombing is like a breath of fresh air which can be used to prank your friend. We have jotted down the steps of installing the bomber on your phone. Please follow the below mentioned steps to get SMS Bomber installed on your phone:

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber

Please follow the below mentioned steps to get SMS Bomber installed on your phone:

  1. Add source xsellize.com (repo) to your Cydia.
  2. Search for SMS bomber in Cydia
  3. Install the software in your phone
  4. After installing the application, go to message
  5. Select Contact
  6. Go to SB Settings
  7. Select SMS Bomber App
  8. Enter the value of the number of messages you want your friend to receive. The message sent will be repeated the number of times you mention here.
  9. Go back to message
  10. Hit send button

There you go! SMS Bomber (Cydia) is now loaded in your phone. You can easily flood up your friend’s phone with multiple messages.

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2.SMS Flooder (Cydia) 

One of the most widely preferred online SMS flooder sites is the SMS Bomber site by Techcrack.net. It is a very simple site and has got an easy to understand user interface. You can send up to 900 SMSs at a time to a person. There is no lagging in sending the messages. You just have to enter the contact number in the specific tab of the site and enter the message. Then as soon as you hit the send button, the message is going to be sent to the entered number more than 900 times.

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber

Some of the limitations of the site is that it sends messages only to Indian numbers. You can’t flood the inbox of your friend who lives outside India. Also, after you send multiple SMSs to your friend, chances are you might get blocked by the person out of fear of losing privacy.

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Though it has got not many limitations, it is a very fun site to use. And the best part of the site is that it is absolutely free to use for as many numbers you want to send messages to. No need to register or sign in; just open the link and prank your friends through SMS flooding. Techtrack.net is truly one of the best online SMS flooder sites that you can opt for.

3. SMS bomber

Till date, this text bomb website has got one of the highest numbers of users all over India. It is one of the most easy-to-use and simple free text bomb sites that can be used to send multiple SMSs to your friend or any family member to play a prank on them.

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber



It is very easy to use to flood your friend’s inbox with over 500 messages.

  1. Just open the site.
  2. 2 tabs pop up.
  3. Enter the contact number to whom you want to prank through multiple messages in the first tab.
  4. Enter the number of the message you want to send to your friend in the second tab.
  5. Hit the send or bomb button.
  6. Your messages are sent to the desired person now.



Though in comparison to the other free online text message bomber this site offers way less number of messages, it has got one other exciting feature that can easily make it a popular than the rest. This SMS Flooding site also has a feature in which you can give multiple missed calls to your friend. This feature is way more exciting and funny than SMS flooding as people get more tensed when they receive multiple calls from unknown numbers.




The site has got two tabs. In the first tab you need to enter the number to which you want to send the messages. In the send tab you have to enter the number of SMSs or missed calls you want the person to get. This easy to use yet ‘hatke’ text bomber website is gainig wide popularity for its missed call feature.

5. SMS-bomber

File Summary + Labels Uploaded Size
SMSBomber-v1.1.apk improve UI, update Anti SMS Bomber link  Featured Nov 23, 2011 137.05KB
SMSBomber-V1.0.apk Improve speed, contact picker  Featured Aug 31, 2011 143.51KB
SMSBomberV0.94.apk SMS Bomber 0.94  Featured Jun 3, 2011 124.74KB
SMSBomber0.93.apk SMS Bomber 0.93  Featured  Type-Package Jan 11, 2011 143.37KB
SMSBomber0.92.apk SMS Bomber 0.92  Type-Package  Deprecated Jan 5, 2011 142.02KB
SMSBomber091.apk SMS Bomber 0.91  Type-Package  Deprecated Dec 30, 2010 117.49KB


6.Message Bomber -send 5000+ SMS

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber

By using this application you can send a message at multiple times across 5000+ times in just a few clicks Intervals. Message bomber means a bunch of repeatedly same message.This bunch proceeds by this application in few steps and you can send this bunch to your free shareable resources.

Download Link

7. TXT Blast

TXT Blast is simply an SMS bomber app. This app would enable the user to send multiple SMS using your default operator rates.

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber

So the basic idea is to enable the user to send more than one text messages by just one click. Remember our app will use your default texting app. You can view your messages in your default text messaging app. By using this app standard charges apply. If you are having the free message by your operator then no charges will apply.

Download Link

8. SMS Blast

Free Online Text Message Bomber
Free Online Text Message Bomber


Blast your sms from your phone using your network provider. Sms charges is cutting from main balance Or as per sms pack Given by network provider.

Download Link

We hope you like our suggestions on Free online text message bombers. Do give your comments below of how you feel about them.

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