How To Remove Write Protection From Pendrive Or USB

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Sometimes, pen drives or memory cards get Write-Protected,i.e.You can’t copy the info within the drive unless you Remove the write-protection of the drive or card. Remove Write protection could have enabled attributable to any virus gift on your system that will have corrupted the register files.

I had a pen drive which show me write protection problem.In this article i will tell you how to remove the write protection from pen drive or memory card.

How To Remove This Error

Step 1) Start Menu > Run > cmd.exe


Remove Write Protection


Step 2)Write Diskpart


Remove Write Protection


Step 3)Now Write list disk with space


Remove Write Protection



Step 4) Now Select Your disk which have write protection problem


Remove Write Protection


Now Write Protection Problem is Removed


Enjoy with this cool trick and you can also change any pen drive or memory card into write protection mode with this trick. Simple select the disk and Attributes is set to read onlyIf you have any problem then tell me using comment section.