Founder Of Samsung Lee Byung Chul

The Three Stars founder- Lee Byung Chul:It may amaze you but the phrase Three Stars stands for brand Samsung. The renowned Samsung group was founded and established by the genius man Lee Byung Chul who had done a great favor to the world by giving birth to this brand. To more about him, continue reading this article which is a tribute to this great man for his commendable work.

From dreams to reality by Founder Of Samsung

Lee Byung- Chul is the founder of the Samsung groups, one of the topmost and dignified brands of the world. He was from a well-to-do family and was keenly interested in technology. Though he attended the college at the Waseda University in Tokyo, but couldn’t complete his degree.

Founder Of Samsung

  • It was in the year 1938 when he founded the Samsung group at the Taegu in Korea
  • and in the year 1953 became the founder of the Cheil Sugar which became very profitable for him as well to the country’s economy.
  • He contributed a lot to his national’s economy and thus was awarded many titles and reward.
  • Today Samsung is not only known as the largest business group in South Korea but is among the top most brands of the world.
  • And the credit for this huge success goes to this man whose hard work made his dreams come true.
  • The world is proud of him and for the work he has done in the field of technology.


Unprecedented economic growth

This great and intelligent man is responsible for creating a remarkable history of South Korea. He changed his country economic success from a nation lacking economic prospects into one of world’s major and strongest economies. The year 1938 when Lee started this company marked the turning point of the country’s economy.

This company was known for its exports and imports of various alcoholic beverages and other food stuffs. The company flourished with a bombarding success and thus was named as Samsung which actually means the “three stars”. The government supported him and the company blindly which later changed the picture of the world and especially South Korea.

The final destination

Lee became a superstar, a renowned and the most successful businessman of South Korea and of the world at large. He died in 1987 leaving the ownership to his son Lee Kun-Hee.



son of samsung founder


  • His son is known to have been highly educated, qualified and also graduated from the university that his father attended, The Waseda University.
  • The Samsung group has also been known for the family conflicts and issues taking place within the large family members but still managed to maintain the luster of the company’s reputation.
  • Today Samsung needs no introduction and is a worldwide name which has become an impeccable and inevitable brand with exemplary services for the people all across the globe


Lee was a shrewd, persistent, hard-working, determined, smart, ruthless and an intelligent man who became the father of the modern Korean economy and is remembered for his commendable work and immense contribution in the field of technology and will always be remembered.

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