Founder Of Ebay:Pierre Omidyar Why He Build Ebay

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We all have must heard a lot about eBay which is actually the renowned online auction website. But have you got any idea regarding its founder? He was Pierre Omidyar who gave this world this precious piece of software. The company is very successful today and has generated more than $750 million by the end of 1998. Let us know more about this famous personality and pay regards for the commendable work he has done.

Founder Of Ebay Introduction To Technology

  • This great man, famous entrepreneur and a well known philanthropist was born in the year 1967 on 21st June in Paris, France.

Founder Of Ebay

    • Pierre was a sincere student, interested in computers from his early childhood and is known to have written his first program at the age of 14 years.
    • He took his graduation from the Tufts University in the year 1998 in computer science stream and then made up his mind to work for a company that developed Macintosh software.
    • It was in the coming years when he worked for the Apple subsidiary Claris which was later purchased by Microsoft.

The Real Success of Ebay

    • He succeeded with the launch of eBay which is considered to be the multi billion dollar online auction company that has defined the real meaning of e-commerce.

Founder Of Ebay

  • It was her girl friend who indirectly motivated him to create such a tremendous piece of software.She actually commented on the lack of fellow collectors in an area of San Francisco and it was then when he suggested in using internet to find some trading partners.
  • Just to assist her in this work he posted page called the auction web and later worked upon it to make it what it is called as eBay today.
  • The famous forbes magazine estimated Omidyar’s present worth at $3.6 billion, an impossible amount for half of the world
  • The site became so successful that several sellers and buyers were attracted to it and made huge investments which actually doubled eBay. Ten years after it has gained popularity this company has expanded all across the world in more than 30 countries and employing 15000 and more customers.


    Ebay Green team

    Founder Of Ebay


    A Remarkable Philanthropist

  • After having created the popular auction website eBay he still remained rooted up to his values.
  • Even after earning much more than a normal man can dream he never changed his attitude and remained humble.
  • In the last decade he donated $1 billion for charity which is not a small amount to be earned and to be donated too. But he and his wife decided to do so for the sake of the needy people who have nothing other than their life to live.
  • For this exceptionally high donation he was awarded a Carnegie medal of Philanthropy award too. He also has started numerous associations and groups for uplifting the poor and the needy people all across the globe.
  • Thus this great man was applauded and will always be appreciated and remembered for his commendable contribution. Apart from this, the world also pays tribute to him for being a gem of a person.