22 Best Open Source Stock Trading Software In 2021

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In today’s digital era, trading and investing is not technical stuff anymore. And even the ordinary people now can trade.

Well, if you are wondered that how can that be possible, then this article is only for you. Here you would get a detailed guide on the open-source stock trading software.

So, let’s dive in for more details to get your trading journey started without any further delays.


What Are Trading Software Applications And Their Benefits

Trading software applications are such type of tools that impart the knowledge of trading to the people. It is a decade-old thing that trading was remarked as professional work.

And only the professionals having knowledge about the stock market and shares invest in them. Because of this, trading was a strenuous and limited activity for ordinary people.

But now, digitalization has changed nearly the whole world. So as the trading system. Now with the help of trading software, one can get knowledge about the stock market and shares.

These tools are designed to make the people aware of the trading system. They don’t offer trading opportunities but instead educate on how to trade.

It presents an analysis-oriented picture of trading in front of the users. And that is why they are called technical analysis software.

These applications provide the tools because of which you can research and analyze. Of course, this research and analysis is about trading and every related aspect of it.

It makes you familiar with the past and present performances of the companies. It also educates on live stock updates. With that, it also gives you recommendations on which stock you buy or not.

These apps provide tools that offer tutorials on trading. In addition, they give features that make you a pro in trading even without investing your single penny.

Benefits Of Trading Software

With these software applications, you can test your skills and improve. You can also learn from them and get recent updates.

Trading is not a course syllabus that can be learned from any institution. Instead, it is a practise based concept that can be improved through trials.

But that is risky and costs your savings. So, with these apps, you can save all your money and improve your skills too.

These applications provide you with a recent update on the stock market. They notify you of any changes in the stock market. They also update their applications with the changes in the market.

So, in a nutshell, these trading software apps are a great way to learn trading without investment.


22 Best Trading Software Applications

Now, if you are impressed with the advantages of trading software and want to use them. Then you are at the right place where you get the list of the best trading software apps.

1.      Masterswift 2.0 Masterswift Open Source Stock Trading Software

  • The first place of our list is grabbed by this tool with built-in trading tools for tracking derivatives. In addition, this tool offers you charting tools and technical indicators used for analysis.
  • It is the most trusted application by professional traders, investors and bankers. And gives the information about the history of trading, its fundaments and the market.
  • For efficient trading, it has to buy sell signal. This signal supports interactive dividends. And with detailed charts on earnings reflecting key financial data.
  • A better assessment of pricing patterns and stock prices offers financial data charts and dividend adjustment charts.

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2.    Metatrader 4 Software Metatrader 4 Software

  • If you are looking for the tool best in forex trading and technical analysis, here you are. This tool is best for forex trading and financial market analysis.
  • It has plenty of features sufficient for automating trading. This one tool can handle all your trading activities with automated functions.
  • Here you can find flexible trading, undertaking technical analysis and algorithmic trading. It offers mobile trading with trading signals.
  • All these features are paired up with other technical analysis tools. They enable the trader to understand the forex traders and financial markets. You can also analyze currency pairs in this app.

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3.    RichLiveTrade 

  • This application is best for the Indian share market. So with that, it has commodity, currency and stock markets.
  • It has a well-trained team of trainers, which develops an understanding and analysis skill in the users. This tool is designed specifically for buy sell signals for Indian markets.
  • What makes it different from others is the fact that it provides a profit package. In this package, by learning the basics of trading, you can earn profit from it too.
  • Here you get the best technical analysis and charts of stock markets. Not only that, but you also analyze the stocks, currency and commodity markets.
  • It will also inform you about your changing profit ratio. So that you can work on your trading strategies.

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4.      MotiveWave 

  • The main hesitation of the new folks is the complexity of trading. This makes them step back to try trading.
  • But with this tool, that is not a problem anymore. In this application, trading becomes as easy as a piece of cake that everyone can enjoy.
  • Here you get many features such as strategy trading, replay mode and scanner. Not only this, but you get replay mode, optimization, backtesting, and trade stimulation.
  • All these features together manage your trading activities, making it super easy for you.

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5.      Investar investarindia

  • This application is superb for day trading and swing trading NSE stocks. It offers auto–divergence and mutual funds scan also.
  • Here you can manage the portfolios and can analyze the Indian stock market. In the Indian stock market, NSE, BSE, NSE F&O, MCX and NCDEX are included.
  • It has multi–time frame query options which you can use. With these features, it has a trading option with the leading online brokers. This makes you learn a lot and improve your trading skills.

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6.      ECG Trade ecg trade

  • If you are complaining that chart guides are hard to understand. Then release your worry with this application.
  • Here you can easily understand the chart guides, which you can use for analysis. In this feature, you get simple charts of historical data.
  • To lower your risks in trading here, you can use striking trends and patterns. It makes you visualize all these data for better understanding.
  • With this tool even, the newcomer buy-sell with indicator signals. So this tool comes with real-time data. And it helps in managing equity for cash and shares market.
  • Here you can also get help for stock future options with Nifty call and put. It always keeps its data updated and offer currency and commodity backfill.

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7.      eSignaleSignal

  • its highlighting feature is the authentic charting feature for day trading. With all its charting and technical analysis, anyone can trade profitably.
  • It is represented by VIRATECH software, making it authorized. To check your trading strategies, you can use built-in backtesting and scanning.
  • This tool offers you real-time data from different international markets. With the help of this data, you can plan your trading strategies and execute the best out of them.
  • To ease your intraday trading, it has customizable and flexible charting options. So you can gather all the needed information for your international trading.

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8.      Sharekhan Trade Tiger

  • If you are looking for a swing trading signal for equities, indices and more. Then your wait is over with this application.
  • It is one of the best online trading software to access data from various exchanges. They include NSE and BSE, mainly with other exchange markets.
  • Here in this software, you get 24×7 hours of market news. And with international market watch paired with trading calls are awesome.
  • In this application, you also get information for MCX, NCDEX. And for mutual funds and IPO too. Moreover, you get graph studies and a user-defined alert setting for input stock price trigger in the app.

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9.      Spider Stock Market SoftwareSpider Stock Market Software

  • This application is best for real-time technical analysis for end of day. It is one of the leading trading application available out there.
  • Here you get the updated technical analysis for stock market trends. You can use all these data for making your trading strategies.
  • In this app, you also get modules for managing portfolios. All these features make trading profitable for you.
  • To help traders, it has built-in indicators and real-time data. With the help of these tools, you can predict the data accurately. This makes the analysis of stock movement simple.

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10.   Trader Guidetraderguide

  • It helps the traders with the best intraday trading strategies. This tool is made for stock trading analysis in India.
  • The tool is best known for offering accurate intraday signals. And here you get buy sell signals for the Bearish and Bullish market.
  • Here you can create and save drawings for your trading strategies. In them, you can include support, resistance, horizontal lines, with many others.
  • This application allows you to track your performance. With this feature, you can improve your trading skills.

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11.   AmiBroker IndiaAmiBroker India

  • If you are looking for portfolio backtesting software, then it is best for you. Here you get straightforward charts.
  • All these features ensure fast portfolio backtesting. For efficient optimization, it has scoring and ranking. And custom backtesting helps others in effective optimization.
  • What makes it different from others is automating routine tasks. These tasks are coupled with a batch processor.
  • It is a powerful and easy to use software that is a must for trading.

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12.   Ninja TraderNinja Trader

  • It is a tool that helps active traders rapidly in managing expirations. This software offers trade management with predefined entry and exit points.
  • So, with this application, you can enjoy profits without any investment. To save time, it provides an analysis on market trends.
  • This helps traders in making strategies for trading. One of its unique features is to explore new trading options.
  • You can switch between automatic and manual trading tasks. It is customizable for Forex and futures.

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13.   VectorVest VectorVest

  • It is brilliant for independent investors who want to manage their stock portfolios. One of its unique tools is that it let the traders use time–tested trading strategies.
  • With these strategies, one can get the best stock recommendations. Its mobile version, you can analyze stock details anytime and anywhere.
  • Here in this application will get accurate entry and exit points. To get the genius investment opportunities rapidly, it has forced ranking.
  • For the best results, it offers fundamental analysis and market trend analysis. In this tool, you can deploy various trading strategies.

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14.   Algo TraderAlgo Trader

  • It is an algorithmic trading software to perform quantitative research. What makes it unique is its feature of using bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.
  • With these currencies, you can automate the trade. This tool is best for automatic trading with quantitative strategies.
  • These strategies are linked with derivative trading, equity markets and Forex. It is fully customizable for management and reporting.
  • You can adapt these custom settings for your trading activities. It has adapters for Bitstamp, Bitfinex and many others too.

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15.   Profit Source PlatformProfit Source Platform

  • This application is the first choice of short–term traders. With this application, traders can manage entry and exits.
  • It offers more than 40 indicators to track specific stocks. To analyze the market resistance, momentum and trend, it uses mathematical indicators.
  • In this app, traders get a precise projection of price and time. Then, with the help of excellent indicators and analysis, you can discover a formula to win.
  • Here in this application, you get a high probability with low-risk entry points. So if you are looking for short–term trading software, then it is perfect for you.

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16.   WinTraderWinTrader

  • This application offers a complete package of commodity, stock market segments and currency. In addition, it has a built-in advanced algorithmic coding style.
  • This coding system offers the quick buy-sell feature. However, the traders’ first choice is that it provides real-time buy sell signals alert options.
  • As a trader, users can send emails every time they receive a signal. For picking commodities, currency pairs and stock in trend, it has a built-in module.
  • With its advanced scanner, you have re-entry suggestions. And these suggestions are handy in identifying the most trending scrips.
  • These scrips can make you earn a decent amount of money. Its automated trading feature with a double confirmation system for authentication makes it more accurate.

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17.   Angel BrokingAngel Broking

  • It is a technical analysis software specially made for members of NSE, BSE, CDSL and MCX.
  • To provide you maximum ease in trading, it has a very simple system.
  • You just have to log in and leave the rest on the software’s potential to manage. It can handle all your investment accounts easily.
  • To develop a better understanding of the market, it has interactive charts. While tracking recent investment trends, you can plan strategies.
  • Its best features are live news and a calculator, which helps in analysis. This analysis can be instrumental in interpreting profit and loss.
  • With the help of this application, you can invest in mutual funds. Not only in them but in IPOs, equities and commodities.

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18.   Trade V

  • Another best software with swing trading signals for indices and equities is here. It is one of the leading buy sell signal application.
  • It mainly focuses on managing stock futures and indices. But, with that, it handles MCX metals and equities too.
  • In this application, you can check the latest trades and buy sell signals. This will make you able to make good decisions.
  • With its reports creation potential, you can maximize the profit. Its automated trading makes you assured of trading.

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19.   TradingViewTradingView

  • Another robust yet simple use of the application in our list is this. It is a must for all traders who want to trade in the international market.
  • Professionals recommend this software to trade in international stock. And with that in crypto markets and Forex too.
  • It offers great value to the traders with excellent chart analysis. Here you also get a large social community.
  • What makes it a good choice is its backtesting which makes trading easy. This application is awesome for the newbies in trading.

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20.   Stock RoverStock Rover

  • This trading software has earned its name for offering the best USA and Canada value. That also offers decent dividend and growth investor.
  • It provides traders with a historical fundamental database of 10 years. And it also has a wide collection of fundamental and financial scanning criteria for profits.
  • To find the perfect match for your portfolio, it has a ranking system and stock scoring.
  • It is a champion for the first traders. They have earned a good profit with the application.
  • That is why it recommended for beginners.

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21.   Trade-IdeasTrade Ideas

  • Here comes our first-ever A.I. based trading software. With its artificial intelligence, it is great for day traders.
  • Its A.I. trading algorithm makes traders fan of it. And it offers signals based on A.I.
  • It has entirely automated backtesting, which gives you relief. This tool has specific audited trade signals and stock scanning.
  • Here you get free live trading room access, too, as it is intelligence-based, so you always get the best results.

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22.   MetaStock

  • It is for the traders who want real-time news. So with this tool, users can access massive stock systems market.
  • Here in this software, you will get the best chart analysis. This covers all the international exchanges.
  • If you are looking for a mature application, then it is made for you only. In this application, you will get a full suite of features.
  • And all these features together will make trading a child’s play for you. So you can definitely go with this tool if you want easy trading.

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These are some of the best trading applications found out there.



Here in this article, we have talked about popular open-source stock trading software. These are the best applications that you use to make your trading easy.

Yes, it is true that trading is not simple, but with these tools, it would become a cup of coffee for you.


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