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23 Free Help Desk Software For Windows You Must Used In 2021

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In an offline business or company help desk is a great service for the organization and other people as well.

It will provide all necessary information to the employees of the company and visitors and help them with all the queries they have.

But what to do if you have an online business and website. When almost everything is taking a digital form, then how this essential service can lag behind.

So here we are with the free help desk software for windows that you can use for your businesses, depending on the nature and size of the business.

So let’s dive in to know more about help desk software applications.



 Q1. Does Microsoft have a help desk application?

Yes, Microsoft does have a help desk application that you can try for your business. Help Desk Plus for Office 365 is a help desk software application by Microsoft.

This software is for all purposes of the company’s employees, simple to use, customizable and free with 14 days trial.

It has various templates for every need, customizable request form fields, and can be easily integrated. With these features, it has plenty of more features available which you can try.


 Q 2. Is Spiceworks help desk free?

Yes, amazingly, the Spiceworks help desk is completely free. It is a help desk built for IT purposes and serves an organization with internal communication and boost business.

Whether it’s an IT manager, IT support specialist, or a CTO, it is made for all and can make their workflow smooth.

It is available for Windows, has an active customer support system, and also has features for live online training.


 Q 3. Is there a free online ticketing system?

Yes, there is a plethora of free online ticketing system available out there which can help you with your services.

Although a major chunk of ticketing system or help desk applications charged their services, you can find some free too.

But you have to search carefully so that your result should be authentic, reliable and worth trying. And also, check that whether they include any internal charges or not.


 Q4. Does Google have a ticketing system?

Yes, Google does have a ticketing system of its own. And it provides easy integration with any of the help desk software available out there.

It has a help desk of its own, where anyone can call and get his issues to resolve. Also, if you want to create one ticketing, you can do that with the help of Google Docs.

And if you want to integrate Google with any other ticketing system and that is also feasible.


What Is Help Desk Software

Let’s first began with clearing our basics so that we don’t have to return to square one. Talking about help desk software applications, it is such sort of computer program or application which deals with the customer care issues.

It is an automatic system that consists of three parts, ticket management, automation suite, and reporting.

What it does is to make the customer care process easy and simple to handle. It receives requests from the customers and then sorts them out according to various categories so that quick action can be taken.

But today, we have innumerable software applications that offer more than ordinary customer services and takes a step ahead to facilitate office work too.



Check out complete Free Help Desk Software For Windows

So let’s jump into the centre of attraction of our article, that is this list of 23 best help desk software applications which can offer help desk services.

  1. ProProfs Help Desk

proprofsdesk free desk software for window

This is the best help desk for the IT department which is customer-centric. It is a cloud-based application that increases its efficiency.

This is very simple to operate with an intuitive interface and fast resolution. It can sort out, categorize and handle tickets reducing the workload.

This has a brilliant knowledge base that is capable of solving almost 70% of general queries.

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  1. Freshdesk

It is the best application for increasing your productivity and engagement with the help of the automation and game machines that make your work super-fast. Freshdesk

This application keeps all your requests received from customers on top, regardless of the platform from where they have been received.

It in no time, get started and start running quickly with a dashboard that can meet all your needs.

In this software, you can know that who is working on the same ticket, offer internal notes, and reply with customizable templates.

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  1. Teamwork Desk

It is software that is packed with all the essential services required in a help desk application. Teamwork Desk 1

It has a strong grip on ticket management system and let it do auto-replies, tag cases for reports, assignment, and workflow always remains in automation.

With this application, the agent can share the notes within the organization and with customers too. It also updates the ticket status and supports history as well.

With all these excellent features, it has keyboard shortcuts and smart actions that make the work smooth.

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  1. HelpSpot

It is a basic ticket management system that has accurate features, not more or less you need to deal with your customer, so keeps your computer system clean from any sort of unnecessary stuff. HelpSpot 1

Customers can make their own tickets on the portal, or they can use the pre-designed tickets on their email.

The company can shift this tool on their sidebar and place other applications there, too, with robust APIs.

So it can be your one-stop destination for email integration, automation of work, ticket management, reporting, and customer branding.

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  1. Solarwinds Helpdesk

It is an advanced help desk software that manages your web interface, centralizing the whole ticketing process. solarwinds web help desk

It unites the ticketing system, an asset of the company, knowledge, and change management.

In the features, it offers service request creation to the customers, and they can also access the self–service portal.

With that, it comes with automatic ticket routing and assignment, integrates with active directory, ticket management that simplifies the ticket management tasks with problem and incident management.

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  1. Mojo Helpdesk

It is a software application with straightforward interference that can record and maintain all the requests and complaints tickets received by the company. mojohelpdesk

With you can centralize all the activities associated with ticket management, including ticket creation, review, tracking of tickets.

You can make automatic rules for auto assigning tickets, escalation and alerting to the agents.

It can easily integrate with emails, updates the review, and respond to the tickets too. You can track your performance too with this application.

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  1. C Desk

It is a complicated and sophisticated tool that is made not only for a department, IT department but for the entire company for multiple branches. 

It works in many modules like customer care, asset management, vendor service portal, project and tasks management are few we can count.

Is it a diverse tool, so not only a single person of any department, but many departments can too work on one single ticket at the same time.

While users can log tickets to other departments of the same organization too, and they together can work.

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  1. Faveo

If you have started a startup or SME, then it is perfect for you and completely designed for small startups to grow.faveohelpdesk

It has a sense of art, a support system that is ticket-based and what makes it unique from all other help desk software applications out there is that it updates every month.

Its update contains amazing features like dashboard reports, SLA management, ticketing management, internal notes, ticket overdue, and a vast knowledge base.

All these are important for help desk software, and service desk which is provided with it. On top of it, navigation and available tools and options made the workflow smooth.

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  1. HelpDeskZ

Another help desk software application in our list is this tool which is available in multi-languages and PHP based system.helpdeskz

It is best for the database that is completely free and reduces the workload by automating ticket management as per the database.

With it makes several groups for the tickets after sorting them out according to their needs, which can make the work easy.

It has personalized fields for the agents, where customers can log their concerns, queries, complaints, and requests.

It is an efficient application that is capable of handling massive tasks with great ease so that the agents can take a bliss of relief.

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  1. Hiver

This automates your repetitive tasks and present reports on the performance of your team so that you can improve your work. Hiver

What makes its best is the feature of a shared mailbox, where you can share a single Gmail account with your organization so that they don’t have switch accounts.

It also allows you to assign emails to the workers, track your tasks, and highlight the completed emails as done. It easily integrates with other tools as well.

This tool monitors your work and notifies when two agents are working on the same ticket, and offers various email templates to easily handle the tasks.

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  1. Salesforce Service Cloud

It is again a cloud-based help desk software that makes the customer cases fast to close with smart services to the employees.

With that, it comes in brilliant features, including customizable customer care, support services anywhere.

It creates customer history and tracks it; you can view the dashboard and offers a one-stop destination for all the tasks of an agent.

Taking an edge over all other applications, it has a live chat, or live agent, which makes the agents available for the real-time personal conversation between the worker and customer.

It has the best case management, with decent social customer service and customer self–care, reducing the workload.

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  1. HESK

This software is a secure, fast tool that is user–friendly and simplifies the work. This application organizes the tickets after receiving them and track their progress. HESK

With its knowledgeable database, it creates normal answers on its own and sends them to the customers reducing the work.

For IT support, it has a unique location from where it can handle all ITSM solutions and allows a single point of management for all IT related tasks.

You can prioritize the tickets, automate the management system of the tickets, categorize them on a priority basis and then assign them.

From this application, you can expect custom data fields, help desk, and custom statuses as benefits.

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  1. SysAid


It is a simple but robust tool that includes what you need in help desk software and even more than that.

It has a help desk, service desk solution, with IT service management help desk that is useful for any action of the IT department or any other department of the organization.

Some of the things that makes it desirable include IT asset management, IT performance analyzing tools. And for the help desk has automatic ticket management processes, a self–service portal to submit tickets, a chatting option with an agent, and so on we can count.

It has remote controlling, a password reset feature, knowledge database consultation and many such amazing features to explore.

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  1. Zendesk

It is a cloud-based software that is customer service oriented, fast, and simple to use.Zendesk

This provides excellent accessibility, and you can use it anywhere, from any device.

It has an automated workflow and straightforward ticket management system with a powerful report system and advanced analytics features.

With this, it supports many actions and channel, email, chat, phone, web, social media, mobile phone support for android applications, iPhone, iPad.

It offers easy integration with Help – Desk Software applications, has API integration, a portal that is knowledge-based and community forums.

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  1. HappyFox

What makes it awesome are the features that include Multilanguage support, an interference that is customizable, easy API integration and a multilingual knowledge database. HappyFox

It has an email ticketing system that runs on an algorithm, identify and automate the assigning tasks to the agents, with prioritizing the urgent tickets.

You can monitor the ticket support system and update the customers about their ticket or issue status so that they can remain assured of their solutions.

It comes with a pre-defined email responding system, which makes standard responses task quick.

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  1. AzureDesk

It is a tool that aims at customer support services and offers you essential features for the same. It has the potential to deal with all sorts of customers issues efficiently and effectively. AzureDesk

You can customize the fields to support issue resolution with the necessary features required for ticket management.

You can categorize tickets on the basis of priority fields, type of issues, channel from where they are received. This makes the task of prioritization, assignment and reporting very easy and quick.

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  1. Vtiger Helpdesk

If you want to make your relationship with customers stronger and make them loyal to you, then you would definitely need this help desk software.

For that, it offers case resolution as per the choice of the customers, agents working on the preference of the customers so that their support management could be easy.

It uses an algorithm to provide flexibility to the agents needed to assign tickets. It has an automatic assignment and outing feature for making the work fast and smooth.

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  1. Intercom

It is a help desk software that supports sales, marketing and teams so that they can communicate better. 

To contact the customer in an effective way, it has in-app website chats, email, and social media platforms to reach the customers and solve their grievances effectively.

You can make teams based on their expertise so that automatically tickets can be assigned to the right team with perfect knowledge.

You can also create a public help centre where your customers can find the answers to most ordinary questions, and you can reduce your work.

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  1. Groove

It is for the small businesses which want to manage their online business with an excellent customer support system. Groove

For customer management, it has ticket management, a live chat feature, knowledge-based building and management of tickets, email support, and a support widget.

It can be easily integrated with third-party applications for better working and communications with the customers.

It has a customized and self-service support system for handling customers issues efficiently.

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  1. Freshservice

It is a tool that is made for IT purposes. Freshservice

It is a full – suite for all the needs of the IT department of a company.

This is software that has modern user interference, a service desk for the department as well as a help desk for the customers.

It is simple to use, and with IT tasks, it has the potential to deal with other business tasks too.

It can be customized for non – IT and IT activities, making it stand apart from the applications which are only available for the IT department.

With the multi-channel support, it makes the automation quick and easy.

And for analysis, it keeps records of contracts, software, hardware, and other resources of the company.

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  1. Vision Helpdesk

This tool helps in integration with multi-channel support with phone calls, emails, web requests, social media chats. Vision Helpdesk

Converting them into tickets, organize them in a centralized location.

from here they are sorted out and assigned to the agents.

It is available in multiple languages, manages your clients and staff too. With that, you can conduct customer surveys to take feedback.

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  1. TeamSupport

It is a one-stop destination for all your tasks in the company. It offers organization, collaboration and automation of the tickets and customers. teamsupport

So that you only provide the best services to your customers.

With its customer management, you can track your customer’s issues, view their details, their distress index, and alerts.

You can visualize all the tickets by your customers, customize the process of ticket automation.

And routing so that they get timely solutions.

With its integrated product database, you can track the tickets easily.

You can link the product issues to their correspondent customer.

With a shared calendar, you can collaborate with your team and interact with them on any issue.

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  1. NABD System

If you are looking for a tool that can make your workflow smooth for both customers and staff. NABD System

Which makes this help desk software is perfect for you.

It has a single dashboard for automation of case management, with streamlined customer care. It sorts out the cases or tickets on a priority basis and then presents them before the agents.

This feature makes the work fast and gears up the case resolution process. It has productivity tool such as reminders, calendars, follows up. And correspond with many other options to increase your productivity and work efficiency.

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Here in this article, we have talked about cheap help desk software that you can choose for your company and for the best customer satisfaction.

These help desk software applications not only make your work easy to a great extent.

But also makes customer, their issues management a piece of cake that everyone can enjoy without much training.

So use these applications to retain your customers and attract more to develop your company.

As when you offer amazing customer services, then only they will remain loyal to you.


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