Conditional Call Forwarding

What Is Conditional Call Forwarding Active And How To Stop

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Call forwarding is a great tool by telecommunication companies that enables the users to forward the call on the number they want.

This can be very useful when if you are always full of voicemail messages, even this could be a very good way to reduce your voicemails.

Call forwarding is a feature that is for business and non – business purposes and serves both very well.

But what to do if you don’t want call forwarding but also get it, or maybe there is a technical glitch or any other issue because of which you are getting your calls forwarded even if you don’t want it.

If you have the same pain, then you are at the right page, where you get to know about conditional call forwarding and how to stop it for your phones. So let’s get started.



Q .1 What does conditional call forwarding active means?

Conditional call forwarding is that sort of call forwarding feature which forwards your call under certain circumstances only.

So you can choose that when you want to get your call forwarded to the number suitable according to you. And you get your calls forwarded under those conditions only.


 Q2. Why does my phone says conditional call forwarding active?

Conditional call forwarding is a setting that can be performed by the owner of the device itself.

But however, if you haven’t done that and then also your phone is saying that conditional call forwarding is active, then it might be some errors by which maybe you or your phone has activated this feature.

There may be a glitch as well because of which you are hearing this message. Whatever the reason it is, you can check it, and if not want, then you can disable it as well.


Q 3. How do I cancel call forwarding?

Cancelling call forwarding can be a piece of cake that everyone can enjoy if he knows the correct method according to his device.

Although call forwarding is the same for almost all devices, the setting to cancel or disable it can be different based on the device or the model.

So you need to know that what is your device type and what procedure you have to follow to cancel call forwarding on it.


What Is Conditional Call Forwarding Active

Talking about call forwarding, it has two types depending on the conditions in which the call gets forwarded. One is unconditional call forwarding, and the second is conditional call forwarding.

In unconditional call forwarding, your call gets forwarded regardless of any circumstances. This means whatever situation it is, every call that comes to your number automatically get forwarded to another number.

And in conditional call forwarding, there are certain situations in which your call gets forwarded. You can choose among them that on which you want your call to get forwarded.

There are three conditions on which your call gets forwarded,

  1. Call forwarding when busy
  2. Call forwarding when no reply
  3. Call forwarding when not reachable

These are situations in which your call gets forwarded. This means whether you are busy on another call, or there is no reply from your side, or your number is unreachable, your call gets forwarded.

This is conditional call forwarding, and your call gets forwarded only under these situations.

Although both types of call forwarding are the same and forwards your call, conditional call forwarding is more popular and useful.

Why, because in conditional call forwarding, you can choose that in what conditions you want your calls diverted, unlike in unconditional call forwarding, in which your every call gets forwarded.

Also, in unconditional call forwarding, all the calls are diverted, which fill the voicemail, only making it a big headache for the users to clear it.

That is why unconditional call forwarding is less useful as compared to conditional call forwarding and thus less popular.

Most people go with conditional call forwarding because it only redirects the call when they ask so, making it more useful.

And if your phone is saying that conditional call forwarding active, then you have, whether knowingly or unknowingly has activated the conditional call forwarding feature on your phone.

Reasons for that may be many, but the important thing is that you can disable that if you want by following easy and simple steps and can stop cancel conditional call forwarding active.


How To Cancel Conditional Call Forwarding

If because for any reason, your conditional call forwarding has been activated, and your calls are getting diverted even if you don’t want, then you need to change a few settings to cancel the feature.

By following these steps, you can stop conditional call forwarding on your phone and return to the normal settings,

First of all, open your phone app

Now click on the vertical three dots or a gear icon on the top right part of your screen

After clicking on it, a drop-down menu appears under which you see a tab with ‘settings’, click on that

call forwarding 2

Now search ‘call forwarding‘ there and click on that; on some devices may be ‘more settings‘ is written, so you have to click on that

call forwarding 3

Now in this section, you will see the tab ‘call forwarding‘; click on that

What Is Conditional Call Forwarding Active

Select now voice call, and you will see few options on your screen

call forward

These options are for unconditional and conditional call forward active, which means at the same place you can activate them,

What Is Conditional Call Forwarding Active

Make sure that you have turned off them all, and if anyone is turned on, that is the reason why you are getting your calls forwarded

As here we are discussing conditional call forwarding, so in your settings, most probably conditional call settings are turned on, and you have to turn them off

After you have turned off them all, you have disabled the conditional call forwarding on your phone

If after that also your conditional call forwarding is not disabled, then you have to contact the call centre or the customer care service. They would definitely help you and cancel your call forwarding feature.

So, follow these steps to stop conditional call forwarding active on your phone or device.


Benefits Of Conditional Call Forwarding For Business

Although conditional call forwarding might not be of much use for an individual, it holds a significant place for businesses that need to conversate with their customers regularly.

So let’s have a look at that too, that how conditional call forwarding is beneficial for businesses.

First, let’s look at the systematic structure behind conditional call forwarding in business.

So it starts with a call room, some phone counters and some phone attendants. So what happens when you call a service centre or any other such place, you just hear some beeps and then your calls are diverted to a person who listens to you.

Although you might not get that, actually, your calls are forwarded to an attendant that can talk to you.

When a business starts its journey, it makes a separate section for customer care where its customers can call. When they call, their calls are diverted to that section, even let them notice that their call has been forwarded.

This system has certain benefits for the businesses, which are as follows,

1. Fast Response

What conditional call forwarding guarantees are that it never let your users and customers feel that they are less important or neglected.

It is necessary for a business to retain its customers and offer them a feeling of satisfaction.

So when they provide them customer care service assurance, they actually set up a conditional call forwarding system, in which when customers call, their calls are transferred to the person in – charge.

It ensures a fast response as compared to the voicemail system and makes your customers feel that they are important to you, making them loyal towards you.


 2. Helps In 24×7 customer service

24×7 sounds great, but in practical life, it is impossible that a person can stick to a phone for 24 hours for a whole week.

So what do the companies do is to make different shifts of the employees and set – up a conditional call forwarding system by which the calls of the customers get forwarded automatically to the numbers that are available to answer.

So they don’t need to wait for long to get their response and would love your services. This would not only help in sustaining them but also attract new customers.


 3. Increases Engagement

Another advantage that conditional call forwarding offers to a business is that it augments customer engagement with the company.

Now without any hesitation, they would try the services and products of the company more because they know that a customer care system is at the back to support them.

Thus a customer care service is the backbone of any company that helps in sustaining in the market. Without it, an organisation can’t make a good impression on the users and lacks behind others.

And for that, conditional call forwarding plays an important role. So it is very useful for the business and help them in their development.

There are many providers who provide conditional call forwarding to businesses and set – up the whole system. So from provider to provider, the services and call forwarding features changes.



Here in this article, we have studied the conditional call forwarding active and how to stop that if you have mistakenly activated that.

Here we have discussed the entire procedure step by step that too. While for a person, conditional call forwarding is not of that use, for businesses, it means a lot and can have the potential to impact their name.

We have elaborated on the benefits of conditional call forwarding for business also.


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