25 Best Server Backup Software

25 Best Server Backup Software Reviews in 2021 With Website Link

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Server backup software review is a must in today’s era when we have so many options to store our data. 

The major chunk of modern data contains a soft copy of documents, photos, videos that are important for a person that can be stored online or digitally. 

This data needs to be stored securely so that in the future when we need them, we can procure them. And here, the need for such efficient storage space emerges, which can store all your data and keep it handy and readily available to use. 

And we can do that with the best server backup software available out there. So, without any delay, let’s dive in for more details.  



 Q1. What is server backup software? 

Server backup software is such sorts of software applications that not only store but creates a copy of your data and then store those copies in the server so that they can be kept secure. 

As the globe is moving towards digitalization, now computer systems are offering a centralized space for data and computing resources from where the entire organization can access the data. 


Q 2. Why use server backup software 

This question may arise as to why one should use server backup software. Well, the answers are pretty decent. 

First of all, it offers a centralized space for all the data of the organization for storage and operation and ensures a smooth movement. 

The location where this data is stored in a remote location, whether it could be cloud-based, hard-drive-based, or on-premises hardware devices. So, it guarantees the security of the data. 

Not only this but server backup software makes a copy of all your data, so even in the future you have lost it, you can obtain it from there.


Q 3. Who uses server backup software? 

Server backup software is meant for dealing with huge data that is difficult to manage with normal software. 

Complex and large companies that have a massive collection of data that needs to be stored and backup daily need these types of server backup software applications. 

These applications are specially made for the administrative department of the company, which has to deal with the data of the company on a daily basis and ensures its smooth flow. 

Q. 4 Why You Should Use Server Backup Software 

Server backup software is such a place where a company stores its databases and data. But one should ask that why a company should server backup software. There are plenty of reasons explaining the need for server backup software for a company. 

The foremost reason for which these server backup software applications are needed is that data is very important for a company, and its loss can cause a crisis for that company. 

The data may be in danger if the hard drives crash or the system corrupts, or maybe it is a theft or a virus by which the company can lose its data. 

But as the data is very important, it’s a loss a company can’t afford. And here, server backup software becomes important as they copy all your data to their databases and can secure your data from any loss. 

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25 Best Server Backup Software You Should Know 

Here in this section, we would be looking for 25 amazing backup software available out there which you can use for your company.

 This list includes applications that are free and paid, both, as some paid server backup software offers more features than the free ones. So, let’s explore incredible server backup software applications, 

  • Acronis Cyber Backup 

This application is easy to use, secure, and efficient server backup software, which every company should use. acronis cyber backup server

It protects your data from all types of data losses and has strong data protection, with a diversified support system that can tackle various tasks of an organization. 

It also has flexible reporting and monitor your data, with backup authenticity, and ensures the security of your data. 

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  • Carbonite 

This software is enabled with automatic cloud backup, and you don’t have to worry about your data backup. Carbonite server backup

It is available for both platforms Windows and macOS users for their personal and professional data. 

What makes it unique from others is the thing that it is easy to install and configure and has unlimited storage with protection for ransomware too. 

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  • Genie9 

It is best for the small businesses which can’t afford a costly server backup software offering low prices. Genie Backup Manager Server

It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, and 10, providing a brilliant media streaming that allows photodetection using A.I. 

So, with it, you have intelligent software providing SaaS and network backup. 

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  • Backblaze 

Another cheap server backup software application on our list is this with a fast and simple-to-use interface. Backblaze server backup

Although it is less costly but offers unlimited storage and can work with your Mac or PC, available in three versions, personal, business, and B2 cloud storage backup. 

It has a scheduled backup system, so you can decide the time period after which you want an automatic backup of your data. 

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This tool is meant for the large and complex data that needs to be stored well. It is an application-aware-based backup system that works with physical, virtual, and cloud platforms. NAKIVO server backup

It instantly recovers the data on – demand, including the whole VMs. Not only this, but it also reduces the size of backup data so that it occupies less space. 

It has automatic data protection activities and a built-in disaster recovery solution, so it is reliable. 

Although it has high-quality features that add no extra cost and make it affordable. 

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  • AOMEI Backupper

This software is very quick in speed and helps in managing the previous data backup if you have upgraded your system. AOMEI Backupper Server

It has two versions of home and business and has separate settings for them. 

It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, and 10, and you can sync all your files and folders automatically. 

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  • O&O Disklmage Professional 

With this application, you can backup even your entire system or just a file, as it makes a clone of your hard drive or entire PC and restores your data. o o diskimage 16

It is available in 3 editions, PC, professional edition – 5PCS, and O&O power pack edition allowing fast working with just a few clicks. 

It has an automatic backup in schedule time, which restores the entire PC with the partition of the system. 

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  • Idrive 

This unique tool is made for small businesses that want a hassle-free installation and configuration of the system. Idrive

With it, you can manage your computer with reporting tools giving reports on device status, backup activity, user backup, and many other reports are offered. 

It enables monitoring of the account activity from one place, and it can be checked by the IT department, administrators and families very easily. 

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  • OneDrive 

This tool is offered by Microsoft, which has earned its name in the field of office tools like Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, and so on we can count. OneDrive

It is made for businesses that need to share their files. A user can access the files from Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, whatever is best suited. 

It offers 1TB free storage per user and easily syncs your files. As it is by Microsoft, so it offers creation and editing of Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint, or any other files from any browser with the online office. 

You can easily manage your data between OneDrive and SharePoint with active 24/7 phone and web support. 

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  • Ashampoo 

It is a powerful tool that is easy to use too. It protects your system against every kind of threat including, viruses, ransomware, and Windows errors. Ashampoo server backup

What makes it powerful is the feature of restoring the entire Windows, which means if your Windows corrupts, then it not only backups your data but your entire Windows. 

This supports OneDrive, Business or Office, Nextcloud, and Owncloud, and can automatically backup your data. 

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  • Google Backup and Sync 

This tool is offered by Google, the most trusted online search engine in the world. In this, you two get places, Google Drive and Google Photos. Google Backup and Sync

Where in Google Drive you have to upload your data, in Google Photos, you can take a backup of your images and videos. 

 You can upload any format of file from your device, SD Cards, desktop system, and camera. It is best for the purposed of saving simple and less chunk of data. 

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  • IvyBackup

This tool is famous for offering fast, easy and restorable backup of the data. With the mirror backup feature, you can store your data without restoring it. IvyBackup

It has three plans to offer to its users depending on their needs, home edition, standard edition, and pro edition. 

With three editions, it also has three backup plans, event backup, manual backup, and scheduled backup, among which you can choose according to your requirements. 

What makes it innovative is the thing that you can customize this tool according to your backup needs. 

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  • Azure 

It protects your data against any malware case and offers you a high network performance making your backup a game of some seconds. 

It has a built-in backup system that simplifies the data recovery process, and you don’t even need any additional infrastructure to back up your SQL workloads. Azure server backup

Here your task is done by the Azure virtual machines and VMware machines which help in decision making. 

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  • Novabackup 

Or also known as Novastor, it is a powerful and efficient backup software that automatically backup all the data on your PC. novabackup server backup

It is only available for Windows 10 and supports storage locations such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 

It has a military-grade encryption system to secure your backup data and is packed with easy installation and a backup wizard. 

It offers you a free 2GB of storage that is online; you can choose any virtual environment. 

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  • Retrospect 

It is a simple server backup software for small businesses which allows protection against networked Windows, Linux desktop, Mac, and notebooks. Retrospect server backup

You can host all these from a single computer for 45 days under a free trial, after which you have to pay for using this tool. 

It supports VMware, Microsoft SQL server agent, Microsoft Exchange server agent, and open file backup as optional add- ons. 

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  • Unitrends 

It is a VMware backup software with free Hyper – V where users can use unlimited VMware for backup. 

There are five editions in which this tool comes, Unitrends free version, essential version, standard version, enterprise version, and enterprise plus version. 

It detects ransomware and protects against it both your physical and virtual data. It provides quick VM recovery that comes with community support and also supports data compression. 

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  • Backup4all

It is a tool specially made for Android mobile devices with computers, Mac, iPhone and offers online backup. Backup4all server backup

It has a free 5GB storage for its users and comes in two editions, personal and business editions. 

It uses military-grade 256 – bit AES encryption to secure your crucial data from any sort of loss. 

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  • Synametrics 

It is a synchronization tool that provides cloud-based backup. With this tool, the third party can’t have access to your data, and it remains safe. Synametrics server backup

It emerges as a strong competitor of Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and DropBox and synchronizes your data in more than one place. 

It also allows easy sharing with multiple users at a single time working on various projects. 

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  • Iperiusbackup 

It is the one-stop destination for your servers and PCs for backup. It offers two solutions to its users, advanced and business. Iperiusbackup server backup

It has many online storage locations, OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox, and it automatically backup your data. 

You can filter your files and folders too with this tool to exclude any specific one. It is supported by Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012. 

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  • Backup Radar

This server backup software offers a centralized backup system that can manage all kinds of backup vendors. Backup Radar server

It presents a periodic report of your data, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. With backup reports, it also offers compliance auditing. 

With this tool, you can save a significant amount of time spent on checking up your backup files. 

Even if your data backup remains uncompleted, it informs through an email on your registered account. 

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  • SysCloud 

It is a tool made for Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite and is cloud-based. It offers unlimited storage for up to 100 users of an organization. SysCloud server backup

To keep your data secure, it uses 256 – bit AES encryption system that allows you to backup your emails as well. 

It can secure your data that cloud-based backup on AWS, with an easy-to-use interference for even the newbies, can tackle it. 

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  • Nexetic 

Another server backup software in our list is this with automatic data backup that can integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. nexetic server backup

This tool is high in demand because of the security it offers to the business data that needs to be secured well for smooth flow. 

It can also keep your customer information safe and don’t let any third party use it. 

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  • Altaro 

This tool has secured its place in this list with its high standard virtual backup performance. The trial period ends after 30 days, and you can use it on Windows Servers, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019. Altaro server backup

This software has simple user interference, simple configuration backup procedure, and restore your data rapidly. 

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  • Relica 

With this software application, you can take backup of your data anywhere you want, hard drives, computer system, or cloud platform with no extra efforts. relicabackup

Your data is encrypted with a password that offers additional security. You can use this tool on Windows, Linux, BSD, and macOS. 

It has a multi–the cloud-based automatic backup system that keeps your data in good condition for further use. 

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  • OneHub

Whether it’s an infrastructure failure or physical errors and failures, it will keep your data protected. Server Backup Software Review OneHub server backup

It has strong role-based permissions to backup your data with a tracker on user activity. All the data is encrypted by 256 – bit method, and it automatically checks your data and integrates it, and repairs it too. 

You can use this software with multiple devices on a single go with a watermark on any document. 

These are some of the best Server backup software free and paid that you can use for your business to keep all your data secure. 

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Here in this article, we have discussed some amazing server backup software applications that can be used by various companies, from small ones to large and complex too. 

Whatever sort of company it is, everyone wants to protect its data at any cost to use it in the future. While backup of such a huge chunk of data is a headache for many with these tools, it’s an effortless process. 

So secure your data with server-based software tools and contribute to the development of your organization. 

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