A Brief Intro About World Richest Man Bill Gates| Founder of Microsoft

The person’s bravery crosses his mind, through a thought and line up on his desk.They pick a lively good dream and make it true! The logistics of life is never limited to one scenario, that’s why Big people own Big Stories. Behind those big stories lay the droplets of their passion and the time where they just stood up, upon every other thing in the world!Every businessman in the world,

Try to attain the shade of such a big name today, Bill Gates, The founder of Microsoft

Bill Gates at early dawn.

  • Gates was born on October 28, 1955.He went to the Lakeside School at age of 13, which was a preparatory school.
  • With ultimate delicacies in childhood, Gates was raised by a parental companionship of a defensive lawyer and a teacher.

Founder of Microsoft bill gates

  • His childhood enforced in him, the perfect bend of intellect to surpass the peer in classrooms.An innate passion for software and made him score beyond marks.
  • In eighth grade, he started taking interest in programming in BASIC.He presented an implementation of Tic-tac-toe game.After graduating from school,
  • He went to Harvard after scoring pretty good score in SAT.
  • There he presented with lots of Algorithms which were not devised by anyone that far and It remained the fastest solution for like decade

The start of something interesting.

The dawn of programming was planted in the shell of gates at the age of 13, when he attempted to think beyond what other students think and pointed a visionary style to try out new things with programming with already available things. The traits to try out new things, in over achieving manner, made him get an easy entry to Harvard!

Founder of Microsoft bill gates

But wasn’t graduated from Harvard, Because when people were filling work assignments to get marks, Gates was busy gazing at the possibilities of new software with mates in a lab!

Offsprings for technology

  • The higher aim to use BASIC which was designed in 1963, made Gates and his co-mate Allen, deliver a product version for the Altair 8800, which was sold to MITS in 1975 for $3,000.
  • The greatest ever contribution to society is “Windows”.The new coming was spanning more than 90% of the world’s computer replacing MS-Dos.The most upcoming feature of multi tasking was introduced with the product.
  • Microsoft was founded in 1976 by Gates and Allen.In 1980, After the deal with IBM to bring out an operating system for new generation personal computer.Their work came to known as “PC-DOS” which after wards took over by the name “MS-DOS”.

accolades resting on gates’ shore

  • The prime witness is the PC laying in the corner room of your home.He made such a software which provide us ease at use and defined the sizzling era of new technology.
  • Many honors and awards rest on the wall of the big mansion owned by Bill gates.He was rewarded for being best Innovator on March 34, 2006.
  • He also earned great pride by the title of ‘Knight Commander” by Queen Elizabeth II for his ultimate effort and contribution to the British economy.
  • To bring the best of technology, he was honored as “The Most Innovative People Award”.

worthy notes from his desk, to all those who feel get inspired!

Books which were authored by the great man were published in 1995 and 1999 with the title being “The Road Ahead and Business @ The Speed of Thought.His words were perfectly received and gathered by critics.

Founder of Microsoft

Bill gates and His Wife Melinda gates

His generosity found endless words of appraisal when his decision to donate the books to many non-profit organizations, where the ultimate aim was to showcase and honor the use of technology in the field of education.



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