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How to Skip ads or block Ads on Hulu [ 7 Method Discussed ]

Today, people love to stream online content to keep getting entertained. There are millions of people around the world who are not just crazy for streaming online content like TV shows, videos, movies, and many other things available online but are now addicted to the entertainment showered by these streaming content on the internet. There are many websites available online that offer you online streaming of content. The topmost rated websites in the competition are- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hulu that are the main source to keep the online streaming content fun keep going for their users.

While all of the named sites are among the top, in this article we are going to talk about Hulu.

Many of you must have heard about this popular online content streaming service, and those who have been missing the real fun provided by the site until now is recommended to must try Hulu. Let us give you a little description of the site so that you can make an informed decision on your own.

How to skip ads on Hulu

Hulu is an online content streaming service, which offers you to watch various TV shows on its app. The application was mainly designed with an aim to make you available with new TV shows and your favorite channels. The streaming of new episodes on Hulu sometimes takes a day or a week to get uploaded, so you may have to wait to watch your favorite shows. Hulu is though only available in the US.

While there are many other similar websites which offer video streaming service for free, Hulu is the app that requires a premium subscription. A monthly subscription for the app has to be paid if you want to avail of the service. The subscription requires you to pay only the nominal fee, and no hidden cost is charged from users.

Now that you have a brief idea about Hulu, let’s come to the most important point of our discussion in this article i.e. How to skip ads on Hulu.

If you have been using the internet to watch online content, you must be aware of the ads being shown between the streaming of content. Well, we know that it is really irritating to be forced to watch unnecessary ads while watching your favorite shows.  The streaming of TV shows on Hulu also shows annoying ads and users always wonder how to block them. Sometimes, there are ads and popups even on the premium plans of Hulu. What you may do to get rid of these Hulu ads is to skip them or block them so that they don’t interrupt in your entertainment.

So, let us head over to the article to learn the effective methods of how to skip Hulu ads or block them.

Method 7: Use Ad block Plus (my personal favorite )

One of the most significant solutions for how to skip ads on Hulu is by using a browser plugin. Adblock Plus is one such effective browser plugin in getting rid of ads from online streaming. Basically it acts as an adblocker.

Although, the Adblock Plus plugin does not actually remove the ad what it does is it replaces the ads with a blank screen which is a good solution if you are comfortable with a blank screen in your smartphone or computer.

This browser plugin may be a good choice for you but it is to remember that possibly you may not be able to play some of the videos or movies with its use. For this, you may simply disable Adblock Plus temporarily, though it won’t skip or block all the ads entirely.

Note: It is possible that even after disabling Adblock Plus, you are not able to play the videos. Then you can try updating your Adobe Flash. Even then if it doesn’t work, try clearing your cache and then play.

their are so many ad blocker app available in the market which do the same work like Adblock Plus


Method 6: Skip ads by opening two tabs for the same program

The next method you can follow to skip ads on Hulu is by use of “switching tabs method.” It requires the opening of two tabs for the same program at the same time. Though for this method to execute, you require unlimited high-speed data so it is advisable for those who have limited data with low-speed to not use this method. Otherwise, opening two tabs at the same time for the program you want to watch is one of the best alternates to avoid the ads on Hulu.

We have made a simple guide with easy-to-use steps for you to learn this method. Just follow them:

Step 1: Go to the Hulu app, and find the TV show or movie which you want to see. Open the program in a new window.

Step 2: Now, you need to repeat the first step so that you have two tabs running for the program simultaneously.

Step 3: Go to the second tab and mute the audio of the program. Then fast forward the video to the first advertisement.

Step 4: Once done, got to the first tab and continue watching your video program.

Step 5: Now while watching, if the first tab shows an ad, mute the audio of the program. Then again visit the second tab and rewind the opening ad and un-mute it.

Step 6: Now that you have been already shown one ad, you won’t receive further ads on the second tab.

Step 7: You need to repeat these steps again and again so that once done, you will eventually be able to skip all the advertisements.

Following the above steps, you will be able to get past the Hulu ads. It may seem inefficient to you at first instance, but trust us, it is far better than watching a 4-minute longer advertisement on Hulu.

Method 5: Enounce MySpeed

Another alternative of how to skip ads on Hulu is to do so using the right software. By the use of fast-forwarding software, you can easily fast-forward Hulu ads. Ennounce MySpeed is such an ad-block software that you can also use to skip or block Hulu ads. This application software does not actually block the ads instead it increases the speed of ads to end the ads faster without taking the usual time, making it lesser irritating for you.

Basically, the app acts as an ad skipper by fast-forwarding them so that you don’t have to wait till the entire time for completion of the ad and then restart watching the video. However, Enounce MySpeed is not for free and you have to pay to purchase it and avail its features. It is available at the cost of $29.99 with a 7-days free trial pack so that you can try the suitability of the app with your needs before making the purchase.

Considering the good features and cost-effectiveness of the app, it is an ideal choice for users who want to get rid of ads on Hulu.

Method 4: Refresh the Program page

There is another practical solution for how to skip Hulu ads. For anyone who does not want to install any browser plugin or purchase ad-blocking application, refreshing the program page is the most effective means of getting rid of ads on Hulu. This is the most basic trick that you can use to get past ads. In this method, you simply need to refresh the program page you are using, and this will certainly help in shortening the length of ads.

Note: The use of this method does not actually remove the ad; instead it only shortens the length of the ads for you.

Depending on the duration of the video, the ads on Hulu also vary in length. There are two kinds of Hulu ads: Short ones and longer ones. While the short duration ads continue to play till 20 to 40 seconds long, the longer ones are of greater annoyance. The maximum duration of ad you may face is 4 minutes inserted between movies, to give you enough annoyance that you wish to just stop the video. But, by refreshing the program page, you can actually watch streaming content nicely without the need to watch the complete ads.

Method 3: Use Blokada App

There are millions of users who use their Smartphones instead of a computer to watch videos or movies online. And as usual, they also have to go through the discomfort of watching ads and popups but there are some apps available to block ads on smartphones separately.

Blokada is one such third-party app for Android Smartphones available on Google Play store. You may use the Blokada App which is one of the great ad-blocking apps effective in blocking Hulu ads.

To enjoy the features of this app, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install the app from Google Play store

Step 2: Then, open Blokada on phone

Step 3: Tap on the Blacklist option, and blacklist your Hulu app

Step 4: Tap on Goodbye ads and now you are done with blocking the Hulu ads from your videos.

Well, the methods work most of the time but the app may not block some of the ads. In that case, you may also try any other ad-blocking app for blocking ads on Hulu.

Method 2: Upgrade to the premium plan of Hulu

The next alternative to get rid of Hulu ads is that users can upgrade their app to the premium plan of Hulu. This is the most logical way you can get past annoying ads because of various reasons the premium plan offers to you.

Hulu app offers two separate pricing tiers to its subscribers- a standard subscription, and a premium plan. The easiest way is to purchase a premium version of Hulu which is functional in blocking all the ads and popups from your online streaming so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies in a go without any interruption.

Besides, getting rid of ads and popups, the premium plan is actually effectual for many other features that you can use to customize your app interface. The starting price of the premium plan on Hulu costs $11.99 and comparing the standard cost of the Hulu app i.e. $4 per month, you may choose to go with the upgraded version. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to the premium version of Hulu because it costs you less than other ad-blocker apps and extensions, and is truly amazing in solving your ad trouble.

Now, let’s check out the steps to upgrade to premium plan on Hulu without commercials:

Step 1: Open the App > Log in and click on ‘Manage your Account.’

Step 2: Once there, you can choose to upgrade your subscription

Step 3: There you will see many options including Cinemax, HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Just select any add-ons from the options or you can even cancel your current Hulu account.

Note: The process of selecting add-ons enables your program to continue playing uninterrupted if you are watching a premium cable channel. This benefits you despite the fact you are having a standard or No commercial plan.

Method 1: Use of web filtering

The last method of blocking ads on Hulu is by the usage of web filtering. This method can block all the type of advertisements on Hulu. The process of web filtering actually functions by getting access to the router control management and then the Access or Parental control. Now, you have to follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Connect your device to a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2: Open any browser on your device and enter the IP Address Kindly recheck and enter the correct one as the IP address of the router differs.

Step 3: Now, search for the web filtering option.

Step 4: Once there, add the URL

Step 5: Click on the ‘Apply’ button and restart the router.

The URL is the main source responsible for the advertisements on Hulu. Using the web filtering method by following the above steps, you can successfully block all the ads and enjoy your online streaming content.

Alternate methods to skip ads on Hulu:

Besides, the above 7 effective methods discussed, there is an additional alternative as well, using which you may try skipping ads on Hulu. So, without further ado, let’s check out these alternate methods:

Users can upgrade to latest Hulu Plus

According to this method, users can primarily, upgrade to the latest Hulu Plus to get rid of the ads and popups. But there are instances when even upgrading also goes in vain in terms of showing ads while streaming. Many subscribers of Hulu even wonder how to skip ads on Hulu plus. You may skip or block Hulu ads by upgrading to the latest plan of Hulu plus. The plan offers a trial version as well, so you can try if it is worth it to purchase the upgrade or not.

Blocking Hulu ads on Android

The android users also have the means to block ads on Hulu on their device. Users who have non-rooted android devices, they can simply install various kinds of ad-blocking apps to get rid of them. As already discussed, these ad-blocker apps are not perfect in helping you get past of ads, but they certainly are if a big help to you by blocking some ads, if not all. You can use Adblocking browsers to watch programs on the Hulu app and one such browser is the Brave browser.

For the users having rooted device, there is another Ad-blocker goes by the name of Adway App may prove fruitful in how to skip ads on Hulu. Just give the app permission in order to get started filtering ads for you.

By the use of an ad-blocking extension, you can also skip Hulu ads from online streaming. If you generally use your laptop to stream online content, then using an ad-blocking extension will be a good option. You just need to follow few simple steps and you will be ready to go streaming.

Step 1: Add any ad-blocking extension on your chrome.

Step 2: On the top middle corner, you will see a blank white rectangular symbol.

Step 3:  Now, write in the box the total number of seconds left in the ad

Step 4: Un-mute the video volume.

Concluding Remarks

To be concluded, now you have the best methods to completely skip and get past ads on Hulu. The aforementioned methods also explain to you how to skip Hulu ads 2020. However, it is recommended you use the paid version of Hulu to have total control over your viewing experience with no ads and popups interruption.

Follow the above guide and get rid of commercials shown between streaming of your Hulu shows. The methods are 100% secure and effective in avoiding the ad troubles. So, choose the one you think will help you get rid of the ad discomfort. We hope the article was of great help to you. Thank-you!


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