Scanguard Antivirus Review 2018 Complete Guide

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Halloween just passed and people celebrated the day dressing up as ghosts and zombies. But, the real danger are not ghosts or ghouls but something that is literally invisible but has the power to scare the shit out of you. Ever came across ‘Malware detected/ Virus detected’ message in your system? Your system freezes or your data is lost…these situations are way more frightening than ghosts and ghouls because they put your time and money into waste. That is why you need Anti-virus in your system and Scanguard is one such Anti-Virus. The software is a hot topic on the internet and we are going to give you an honest Scanguard Antivirus review.


A brief introduction to Scanguard Antivirus:



Scanguard Antivirus software guarantees you a malware free system with a system boost through closing down unnecessary applications running in the background. As per its site, it protects your system from various kinds of malware, adware, and trojans which crash your system down. It also promises to optimize your system apart from protecting it from malicious softwares and other cyber threats.


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All your private data will remain secured with our VPN software. The Scanguard Antivirus is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android etc.


It boasts of a two-way firewall protection for your system. It also tends to remove unwanted files and clears your caches. It also has parental control feature which enables you to restrict your children from opening inappropriate sites and links. It also boosts your browsing speed by eliminating unwanted caches and browsing history.


You can easily download the software from This link

Install it in your system by following the steps that the software prompts. Now that you are aware of the Scanguard Antivirus let’s discuss its pros and cons.



What’s good about Scanguard Antivirus?

You won’t find a single positive review about this malware detecting and removing software anywhere over the internet. Just try typing ‘Scanguard Antivirus positives/pros’ in Google and you will get know what I am talking about. Though the Antivirus promises all the features and advantages that any other Antivirus software does, the software’s legitimacy is questioned.

It has shown various strange and questionable results during scanning process that has made people avoid it. Oh…were we about to discuss its pros? I got a bit lost as there aren’t much to talk about the software’s positives!

And the long list of Scanguard Antivirus cons begins

When it is about the safety and security of your system, you should trust no one but the best in the market. But when a product like Scanguard Antivirus lands in your system, you start doubting whether you have actually downloaded an Antivirus software or a malware itself.

That is because if you don’t buy the removal tools of the software after installation, it detects multiple problems on your system. Then it takes control of your computer through the Edge browser and threatens to lock it. Scanguard Antivirus reviews have always tried to answer this main question…is Scanguard legitimate?


Another main issue with the Antivirus that various Scanguard Antivirus reviews have stated is that it detects abnormally large number of malwares and trojans in your system when other Anti-malware softwares were not detecting any. So, maximum chances are that the Antivirus is a fraud.

It just shows numerous malware sand adwares of its own to give an illusion to the user that it is efficient. Many have claimed that the software is a big scam and that it is not at all legitimate.

On scanning your system through Scanguard Antivirus, the software shows various threats and viruses that actually do not exist in your system.

It shows all kinds of false threats and then removes it and makes your system to be safe and sound. It is because of these type of fictitious threats and malware that people have started ditching the product.


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The software is free to install but will charge you $49.00 on a yearly basis after that. So, basically, you are buying a malware for your system and letting it use up your space.


Microsoft advises to use Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender instead of Scanguard. Scanguard for Android reviews are as bad as that of Windows.

Soo our advice would be to avoid it…better safe than sorry!



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