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How To Delete Labels In Gmail Using Mac & Windows: 4 Working Tricks

How to remove a label in Gmail should be your priority if you want to keep your Gmail account sorted and tidy. 

In today’s business world, we can’t think of our work-life without mails. They are our primary medium of communication among businesses, clients, colleagues. 

After the invention of the internet, the very thing which has changed the world of business or corporate communication is the starting of mail services. 

Among all services started by the internet, it is the first one and very efficient one. Since its starting till now, although it has evolved very much, then also is able to retain its primary function and to serve the corporate world very well. 

Even beyond the borders of the business world, it is used in many other official activities and has become a medium of communication in other sectors as well. 


Q1. How do you delete a folder in Gmail?

Deleting a folder in your Gmail is not a hard shell to crack, and you can do it very easily and simply by following the right steps. 

To delete an entire folder in your Gmail account, you have to go to the settings of your Gmail account and made the changes, after which you can delete your folder, which is no longer in use. 


Q 2. How do I can delete a label in Gmail on my iPhone?

Deleting labels in Gmail on iPhone is as simple as a piece of cake if you know the right steps. As you delete the label in your Gmail account on your desktop, in the same way, you can delete a folder in Gmail on your iPhone by following the same steps. 


Q 3. How do I get rid of labeled emails in inbox?

To get rid of labeled emails in the inbox, you have to do few steps, and after that, your work is done. You have to go to the settings, and from there, you can get rid of the labeled emails in your inbox. It is as easy as a child’s play. 


Why Deleting Labels In Gmail Is Important 

Gmail is perhaps the most important mode of communication in the world without which a single day can’t be imagined. 

Since the invention of the internet, and mailing services, we see a rise in many mailing platforms, such as Yahoo, Outlook, and many others. 

To take an edge among all, Google launched its all-new Gmail in the year 2004 to serve as the mailing platform. 

In the times of telegrams, post letters, wired telephones, mail, with its easy interface, fast speed, and features, it made all the people crazy about it. 

Now you can see everyone talking about the emails and their Gmail accounts. Whether you have to contact any educational institutions, banks, or any higher authorities, apart from phone calls, emails are the next platform of communication. 

When mails are so important, then why Google lags behind in taking advantage of it and in 2004, it launched its Gmail with all new features and its reliability and authenticity. 

As Google is the other name of trust and credibility, the same is expected from Gmail, and it meets the standards created by its parent site. 

To compete with its rival, Google launched it with an offering a space of 1GB which was the highest in comparison with any other mailing platform. 

Since then, it has evolved a lot, and expanded its storage space to 15GB and modified its many features, and changed its settings. 

You can send a 50 MB mail to anyone with a 25 MB file attachment. It can also filter your mails on the basis of the suspiciousness of malware and put them in the spam folder.

In all other features it provides, one is to create labels. In Gmail, you can create your labels in which all the emails beholding the same purpose are shifted. 

For example, if you have created a label or a folder named banking, then Gmail automatically, after reading all your emails, move the financial or bank-related emails to that folder. 

So in this way, you don’t have to search separately for your emails and would get them in the folder in which they are supposed to. 

But it happens a couple of times that after sometimes some of your labels or folders become unnecessary and won’t be useful for you. 

Then the thing which you have to do is to remove a folder in Gmail to make your Gmail tidy and clean. It is important to clear all your useless labels so that only the necessary ones would remain in Gmail account, and you can see them whenever you want. 

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How To Delete Labels In Gmail  

If you want to know that how to remove a label in Gmail, then this section is only for you.  Here you would get step by step guide to removing labels from your Gmail account which are no longer in use. 

To get rid of labels in your Gmail, you have to follow the below steps, 

how to remove a label in gmail

  • First of all, open your system, and open the Gmail 
  • After this, click on the gear icon appearing on the screen, which is on the top right side of the Gmail screen
  • Now a list of settings would emerge in front of you
  • And under that above all, the tab of ‘See all settings’ would be there and you have to choose that tab
  • When you click on that, some more settings would be displayed on your screen, and in that line, the second option is of labels
  • When you click on that, you would all of the labels which are there in your Gmail account, such as social, promotional, and many other
  • Under this section, you can create new labels as well as remove the existing one
  • To delete current labels, you have to go to that label and choose ‘remove’ written in front of that
  • And if you want to create a new label, then you can do that by clicking on the option available below or on the bottom side of the page
  • And after choosing ‘create,’ you can create new labels as you want, and in the future, Gmail would sort out your emails in the existing folders according to their category 

These are all the steps that you need to follow if you want to remove labels from your Gmail account from your Mac and Windows. 


How To Remove Labels In Outlook 

Outlook is an application by Microsoft, which is another company providing assistance in all your office work. You can use its Excel, Word, and other services with its mailing platform. 

All the application by Microsoft comes in a pack which is known Microsoft Office under which you can access its Outlook mailing service too.

Outlook is no different from Gmail but offers some distinctive features which make it different from Gmail. It is different from Gmail in many senses in terms of service providers, labels, spam emails, and many others we can count. 

As many people use Microsoft Outlook too for their emails, so it becomes important to discuss the process of removing labels from Outlook mails. 

In Outlook, the account setting is a little bit different from creating or deleting labels. Here to create new labels, you have to actually group the mails. 

This means if you want to separate the emails, then you have to group them differently. For that, follow the below steps. 

  • First, open your mail, and then make a group with the name in which you want certain emails 
  • For example, if you want to separate the office mails, then you have to make a group of office emails and then shift all the office mails in that folder
  • Now you can access all your office mails in this folder without searching them in the main inbox 

To remove labels or groups in your Outlook, you have to follow the below steps, 

  • First of all, open your Outlook mail account, and open the email folder which you want to remove
  • For the latest versions, go to the ‘show in groups’ tab of the setting, under the ‘arrangement’ tab, which can be found under the ‘view’ tab
  • Now a list of all the standards of grouping emerges, and you have to uncheck them all
  • And in this way, you can remove all your labels from your mail account

So if you have an Outlook mail account, then you can use the above steps to remove labels from it. 


Pro Tips 

After discussing the remove a folder in Gmail, it’s time to discuss some of the tips which can be useful for you to compose effective emails from your Gmail. 

how to remove a label in gmail

  1. You can edit your labels also. To edit the labels, you have to go to the sections of the label as directed in the above section, and when you scroll down, you see many options to edit the label
  2. To change the name of the label, you have to click on the name of the current label, and type the new name in place of the old one and enter the new name. You can also change the name by pressing the ‘edit’ optionhow to delete a label in gmail
  3. You can also label the nesting property, and for that, you have to click ‘actions’ and, after that, choose the ‘edit’ option and modify the nesting property of the existing label
  4. For a better experience, always use the updated version of Gmail. It presents its new versions from time to time in accordance with the need of the hour, and if you want to get all the new features, then you have to update your Gmail account from time to time
  5. Also, update your desktop if you want to enjoy the latest features of Gmail. Sometimes it happens that your Gmail is updated but not your laptop or PC then also you wouldn’t be able to use the new features
  6. If you want to make your emails more effective and impactful, then you have to use some of the settings of the mail in which you can edit your mail body. You can make them bold or in italics, or you can change the color of the texts or the background



 In this article, we have learned about that how we can remove labels from our mail accounts. Separating important emails from a bunch of emails is very important. 

In your inbox, you get tons of emails in which many are useless and don’t need them, but also when you have to find out the important emails, you have to go through them all, which can be a long and tiring process. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your important emails aside the rest of the emails to make them ‘important,’ which is available in both the mailing platforms, Outlook and Gmail. 

You have to simply click on the emails and mark them as important. In Gmail, you can use ‘star’ for that, and for Outlook, you can use ‘flag’ for the same. 

But when you got so much on your plate, then even your important emails are many, and it again becomes your headache to search out the email which you need among all the important emails. 

And that is why you need to make them separate from others by putting them under labels. So in Gmail, you have to create labels, and then after creating a label, your Gmail automatically shifts your emails on the basis of the categories that you made. 

In Outlook, you have to group the emails yourself. But with some of the labels and groups become unnecessary for us, and we need to remove them to free up space. 

To remove labels from your Gmail and Outlook account, you have to follow the guide which is provided here in this article. 

And with the help of that, you can easily and simply remove your labels in Gmail in no time and free up your space and storage. 

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