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21 Incredible Data Room Service Providers For Your Company

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In this modern world when everything is becoming digitalized. So is the corporate world, and we have so many instances where companies are going digital.

One is the data room which can be taken as a virtual document keeper platform. It is basically a business tool where businesses and companies keep their documents.

This provides a unified platform for the whole organization. Here the entire workplace can access the documents, keep them safe and organized.

This accelerates the workflow in the company and makes it easy to share with third-party companies.

Here we are offering you a list of the best 21 data room service providers which you can use for your company.



Q. 1 What are the best data rooms?

The best data rooms are those which offer you a bunch of features. That helps you to keep your documents managed and safe with easy accessibility.

Also, the best data rooms should be budget-friendly and don’t charge you any extra cost.


Q 2. How much does it cost to set up a virtual data room?

The cost to set up a virtual data room differs. There are many providers who give a free trial, and some are completed free or some with premium features.

Here you need to keep in mind the needs and demands of your company. So that you only choose the best virtual data room.


Q 3. What is a virtual data room service?

Virtual data room service is a platform where companies can upload their documents. These documents can be crucial or confident documents or related to daily activities.

From the virtual data room, the employees of the company can access the documents. Easily share them, and most importantly, keep them safe.


21 Best Data Room Service Providers

So without dodging with words, let’s start our list of 21 amazing data room service providers.

1.      DealRoom

It is the first choice of the companies because of the features it offers. This application is equipped with all the tools you need for your organization. DealRoom

  • You can work on it online. It is also available for platforms like iOS and Android.
  • Here you have a live chat, webphone, ticketing, and a wide knowledge base.
  • It uses AI and in-depth analytics for working and making your experience pretty decent.
  • This application came with a simple file management system and secured data room. It avoids complexities so that even a novice can work with it.
  • With this software, you will get security and can create projects. You can also monitor them and.
  • It is one of the dynamic data room providers which has revolutionized the way of working and take an edge over the traditional ways.

2.      Intralinks

The next best data room service provider on our list is here. It is known for its flexibility provided to the users. Intralinks

  • It supports email and phone. You can use it on a desktop and can work online.
  • This software is for huge organizations that need massive storage and security.
  • There are 3 modules offers by it, among which users can choose theirs. Also, if they want extra, then they can choose extra modules according to their needs.
  • It has an excellent support system and with that offers consulting advice too. Equipped with optional training, it becomes perfect for every company and business.

3.      FirmRoom

If you are looking for an outstanding data room service provider, then your wait is over. We are presenting this amazing option to those who want only the best.FirmRoom

  • It is available for platforms including iOS and Android. With that, you can work online too.
  • This application supports live chatting, phone, ticketing, and knowledgebase. It has also been featured by the leading websites as a top data room service provider.
  • In its functions, we can count the drag and drop feature and permission settings. Here you can upload the files and documents in bulk within few minutes.
  • It can easily integrate with Office 365, Salesforce, and Slack so that you can increase your productivity.
  • Here you can get a free trial for 30 days, and thereafter you have to pay.

4.      iDeals

Another software for data room service is this. It has been in the industry since 2008 and thus using its experience for imparting only the best services.iDeals

  • You can work here online. So whatever platform you have, you don’t need to worry.
  • It supports emails, live chatting, and phone. You can use any of them.
  • One of its most superb features is its Q&A section. That is fabulous for communications and collaborations with others.
  • In this course of a long time, it has earned its name for the security it offers. Its users are from various industries including real estate, life sciences, and M&A.
  • It also has a free trial period, and afterwards, you need to pay.

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5.      Merrill

One more data room service provider on our list is this amazing application. It is a bit of sophisticated software.Merrill

  • This is for the big organizations that need to store their data in major chunks. So here we can understand that why it is sophisticated.
  • It supports emails and phone, whatever suits you and your organization. It works online, so no worries about platforms.
  • In the features, we can count bulk uploading and Q&A section. With that, you can use the drag and drop feature and VDR capabilities.
  • Here you can secure your confidential documents online. It offers solutions to private equity, corporate development, and investment banking sectors.

6.      Fordata

As the name suggests, it is mainly for data security. That is what it achieved with its features and offers the users a high degree of security and safety to data.Fordata

  • You can work here online. Also, it is available for mobiles, so you can work with your documents anytime, anywhere.
  • It supports ticketing, knowledgebase, live chat, and phone. So you can try any of them.
  • This software offers the perfect number of features. Not more or less than what you need, so you can never find yourself overwhelmed by the functions.
  • In common features, you have automatic indexing and docs viewer. Accompanied by permissions management, drag and drop, easy and simple upload.

7.      Securedocs

Another best data room service provider with us is this software which is great for users. This is one of the easiest applications to work with.

  • It comes with an intuitive interference and fast setup. So no hassle of working around the clock.
  • This software is easy to use and works for predefined principles. These principles include simplicity, security, and savings.
  • It is available online and supports both emails and phones.
  • Here you also have a free trial, and after that, you have to pay for the services.

8.      Box

If you are searching for an innovative data room service provider, then here you are. This software is a unique tool to use for your company.Box

  • It is available online and supports phone and emails. Here you have a free trial too.
  • This application is very easy to use with a straightforward dashboard. It is not that much complex as compared to its competitors.
  • Here you can custom workflows and view your documents with a secure fence view. It offers the most basic features which are important for your company.
  • This is specially made for daily operations and small transactions with easy file uploading and sharing.

9.      Sharefile

There we go with our next data room service provider that is brilliant in terms of features. It is loaded with the tools that are necessary for the security and safety of your documents.

  • This application offers a free trial for 7 days, and thereafter you need to pay. It supports emails and phone and is available online.
  • For the security of your documents here, you have a view-only access feature and dynamic watermarking.
  • With that, you also have click trails, reporting, and granular user access.
  • It can be integrated with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Suits, and others. There are more features which help you in easy sharing of your files.

10.   Caplinked

Another data room service provider with the most common and basic features is here. It offers all the necessary tools required for the security of your documents.

  • This software supports phone and emails and is available online with free trials.
  • It was established in the year 2010, and since then, it is best known for the security measures it offers.
  • Here you have an intuitive dashboard and edit your Excel and Word documents. With that, you can get instant messages and can edit within the VDR.
  • It supports phone and emails and works online with a free trial.

11.   Firmex

Another enterprise data room service provider is here. It is used for a variety of works and is capable of doing almost every task.

  • This application is used for compliance, diligence, and litigation. With its high degree of security, it makes all your files sound safe and secure.
  • It is a robust option to choose from. So whether you are a small company or huge turnover, it suits both.
  • You can also work here with your mobile and access the system as well as your documents.
  • Here the security is bank graded and supports firewalls, intrusion, ongoing risk assessment, physical data protection, and disaster management.

12.   Encyro

If you are looking for a multipurpose data room service provider, then here we go. This software is capable of working multidimensional.

  • Some of its incredible features are file organization, email encryption, and unlimited storage.
  • It takes backup of your files and documents and keeps it safe with its unlimited storage of remote servers.
  • Here you get 16 layers of security so that your data and documents are not comprised. Also, you can safely share the data with other organizations.
  • With the encryption technology, you can store files, collect e – signatures, send and receive emails.
  • It allows you to improve your file management system with ease of work.

13.   Vitrium Security

One data room service provider that is best for your content security is this. With this software, you can store and work with a diverse range of file types.

  • It is a DRM solution where you can store and secure digital documents, images, videos, and other files.
  • If you are a distributor, content creator, or publisher, it is perfect for you. As it helps them with protecting their assets from illegal sharing.
  • It supports a huge range of files that includes DOC, PPT, TXT, ODT, PDF, XLS. For multimedia, it supports MP4, AVI, JPG, BPM, GIF, and more.
  • Here you can control the files, use analytics tools, and simply share the files.

14.   eFileCabinet

Another VDR solution with us is this software which simplifies your work. So if you are looking for easy workflow, then it’s a must for you.


  • With this application, you can eliminate paperwork from your organization for file uploading and sharing.
  • It is made for both small companies as well big organizations that handle a major chunk of files and documents.
  • Here you get a lot of storage that is more than enough for your data. You also get flexible deployment and mobile optimization.
  • You can make your tasks automatic, get delivery modules, and streamline workflow.
  • One of its automatic features is the Zonal OCR tool that can recognize files and routes them to their appropriate destination.

15.   Egnyte

Another VDR solution here is this software which is a perfect blend of security and other features. It got all that you need for your organization. Egnyte

  • This application is specially made for content collaboration, infrastructure modernization, and data protection.
  • It doesn’t limit itself to file sharing and also offers seamless collaboration, which holds immense for any company.
  • You can access your files and documents anytime from anywhere with this software.
  • Here you can also monitor usage patterns and access control with compliant data governance.
  • One of its best features is hybrid deployment which is a model for making your workflow smooth.

16.   Datasite

If you are looking for a fast data room service provider, then you got this. It is one of the software applications that makes your work fast. Datasite

  • This application is specially designed for the best user experience, interface, and functionality.
  • Here you have only the amazing features with you. In that, we can count file organization, online file sharing, folder indexing, and integrated redaction.
  • With that, you also have a character recognition and activity tracker with you and support your team.
  • What makes it different from others is that it is loaded with advanced features yet simple to use.
  • Here you also have Q&A management, project management, and high-level enterprise security.

17.  OverDrive

This data room service provider is by Google, which has earned its name for reliability. Today Google is best known for its authority and security, and the same can be expected from this application by Google. overdrive

  • It is one of the most popular cloud storage systems out there which can fulfill the needs of an individual and an organization.
  • This application comes with a powerful office – suite collaboration functionality. Here you have a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation programs.
  • It is basically a file and document uploading and sharing platform. With this, you can share your entire file or even a link to it also.
  • One of its most fascinating features is its automatic real-time file syncing which saves your time.
  • Not only this, but it is affordable too, and you can buy additional storage too if needed.

18.   Onehub

Another leading data room service provider with us is this. We can term it as a full suite of security, file management, and sharing. onehub data room

  • It offers a cloud-based file sharing option with VDR to reduce the burden on your shoulders.
  • This software is a secured platform where you can upload and store your files and make them safe from any online threat.
  • Here you can share your files and documents privately whilst collaborating anonymously. This applies even to sensitive and confidential data.
  • In the features, we can count drag and drop, activity tracker, and easy to set up processes.

19.   Syncplicity

We got another VDR platform for you which is excellent for your company. This software is specially made for IT and business users. Syncplicity

  • It is a hybrid solution that offers huge storage infrastructure aggregation and real-time document security.
  • With that, you can also backup your data and migrate it when you need it.
  • In the feature, we can include file share replacement, system connectivity, and sharing and editing.
  • Also, mobile collaboration and any device content access make it the first choice of the users.
  • For IT users, it has something special. That is group-level policy control and external sharing restrictions.

20.   RR Donnelley Venue Data Room

One more data room service provider for bulk working is here. With this tool, even the large data volume is easy to handle. RR Donnelley Venue Data Room

  • It is an application for uploading files in bulk and user activity monitoring. With this feature, it takes an edge over the security measures.
  • In advanced features, we have real-time graphics reporting and assist you in financial institutions.
  • So you can manage the complex data, whether local and cross-national projects.
  • Here you have file protection and DRM where you can secure your data with encryption.
  • Also, you can protect your data view-only access, customized document watermark, and granular document permissions.

21.   Ansarada

Last but not least data room service provider is here. It makes itself clear from all others out there with its AI-powered VDR solution. Ansarada data room

  • With its AI, you can simplify your work and make it a piece of cake.
  • In features, you can count deal assistant app, due diligence Q&A management.
  • Also, in the list, we can include AiQ bidder engagement. Its interactive assistance steals the limelight.
  • It powers your organization with genius insight and bidder engagement. With that, you can store and secure your data to a centralized data location.

These are some of the data room service providers that you can try for your organization.



For every company, business, and organization, making its data secure is essential. In that data room, service providers help a lot.

They not only store the files but also protect them, make them easy to share. Also, they facilitate access to data and reduces the workload.

Here we have discussed virtual data room service providers in India. If you want to read more on data security and file sharing, then click here.

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