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21 Amazing Best Call Centre Software You Need in 2021

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Software for a call center is the need of every business to offer the best customer care services. In this digital era, when there is an online revolution, phone calls have their own value for businesses.

Even now also people prefer calls to enquire or complain about the services of a company. And every business which is intended to satisfy their customers must have a good communication system.

Here software applications for a call center can work great. Why and how, well these questions we will be addressing in the following sections.

Here you will get the list of amazing call center applications that you can choose for your business.

What Is A Call Centre Software 

Let’s start with the very first question that arises in mind after hearing call center software. Software for the call center is a system in which businesses can manage their different channels of communication. 

From a single operating system, you can manage phone calls and SMS texts. With that, emails, social media messaging, and live chatting are also supported by these systems. 

This system can be used both as a helper desk and as a customer care service. Software for call centers acts as a platform from where customers can directly contact your business or company. 

This communication between your company and the customers is in two ways. First, you can contact customers for marketing and feedback, and they can contact you for inquiries and issues they have. 

To take an edge over all other means of communications, it offers comprehensive integration with other platforms too. Here you can integrate helpdesks, CRMs, marketing software applications as well. 

Also, after integration, these call center applications can offer a wide range of information about the customers. This includes their previous purchase history, cases, support tickets, to count a few. 

The list doesn’t end here, and chats transcripts, notes, an earlier phone call with the company are included too. 

In a nutshell, you can say that software for the call center is the backbone of every company. And provides all the facilities and features for the best customer satisfaction and streamlines workflow. 


What Is The Working Mechanism Of Call Centre Software 

Next, we will discuss the working mechanism of the call center software. And that is important if you want to acquire complete information about call center applications. 

Working Mechanism

First of all, when a caller calls, the system checks its unique entry in the data based. And if there is no previous entry of the caller, then the system adds a unique entry for the caller. 

And if there is a unique entry of the caller, then it equips the agent with additional information. This includes previous call history, issues, case status, and which agent was handling the case earlier. 

All this information is shown on the screen of the agent so that on the basis of that, he can conversate with the caller. After that, the caller is routed to another agent through mapping. 

These calls are either assigned automatically, or agents can pick the call manually. After the distribution of the calls, the agents talk with the callers and tries to find out their issues. 

And according to their problems or queries, they can assist the callers over the calls or emails. With modern technology, agents can even access the caller’s system remotely and solve the issues. 

If the problem needs then agents can at the same time take the help of the supervisors too. So this system allows taking help from senior agents at the same time for fast resolution. 

After that, the agent can assign a status to the case. In that, agents can mark the case as open, resolved or closed.

 So that the next time if the same caller calls agent will know its status and will conversate accordingly. Thus in this way, a call centre software works for any company and business. 


What Are The Features Of Call Centre Software  

Now the next turn is of the features of the call center application. This forms an inseparable part of our guide without which proceeding further is foolish. So here we go. 

Controlled Calls 

Call center software is different from normal calls in the sense that here agent can control the calls. Here the agents can control all the incoming calls with just a few mouse clicks. 

The agent can transfer, mute, or hold the phone calls. With that, some call center applications can also offer live chat, email, and conference calls at the same time. 

Interaction With Voice Responses 

This feature takes care of the callers even before they are assigned to any agent. In this, the software system offers a greetings or service prompts menu. 

From the menu, callers can choose their preferred language, issue, or inquiry for which they are calling. So this feature makes the caller feel special or doesn’t make them feel neglected. 

Automatic Call Distribution 

This is one of the best features of the call center software application. In this feature, the incoming calls are routed to the most appropriate agent for the caller. 

And this happens without letting the caller know about it. And at the same time also enable the agent to conversate with the caller by displaying all the relevant pieces of information on his screen. 

Easy Integration 

To make the call center application more dynamic, they can be integrated with other software as well. It extends the functionality of the system and reduces the burden of the agent. 

With that, it also works to deliver high-quality customer care service to the callers. By this third–party integration, more information about the caller, data security, and its analysis is achieved. 

This ultimately helps in building customer relations and delivering high-standard services. 

Real-Time Reporting 

What another feature we can count in the list is this by which a report can be generated. This report can include all the required information. 

By this feature, it can be noted that how many calls are received in a given period by the agents. What were the duration of the calls, waiting for time, service standards, and many others? 

This information is helpful in improving the quality of customer care services. 

These are some of the popular features that are offered by almost all call center software. 


What Are The Advantages Of Call Centre Software 

Here in this section, we will discuss the benefits of the call center software. They are necessary to know so that you can make a wise decision about whether you need them or not. 

Following are some of the significant advantages of call recording software for call centers,

# Easy To Manage 

It is the foremost benefit offered by call center applications. By this, companies and businesses can manage their customers easily. 

There are many instances when hundreds of customers are contacting through phone calls. Then it becomes very chaotic to handle all of them on the go. 

But with call center software, it becomes very simple. All the calls are directed through a streamlined system that routes them depending on their needs. 

So with call center apps managing phone calls for any company is child’s play. 

# Reduce Labour 

When you can manage hundreds and thousands of phone calls with just an application, then why would you hire people for that. And that is the next benefit of using call center apps. 

With these apps, a company or a business doesn’t need to employ more agents for handling phone calls. One software is sufficient for that which not only manages the calls but distributes them. 

# Remote Working 

With call center software, remote working is possible. As the company doesn’t need physical offices or employees so remote teams can be set up. 

And these remote teams can work as a BPO center if the company is not much big. Thus geographic locations is not a bar with call centre software applications. 

# Date Security 

Modern  software is not only for managing phone calls, but they offer data security too. As these applications deal with customer’s information that data needs to be secured. 

This data includes personal details of the customer, their purchase details, and many other things. And this data is secured and stored with the help of these applications. 

# Increase Productivity 

It is packed with many features which increase productivity. To count a few, we have auto-dialers, time routing, monitoring tools on the list. 

With these tools, an overall report for each of the agents can be generated. These reports can be used to enhance the performance of the agents making the customer support service excellent. 

# Builds Customer Relationships 

This is the best benefit of using call center software. In an era when the growth of a company depends on its relations with the users, customer care service becomes a game-changer. 

With the help of these applications, companies can satisfy their customers. And this helps in retaining the existing customers.

Apart from this, software for a call center can also be used for marketing. And this helps in making new customers. 


# Cost – Effective 

This is one of the reasons why businesses and companies are employing call centra software. Because they offer all of the above benefits yet remain budget-friendly. 

Unless you are a BPO centered business or need a large BPO call center, apps are brilliant for your business. They offer you remote working, reduces manual labor and thus saves a lot on cost.


21 Best Call Centre Software

There are some features that are counted as the essentials for the call center application. It includes a streamlined working system, inbound and outbound calling to count a few.

With that, there are many more features important for software for a call center. All the applications listed below are equipped with these features while having some distinct of their own.

1.      Aircall

The first position in our list is grabbed by this application. It is a cloud-based software that is best for the support team to handle customer calls.

aircall Best Call Centre Software

  • This software is full of the incredible features which are necessary. The features include cloud-based calling, interactive voice responses.
  • And to count more, we have call routing and call queuing with us. These features are accompanied by skill-based routing, queue call back, and call whispering.
  • Not only this, but here you also get live call monitoring. And the managers can guide their agents behind the call scenes too.

2.      HubSpot

Another amazing call center software on our list is here. It is one of the first choices of the companies for their customer support team.

HubSpot call center software

  • This application is robust yet simple to use. It comes with easy-to-use interference that a new agent can also easily handle.
  • If you are looking for the best software to build customer relations, then you should try it.
  • While on a call, it displays all the information about the caller on the screen of the agent. This helps in a better conversation.
  • All the information is displayed in a single-line view, which makes it easier for the agent.
  • This software comes with automated tools, which gives a boost. Here you get excellent reports too for further improvements.
  • You also get live chat software, shared email inbox with better integration.

3.      Nextiva

It is famous out there because it is easy to use and handle. This is the tool that most companies use to connect with more callers with few agents.

Nextiva call center software

  • With this application, some handful of agents can connect with many callers in less time.
  • Here you can use the optimization feature for agent call flow.
  • And with that, you also get interactive voice responses and call queuing.
  • Not only this, but you also have automatic call routing with you. And with the virtual agent, you can automate the interactions.
  • Pretty simple, that is why this software stands apart in the crowd.

4.      Bitrix24

If you are looking for an application for boosting customer relation management, then this option is worth your trying. It is primarily a contact center.


  • This contact center is designed to handle the to-do list with managing the calls.
  • It helps the teams in collaborating their work and tasks. So it provides a streamlined path of working.
  • With that here, you also get many customer service channels. And with the help of them, you can handle your callers very well.
  • Here you have rentable telephone lines, a live chat box, and email queues. They all get very easily integrated, so no hassle of handling them separately.
  • It also provides an on-premise solution for data storage. Where the business can store and secure their data.

5.      CloudTalk

It is one of the innovative call center software on our list. As it is unique and new, so it offers more amazing features compare to others.


  • Here you get a variety of tools to use and maximize customer satisfaction. All the tools are built for better customer care support.
  • It got a custom queue feature where agents can distribute the calls by dictation.
  • All the incoming calls are distributed by a channel that routes the call to the most appropriate agent as per the call.
  • This software also offers a customized voicemail feature. With the help of this feature, you can engage the callers even if the agents are not present.
  • It is excellent for remote teams and is integrated with salesforce easily.

6.      TalkDesk

If you have a big company or business, then you will definitely need this software. This is made for dealing with heavy caller traffic.

talkdesk cloud contact center

  • It is a robust software for call centers and helps companies with their customer care services.
  • With this tool, big enterprise teams can manage their phone support. And with a fast speed too.
  • Here you have workforce management with you. And you also get specifically designed security features for your industry.
  • It acts like a one-stop destination fulfilling all the needs of the support team.

7.      RingCentral

Another software on our list is the most flexible tool ever made. It is very adjustable, and working with it is effortless.

RingCentral call center software

  • This is a cloud-based system that can support desktop and phone both. So you have greater freedom to work anytime and anywhere.
  • With its ‘ring out feature, you can enable one-touch calling. And that also from any device, phone, or laptop.
  • It also has a strong call delegation system and brilliant answering rules that help the agents further.
  • In a nutshell, this software is feature-packed which can make your customer care support superb.

8.      Five9

With this application, you can handle customer support and upsell at a single time. So no need to employ two different systems for selling and customer services. Five9

  • It is made for enterprise businesses, so if you have one, then it your worth your consideration.
  • Here you get workforce management and predictive dialing. So managing the inbound calls is not that much hard with this tool.
  • And with CTI screen pop-ups, you can win every chance to sell your products and services.
  • So with this app, you don’t have to go anywhere for your customer services and sales.

9.      Freshcaller

It is the best choice for more than 6,000 businesses and companies. That needs a feature-packed application for their customer care services.


  • It is a cloud-based application that is modern yet simple and easy to use. It doesn’t matter what the size of the company and the technical expertise it is best for all.
  • Here companies can manage their customer care services with sales management too.
  • Whether you are a startup or a developed company, it can suit them both. It offers a variety of features.
  • That includes omnichannel routing, virtual hold, answer bot, and a lot more.

10.   8×8 Contact Centre

If you are looking for outstanding dialer software for the call center, then it is for you. It is the most popular call center software available out there.  8x8 Contact Centre

  • This application is full of customized features by which you can personalize your solutions.
  • Here you get omnichannel routing, with the help of which you can use various channels for routing the calls.
  • With that, you also get real-time analytics here, which helps in the improvements in customer care services.
  • Some other features include queued call back, interactive voice response. And skills-based call routing, web call back.
  • Apart from these features, you also get an email, inbuilt chat, and social media contact for better solutions.
  • So with this app, you can enhance and increase the productivity of your company and business.

11. General

Last but not least in our list is this application which is available out there for almost free. It is one of the options to choose if you are low in budget yet want supreme features.

  • It is cloud-based, but it can also work for iOS. So you can work as you like.
  • Here you get call blending with call scripting, recording, and scripting. It is for both outbound and inbound call centers.
  • You can work with a manual dialer, predictive dialer, progressive dialer. And also, queue management with voice recognition is on the list.
  • Here you also get real-time chats with the cloud contact center. It supports emails, ACD, IVR, and more.

12.   Zendesk

One another cloud-based call center application on our list is here. And it is specially designed for the Zendesk Support ticketing system.


  • So if you have that, then this software is great and much needed for your company or business.
  • Here you agents can record the information of the callers. And can access that while calling.
  • Other features include call recording, browser-based calls, group routing, and custom greeting.
  • Not that only but also advanced analytics and real-time dashboard are there for your help.
  • With that, you can create tickets automatically, which speeds up the work. And with call blocking, conference calling, you can eliminate unnecessary tasks.

13.   Abacus Cloud

Another great software for a call center on our list is this. It is one of the cloud-based call center software that works online. Abacus Cloud

  • In its features, we can count interactive voice responses and voice recognition. Voice recognition is one of those advanced features which are much awaited.
  • To count more, we can include call scripting and queue management in the list.
  • And escalation management, predictive dialer, and video conferencing are more to add.
  • It can be used for 24/7 customer support or for business hours. Whatever suits your company.

14.   Alo Tech

If you are looking for excellent software for handling all the tasks for your customer care, then it’s here. It is one of the best call center software available out there. Alo Tech

  • What makes it different from the others is its feature richness. That is why it is best known for.
  • Here you get call blending, call monitoring, call scripting, and manual dialer. With that, call logging, call recording, escalation management are also included.
  • The agent can handle both inbound and outbound calls. So you can manage customer care and sales generation at the same time.
  • In the advanced features, we have reported, live online, progressive dialer. Predictive dialer and interactive voice responses.

15.   Balto

In our list, one more application is this, which is a great option to choose. This is a full suite for compliance, collections, customer services, and sales. Balto

  • It is available for Windows and Mac and is also web-based. This means it is also cloud-based software to use.
  • Here you can monitor the calls, record them and use call scripting. With that, you can also set up an inbound call center.
  • Not only that, but it helps in managing the outbound call center too. You can live online or for business hours.
  • In the features, we can count escalation management and consistent messages.
  • It’s more than just a call centre software and serves as a coaching tool too. So if you have a newbie on board, then he won’t have any problems.

16.   CallFire

Another incredible software for call centre in our list is here. This is the app that you can use to text and call solutions. CallFire

  • It is also a cloud-based application that works online or web-based. And you can do documentation too.
  • Here you get call recording and interactive voice responses. With that, you have voice recognition and call scripting.
  • You can also record the calls, use the manual dialer and predictive dialer. It got intuitive and easy to navigate interference.
  • It can be used by small to middle-sized businesses for their customer care as well as for sales. So yes, it has an outbound calling system too.

17.   CallHippo

Another place in our list is occupied by this software which is great for new folks in a call center. It is for all-size businesses and helps them to handle their customers. CallHippo

  • This application is for the Android and iOS platforms. Here you got almost all the features for your support team.
  • That includes inbound call center, outbound call center, and 24/7 support. It also has interactive voice responses and voice recognition.
  • With that here, you also have a predictive dialer, speech analytics, and record calls.
  • As mentioned earlier, too, here, the agents can be trained and imparted with the skills for running a call center.

18.   Dialer360

There is no company that doesn’t need good customer care support. And for that, a brilliant support team equipped with a call center is much required. So here you have one of them. dialer360

  • This application is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac. But it can be used online, too, as it is cloud-based.
  • Herewith the general feature like call logging, scripting, and call recording some advanced features are also added.
  • In the advanced features, we can include live online and predictive dialer. Some more are progressive dialers, interactive voice responses, and in-person agents.
  • Also, webphones, SMS broadcasting, and VoIP are more advanced features. It is one of the affordable call center software available out there.

19.   Dialpad

We can’t afford to miss out on this software on our list. It is a multi-platform application that works very well. Dialpad

  • It is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. However, it is cloud-based, and you can work online.
  • It has general features including call blending, monitoring, recording, logging, scripting. With that coupled with voice settings.
  • In the advanced feature, we have escalation management, manual dialer, progressive dialer. And predictive dialer, queue management, reporting to count more.
  • Here one can work for business hours and 24/7. For online, live online, and in-person services.

20.   Easycall Cloud

It is a cloud-based software for call centers only. So without any worries, you can work online and handle the customer care services.  Easycall Cloud

  • With this application, you can manage inbound and outbound call centers. It can meet your needs and demands.
  • Here you get call logging with recording, scripting calls. You can schedule appointments and manage the campaigns.
  • It also has a manual dialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer. And also queue management, other features in the list.

21. CrazyCall

It is the best call center software for outbound sales calls. So if you are looking to increase your sales, then it’s a must-try for you. CrazyCall

  • Its features are customized so you can give a personal touch to them. And you can modify them according to the need of your company.
  • Some of its features are auto-dialing, call script, click to call. And callback widget, call monitoring, call transfer, to count a few.
  • It makes the calling system more efficient and productive.
  • But it is also made for small businesses, eCommerce shops, and support teams. So it can handle both customer care and lead generation, but the latter remains highlighted.

These are some of the best call center software which you can use for your business and company.



Here we have discussed the call recording software for call centers. These are a must-try if you want to give your customers the best support.

And also if you want to increase your sales. If you want to read more, then stay tuned with us.


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