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18 Best Business Phone Service Provider in 2021 VOIP

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Every business needs strong communication with its clients and customers. And when you have an online store or website, providing various contact numbers can help you. By providing your contact number, you let the users approach your online business anytime and anywhere. It also authenticates your business and services.

All you want is to develop your business and improve your relationship with the customer. So for that, you need some sort of professional phone service provider.

These providers will offer a professional look to your online website or business. And that is why here we are with a list of 17 amazing business phone service providers.



  1. What is a Business VoIP Phone Service?

A business VoIP phone service is generally a central web console from where you can manage all the voice calls. It can be used by employees remotely and from any device.

So it gives you the freedom to extend your voice communication services.


  1. Why and when do you need a business VoIP Phone System?

If you are a small business and want to grow it, then a business VoIP phone system is for you. This system is required for extending the voice communication channel to grow the business.


  1. How to choose the Best Business VoIP Provider?

There are many factors on the basis of which you can choose the best business VoIP provider. They can be features provided, calling minutes, and pricing policies.


17 Incredible Business Phone Service Providers

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the 17 best business phone service, providers. They all have several features to offer and vary on many factors.

So without any delays, let dive in,

1.      Nextiva

The first best business phone service provider on the list is here. It is one of the best tools for out of the office companies.

nextiva voip

  • What makes it different from others is that it offers great features at affordable prices.
  • In the hardware and tools, you will get a phone for desk, for conference rooms. With that, it also offers a mobile app from which you can manage calls from mobiles.
  • It also provides an application through which you can manage phone calls, emails, and text messages. All this can be done on the computer.
  • This tool easily integrates with industry-leading CRMs to take your business to the next level.
  • In the features, we can count unlimited calls and automatic call forwarding. Here you will also get free online fax, call queuing, free local and toll–free numbers.

2.      Ooma

Another best business phone service provider on our list is this. It is outstanding in terms of physical phone systems for low-budget businesses. ooma

  • It is ideal for businesses that need a desk phone system. With the system, you will get the hardware too.
  • And for managing the calls, it offers a mobile application. Through this app, employees can handle the calls on their go too.
  • Here you can add users and devices very easily and can manage all the things without any technical support.
  • In the features, you have unlimited calling, low international call rates, a toll-free number, and a virtual receptionist.
  • As a cherry on the top, it has a great customer support system with very affordable prices.

3.      RingCentral

If you are looking for a phone service provider with a superb texting feature, then it’s here. This application is worth your consideration if you are in need of call and text features. RingCentral

  • In the features, you have unlimited calls with unlimited business SMS and MMS. With that, you will get the mobile app, team collaboration, and call log support.
  • For clarity, here you have HD voice which is a unique feature in itself.
  • For voice communication, you have vanity numbers, toll-free numbers, international numbers with international toll–free calling.
  • All the plans are customizable, so you can choose according to your need.
  • In a nutshell, you can say that it is secure, reliable, and simple to use the tool.

4.      Grasshopper

This tool is specially made for freelancers and startups. So if you are one of them with a small budget, then it is for you only. Grasshopper

  • This single tool is more than enough to add a pinch of professionalism to your business.
  • Here you can find toll-free numbers, local numbers, and vanity numbers very easily.
  • In the features, you have business texting, unlimited calling, and voicemails. You will also get call forwarding, VoIP, virtual fax, WiFi calling, and custom greetings.
  • Here you will also have a mobile and desktop app to manage the calls. Also, with this system managing simultaneous calls are simple.


This tool has earned its name for the intuitive dashboard it offers. It is one of the most straightforward business phone service providers.

  • What makes it stand apart from other service providers is that it requires no technical expertise. And you can get started right after sign up within few minutes.
  • This tool has a long list of features, but to count a few, we have call routing and call queuing with us.
  • Here you will also get SMS texting, HD conferencing, call screening, and call blocking. You have auto attendant, fax to email service, and international dialling too.
  • In the premium features, you will get video conferencing and CRM integration.

6.      Vonage

If you think that getting everything you want from a single service provider is impossible. Then hold on to your horses, this tool will break your myth.Vonage

  • It is the best choice for the users because of the wide features and solutions it offers. This tool provides a wide – array of solutions that are hard to resist.
  • Here you will get unified communication services. And in the features, you have unlimited calling, SMS, fax, and social media services too.
  • Also, you have team messaging too for team collaboration. Not only this, but you will also get flexible conferencing and office settings.
  • It has a different pricing plan and is great for CRM integrations.

7.      GoTo Connect

For any business that wants to develop, customer satisfaction is one of the deciding factors. And to satisfy your customers with supreme qualities is this tool is for you.GoTo Connect

  • It is an all-inclusive business phone service provider that is perfect for every business that gets tons of customer calls.
  • What makes it stand apart from others is that it offers free services that are paid for by other phone service providers.
  • In the basic features, you will get call recording and call conferencing. Also, you will have auto-attendants, call monitoring, virtual fax, and custom greetings.
  • Here you will also have custom hold music and individual call logs. Not only this, but you will also have to dial by name and extension.

8.      1 – VoIP

This system is a robust option to choose which can handle all the workload of your office. Its features are from small organizations as well as large ones. 1 – VoIP

  • One of the highlights of this app is its metered pricing structure. Also, if you are on your metered plan, then also you will get all the basic features.
  • In the basic features, you have call queues and call recording. With that, you will also have virtual fax and hours of operation.
  • It also offers digital call forwarding, calls waiting, and extension transfer. So with this tool, you can rest assured of your business communication.
  • With these basic features, there are nearly more than 40 features that we can count. All of these features you can explore while using this tool.

9.      Circle Loop

Another amazing business phone service provider with us is here. It is one of the next-generation tools which is loaded with advanced features. circleloop

  • This system is a cloud-based tool that has the potential to replace your traditional phone system.
  • It doesn’t only replaces old one but also work as a hub or central location where you can integrate all the customer service application for better management.
  • One of its key features is an inbuilt conference call. That other features include installed applications, call forwarding, call recording, and texting.
  • For the external participants, you don’t have to pay anything.

10.   UberConference

In today’s world, customer relationship management means a lot for developing any business. And one of the best tools for managing that with phone calls is here. UberConference

  • It is a handy solution for businesses that want to accompany their phone system with CRM.
  • To get started, you only need to install the application and then modify the setting according to you.
  • In this app, scheduling meetings and call contacts are very simple. And you can do that right through your CRM interface.
  • It has an email confirmation feature too, which informs the contacts after scheduling the interaction.

11.   CallHippo

One more great business phone service provider on our list is this. If you are looking for a phone system with fundamental features, then you can’t afford to miss it. CallHippo

  • This tool is incredible for the new folks who are using business phone services the first time.
  • In the features, you have call transferrin, conference call, and voicemails. With that, you will get smart call forwarding, too, which makes your services smart.
  • And to improve the customer experience, it offers upbeat music to the customers while on hold.
  • Here you will also receive a call report, and you can plan calls as well. It is best for team collaboration and integration too.

12.   Aircall

Another cloud-based business phone service provider is this phone system. One of its plus points is its easy integration with most of the CRM platforms available out there. Aircall

  • Here you can create your own toll-free numbers by using the local area code. It also supports international calls without extra charges.
  • What makes it more interesting is its interactive voice response system. This feature guides the customers to their appropriate service team.
  • In the feature, you will have call recording with call transferring and call conferencing.
  • Also, you can add notes and tags in between a call or assign them to someone else. It also has voicemails and a to-do list, which makes the work streamlined.

13.   JustCall

If you are looking for a new business phone service provider while resuming your number, then it is for you only. JustCall

  • With this system, you can replace your old provider with a new one even without changing the number.
  • In this app, you can keep your current phone number active, and the customer service team will connect it to your account.
  • Here you also get custom numbers. So you can link your company name or any message with your new phone number.
  • Also, here you can find numbers and their localities just right through your dashboard.

14.   CloudTalk

Another easy and simple one-go phone system with us is here. It can be ranked among the simplest business phone system ever. CloudTalk

  • This application is very flexible to use, and with this, you can give a personal touch to your phone system.
  • Here you can customize several features of the system and make them according to your needs.
  • For that, it allows you to create a 5 digit number so that customers can reach you fastly and effectively.
  • Also, you can customize the personalized automated greetings for your customers. And you can also play music according to the situation.
  • In features, you have call queuing, call forwarding, call recording, to count a few.

15.   VoiceShot

If your business needs to provide a brilliant customer care service, then this app is a must for you. This will enable us to handle all the calls in a planned manner.


  • It is a cloud-based business phone service provider which is packed with features.
  • This app works with the objective of achieving customer support and success. So you can impart a great customer care service with this phone system.
  • In the features, you have outbound voice broadcasting and text messaging. These are coupled with urgent alert updates.
  • With that, you can integrate this phone system with any CRM you want.

16.   Line2

It is one of those business phone systems that are made for small to medium-sized businesses. And yet remains on a pretty good budget.


  • This phone system will sync your business phone number with your personal number.
  • So you can manage all your personal and business phone calls from a single device.
  • In the dashboard, you will get a widget that makes your work easier, and you can focus just on the calls.
  • Also, in features, you have call blocking, do not disturb mode, voicemails, and alters. With that auto attendant, call forwarding and call screening are there.


One more amazing phone system for businesses is here. This is one of the best options to choose if you want a full suite of features. tata tele business

  • It offers a hardware system with an application to manage phone calls. Here you can buy phone setups, headsets, and everything needs for an office phone system set – up.
  • Working here is effortless, and you can manage all the incoming calls on a single go.
  • It offers features like call forwarding, call recording and call queuing. With that, it has all the basic features, including SMS and MMS, and customizable voicemail greetings.
  • Here you can transcript the voicemails and get the fax too.
  • It offers seamless integration with industry-leading software, especially CRMs.

19. 8 * 8

Empower all your employees globally with an integrated contact centre, voice, video, and chat. Trusted by over 2 million business users.


Contact center

Delight customers and empower employees with AI-powered workflows for every interaction.

Business phone

Put your business on the map with local numbers and global connectivity from one easy app.

Video meetings

Crush your next 1:1 or all-hands meeting in HD video with desktop and mobile screen-sharing.

Team chat

Say hello ? to more natural, productive collaboration with teammates and other chat platforms.

APIs and embeddable apps

Infuse every process, app and website with rich messaging and video conferencing capabilities.


These are some of the best business phone service providers which you can try.



Here in this article, we have talked about the incredible cheap phone service provider for small businesses. For any business, communication becomes very important.

It will not only work for customer satisfaction and customer care but also helps in lead generation. With excellent voice communication channels, a business can increase its credibility.

Not credibility but business phone service provider will also help in words of mouth. This means when a business has great customer care support and outbound marketing calls, then it is improving its chances.

They all as a whole contribute to the development of the online website and business. So don’t wait and don’t miss this golden opportunity.


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