Jade Raymond:Greek Women From Ubi Soft Who Make Games

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This article is dedicated to another successful lady, who is not only enticing and exotic but have also been able to set high benchmarks for the future coders and programmers too. She is Jade Raymond, a Canadian video game executive and managing director of the renowned Ubisoft Toronto. To know more about her, continue reading the article.

Initial life of the Gaming Queen

    • She graduated from the famous St. George’s School of Montreal in the year 1992
    • and received the bachelor degree of science from the McGill University in the year 1998.
    • She was a determined and inquisitive girl from the very beginning and loved mathematics and arts.

One day while playing video game she was stuck by the thought of people opting and owning game industry which actually made the perfect combination of the two subjects, mathematics and arts and so aimed high to attain her target and be successful in this field.

    • It was in the year 2003 when she finally joined the G4 program named as the electric Playground as a part-time correspondent and then from the year 2004 started working for the Unisoft Montreal.
    • Later she became renowned for her Assassin creed, Watch dogs and the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Faith and Motivation are the real super powers

  • The very successful, Jade Raymond is a very motivated and a sincere lady who has carried that positive belief of inspiration and faith in her life which drove her to the place she is in today.
  • She always has the tendency to learn and explore more things and to put to the situations where she has never been before.
  • This game lover likes listening music and has great artistic illustrations too.
  • She has been very good in programming which later helped her to survive with flying colors in the games industry.
  • Jade is a very quiet, stable and a mature lady who spends most of the time in music or arts, eating or working on her computer.
  • She even likes to build robots and solve various kinds of problems and puzzles.
  • She is a keen observer and is too smart to depict her ideas and thoughts via the games being programmed.

In short, Jade is a dynamic and a versatile person who has never ever been in the de-motivating aura and believes her inner self for the life she has been living.


Always follow your dreams

Jade Raymond is one of the live youth icons present to the world. She is known for her utter dedication and sincerity and for the habit of never giving up on her dreams.

She believes that success comes to those who never fear to dream and do not move back to put their sincere efforts in achieving them. This young lady has inspired many people all across the globe for inculcating the quality of trusting one’s goal and their abilities. The world pays her a tribute for her commendable work and waits for more of her successful works.