Founder of Java Programming Language :James Gosling

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Today in our day to day life we keep using the Java technology and its applications that continuously reminds of the man who gave this wonderful programming language to the world, James Gosling. This article is a tribute for his immense contribution in the field of computer science and other branches. To know more about him continue reading the article.


The Born Genius is the Founder of Java


Founder of Java
    • James was born on 19th May in Canada in the year 1995 and graduated from the renowned University of Calgary in the year 1997 in computer science.
    • He further completed his PhD from the Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of Bob Sproull in the year 1983.
    • From the early childhood James had keen interest in science and technology and was determined to explore this field.
    • He had a sound knowledge of UNIX and developed many software on UNIX applications.
      Gosling served Microsoft from 1984 to 2010
    • where he developed the Oak technology which is today known as Java language.
    • He is said to be the father of Java and its varied applications.

On 28th March he decided to work for the Google and within months developed a group named “liquid Robotics”. While he was working for this project he even served as the chief technology officer at Sun’s developer product group and also as the CTO of the sun’s client software group.


His impeccable Contribution

    • It was in the year 1990 when he gave the world a top class and appropriate programming language named Java without which the development technology is incomplete.
    • Today Java is considered to be one of the pillars of the science and technology and has been contributing towards the development of numerous applications and software.
    • He is known for his concepts of virtual machine and compilers which made Java successful and a guiding tool for technological advancements.
    • Apart from Java he is known to have contributed in other software systems like NeWS and Gosling Emacs.
    • He even co-wrote the Bundle programs and developed various applications of UNIX.
Founder of Java
He was awarded the Economist Innovation award in the year 2002, also was made as the Officer of the Order of Canada which is considered to be the Canada’s second highest civilian honor in the year 2007, also became the fellow of the Association for the Computing Machinery in the year 2013 and many more.

The shining star of computer technology

James has been contributing a lot in the field of computer science and it’s because of his utmost and sincere contribution and dedication that we are able to develop so many new technologies and varied applications. His wife and daughters has always been his source of inspiration which never let him give up on his failures and obstructions on his way to success. Currently, he enjoys being an Amateur chief and resides in the Redwood City with his family, wife and two lovely daughters.. James is happily married and is blessed with two daughters named Kate and Kelsey.