Meet Founder of Whatsapp Jan Koum – Brian Acton

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In mere past, apps were just a started token, which was slightly shadowing the hands of rich people, but today, the knock of smartphones have reached to an uncountable statistics.Every person in this scenario is using the greatest ever app-WhatsApp Messenger, which is a boon to the users who love an instant connection and love to share texts, images, audios and videos.The App own a technical ground being “cross-platform instant messaging subscription service

Man of the hour
Founder of Whatsapp

The man of the hour ‘Jan Koum‘, leads the road of success with such a stupendous performance worldwide with the App.

  • The big game was founded, in 2009, no one imagined it to be such a hit.
  • Popularity witness: The greatest evidence of popularity is visible after picturing it through countless smartphones.
  • Like every other origin, Founder and chief executive officer Jan Koum grew up in the Ukraine.He then moved to Mountain View, California.The witness reminds us of other such great victories across the technology domain, like mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates.

Early childhood and adulthood

  • Jan koum, the only child of his parents, was brought up by a construction manager(father).
  • Living up through the scarcity of daily hops, even today his mind remembers the founded life then.The velvet touch was all that was missing from his life at that time, where he all got , some pretty floors to clean and some rested work to manage the daily needs.
  • His mother greatly supported him all through that journey.
  • Early interest: The phase of dedication started again when he laid interest in networking and learned all through by manuals from reading and return basis bookstore.
  • Member of hacker group: The past time also accounts his worthy visits with a hacker group called w00w00.

Education Grounds

  • In 1995, he was graduated from Mountain View High School.
  • BSc Computer Science from San Jose State University.
  • Another phase was pictured after his enrollment at San Jose State University.
  • Like most technology builders the story of adulthood is replicated here as well, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Koum was dropped out of college, but here Harvard was displaced by San Jose State University.
  • The phase of career, with the mighty dawn at Ernst & Young as a security tester.
  • Another succession working as a Security and Operations Engineering and later infrastructure engineer at Yahoo in 1998-2007.
  • later the time was tested through an interview at Facebook, from where the desk of rejection was all that he got.
  • Lots of traveling and adventure in between.
  • Whatsapp – Senior Manager, since 2009

Simple vision enforced skills

  • The hike of imagination and rested efforts by the CEO of the company made the company rest on the velvet grounds and owns the red carpet on being acquired by Facebook , on February 19, 2014, for US$16 billion.
  • The development of Whatsapp by Koum and Acton happened to be in coffee shops and at their homes. In just a few years , the app stood on worthy grounds and score Billions.
  • But with scarce simplicity, the founder conveys the continuation of the such an application away from the beds of advertisement and attaining the vision they first led in the honor of the application.
  • He invested in himself the perfect quantity of skill, patience, dedication and most important consistency.He sat on trademarks such as from speed to flexibility and reliability.
  • He personally believed to compete with already well-established applications in the domain of communication and presented us with the fantastic blend of technology which is simply incomparable with any.
Founder of Whatsapp

The sky is within the one who always dream to acquire it.CO-founder of Whatsapp did the same,and the act of biggest ever Acquisition declares the same.Acquisition doesn’t mean sharing the right to proceed,it simply means to a little less with the compromising with the standards he first led.


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