10+} Fake Receipt Maker Software – Fake Receipt Generator With Date

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We often come across situations in which you might need the receipt of particular purchase of service or goods. Sometimes they are required for reimbursement while other times they might be required for general verification purpose. Most of us don’t give that much importance to the purchase receipts while buying the item and often tend to throw it away. But then we repent later when the situation demands for the receipts. If you have lost any of your receipts and are looking for an alternative, then we have the best solution for you. Listed below are some of the best fake receipt makers that can help you create a duplicate of the original one.

Technology has made duplicating far easier than it was before. You can now easily recreate the tax bill, phone bill, gas receipt, restaurant bill, etc. using these online fake receipt generators.


1. expressexpense.com

Buying a new cash register or receipt maker can prove to be very expensive if you are planning to start a new business or have a small business. So, it is way better to use online fake receipt makers instead. expressexpense.com is one of the highest rated online receipt makers that you can find in the internet.

You have to enter the seller information, purchase related details and currency (it supports Euro, Great Britain Pound and US Dollar). After putting in all the receipt details, click on ‘Create Receipt’ to make your fake receipt.


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2. Custom Receipt Maker:

This is one of the simplest and easiest fake receipt makers that you can opt for. There are three text fields available for the Top lines. The first text field can be used for adding your or your store’s or your clinic’s name. The second and third line can be used to add the address of your store and the tagline or some description of your store.

Then you can add the list of items or products you want to put into the bill. Addition of the bottom line is optional. After entering all necessary details, you just have to click on “Make the receipt” to prepare the receipt.

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3. Invoiceto

If you want to generate fake invoices, then Invoiceto is the best website to go for. As soon as you open the link of its website, it will direct you to an invoice template which you can edit as per your requirements. You can add details like name of the company, address, email, phone number, name of the customer, and other required invoice details.

You can also edit the table size of the list of details. You can create a pdf of the invoice and mail it to your customer or client.

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4. zoho.com:

The name of the site is quite evident of its job…Used to make free gas receipts in US and Canada, it is one of the most used fake receipt generators. Sometimes you pay the gas bill but forget to take the receipt of the same, then use this website to create a fake one which resembles the original one. First calculate the price of the fuel and then derive the quantity from it or you can also go for the other way around. Then you can add the gas station details like address of the station, tax amount paid etc.

Then add other details like payment method, card details, type of fuel purchased. After entering all necessary information, click on Create/Update Receipt and boom! Your receipt is ready!

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5. Fastinvoice.com:

If you have a small business or a freelancer, then you might be needing a cash register to generate your client’s receipts. But it is more feasible to go for a free online receipt maker instead of a cash registering machine. You can easily create your goods receipts and invoices through this site.

Be it client billing receipts or subscriptions of your customer or professional invoices, Fastinvoice.com has covered it all.

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6. Fake ATM Receipt Generator:

Have you ever taken cash from ATM but forgot to take the receipt and needed it later? Then this Fake ATM Receipt Generator will help you out. If you want to trick your friend by showing him that you have millions in your account, then this website will do the work for you.

The best thing about this website is that it does not need much detailed information. You just have to enter some common things like date, time, address and name of shop, city and state. The ATM receipt generated by this website looks very identical to the original one.

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7. Free Invoice Maker:


Yet another addition to the list of the free online receipt makers is the Free Invoice Maker. This fake receipt creator also adds the logo of the company that you want to add. Apart from basic details like job description, bill to-from details, date, time, products or items to be added etc. you can also add customized invoice settings in the right side of the invoice receipt. The only drawback is that it demands registration and login for use.

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8. Create Quick Invoice:


One of the few advanced free invoice generators is the Create Quick Invoice website. Business invoices, tax invoices, general shopping invoices, etc. Create Quick Invoice is suitable for all such purposes.

Just select the type of template you want and fill in the important details of the invoice you want to generate and the website will create the fake invoice in seconds. There are also various advanced invoice settings available like currency, discounts, tax paid etc. You can either download the pdf receipt and print it or you can email the fake online receipt to your customer.

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9. Lost Hotel Receipt:

There are a very few hotel receipt generators available in the internet and this one is one of the best. Now easily recreate hotel receipt of your stay by choosing one among the various hotel receipt templates available in the site. There is various hotel related information that you need to fill in and that’s it! Your fake hotel receipt is ready!

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10. Shopify Invoice Creator 

Shopify’s online invoice generator makes your life easier when it comes to billing and collecting money. Simply fill in the required information and create an invoice on the spot.

You can save, print or email it directly to your clients. The Shopify invoice maker uses a professional layout that includes all of the necessary details for clean, consistent, and accurate billing practices


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The above mentioned free receipt generator software and websites are some of the most frequently used ones. Do comment below your reviews about them.