Creating An Online Employee Training Program? Try Microlearning Approach

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A great way to prepare your employees for handling all kinds of work challenges is to offer them L&D opportunities. It enhances their knowledge and also helps in retaining them for the long haul. L&D programs are also very effective in helping employees stay up-to-date with the recent trends in the industry.


But for an employee to benefit from an L&D program, it has to be effective and easy to understand. Complex employee training programs end up wasting valuable time and make it challenging to remember information.


This is where microlearning comes to your rescue. Microlearning prevents employees from having to sit through excruciating-long lectures by simplifying the content. The microlearning approach involves breaking down complex information into small chunks.


This makes learning quick and efficient. It is not just beneficial for the employees but the organization too. If you are creating an online training program, here are five reasons that will convince you to go ahead with the microlearning approach of information delivery:


Offers flexibility in learning:

Self-paced online courses are known to offer employees full control over their pace of learning. With microlearning, learning becomes even more flexible especially when delivered through a mobile-based learning platform.


Employees can quickly go through a bite-sized topic during their break or while travelling without having to worry about leaving a topic in between. This way, learning becomes a continuous part of employee growth.


Makes learning fun:

A lot of employers notice declining employee engagement with the training content. This is because employees do not find the content interesting and easy to consume. By breaking it down into small sections, you make it easy for employees to absorb information.


A lot of studies show employees find microlearning content significantly more fun than huge chunks of information coupled together. With bite-sized content available for consumption at any time from anywhere, employees find learning more comfortable and fun.


Enhances employee onboarding experience:

Not all employees come in with every skill that is required to perform well in their role. This is why onboarding programs are created to deliver these skills to new hires that will help address their skill gaps.


Bombarding new employees with complex information can lead to a poor onboarding experience. To change this, use microlearning to target areas of improvement with easy-to-understand micromodules.


Increases knowledge retention rate:

Unless employees retain the knowledge they gain from an L&D program and implement it in their everyday work, there is no ROI on the training. Microlearning simplifies content and structures it in a way that it becomes easy to remember.


With an increased knowledge retention rate, employees can recall the information quickly and utilize it to their benefit. This enhances their performance and helps the business in earning greater profits.


Enhances Employee Satisfaction:

When employees learn through microlearning and can quickly acquire the knowledge of a new skill, it makes them feel empowered. It reduces the mistakes in their work and helps them become an asset to their team.


This not only makes them feel more confident about themselves but also increases their morale. If you go through the Paylocity reviews, a lot of employers have shared how the flexible platform combined with microlearning increased employee productivity and satisfaction.



When an L&D program is filled with long and complex information, employees do not feel motivated to learn. Microlearning helps in changing this and encourages them to participate in the training. It helps them learn faster which means they don’t have to compromise on work to learn. Keeping in mind all these benefits, it is safe to conclude that microlearning is the future of employee learning & growth.


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