Best Video Calling App for PC and Laptop [ Updated 2020 List ]

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Today there are a lot of applications to have a great quality chat with your closest friends or relatives on your PC. The video chat app for pc that most of the younger people are choosing instead of others is Skype since it can deliver high-quality of communication with little or no cost at all.

There is a lot of debate about the video chat app for laptop and it is a rather subjective concept which one is the most suitable for your own case. Lots of people are using these apps only to hand around and make some friends but other use it for serious professional reasons.

That is why, the selection of the best video app is a hard quest, with lots of factors each one having its own importance. so i have list some mostly asked question by user over

Best Video Calling App for PC

Q1.What is the best video calling app for PC?

Voted by lots of users, Skype has been the natural leader of the category. It is listed as one of the ultimate-quality video calling software that you can use either for leisure or for professional reasons.

It is an easy way to perform audio calling as well as video conferences over your laptop or your mobile phone device. There are a lot of companies using its features for long distance communication, meetings and other types of formal interaction.

Q2. Can you use FaceTime on a PC?

Not so long ago, the Apple company has created and presented the FaceTime that is a unique application to connect people that are in the same IOS ecosystem. This has created a revolution in the Apple communication systems since the iPhone and iPads could now be easily connected through a delicate and reliable system.

As a result, there is no chance you can use FaceTime on your PC as long as this application is an intellectual property of Apple and is only shared in its products. There is also no compiler or other software to bypass the security code of Apple and install FaceTime to your PC.

You have to select among the various free video chat app for windows 10 that are available now and given to you virtually at zero cost.

Q3. How can I video chat on WhatsApp on PC?

Most of the times, people are using the famous WhatsApp application on their smartphones. But there are times that you must use your PC for certain jobs, and you need to download the WhatsApp program there.

Good news is that you can actually download the WhatsApp application in your PC and start making video calls to your friends. First, you need to make sure that there is an inbuilt camera on your PC. Then you need to have an Android emulator.

This program will enable the translation of the Android programs to the Windows environment so that your PC understands and communicates efficiently with them. After you download the emulator you are ready to go.

Download the WhatsApp application. The well-known icon is going to appear on your desktop, and you will receive a one-time password to register. After these steps you are ready to proceed with performing video calls through your PC using the WhatsApp program.


Q4. Is FaceTime better than Skype?


They both have their advantages and drawbacks as well. Skype and FaceTime are free downloaded programs and can serve all clients using Apple and PC products respectively. The FaceTime is a quick type of video call communication that has superb quality of image and sound.

The Skype application is free to download, and its basic features include voice calling as well as video chat applications. The quality of the Skype communication in its free version can be extremely high-quality and cover all basic needs of direct calling and video conferencing.

On the other hand, FaceTime is more convenient to use since it categorizes all your friends and colleagues and is also connected with IOS Siri automated partner so that you don’t have to manually search for any contact number.

Overall, Skype still remains the world standard for internet communication and video calling while FaceTime is making a lot of progress in giving more quality and rapid calling to the people who have IOS products.


Q5. Is WhatsApp the same as FaceTime?


Absolutely not. The FaceTime is a new application ran by Apple to exist only in iPhones, iPads and Mac Computers. The WhatsApp application though is open to all PC users as well as the Apple users and has a universal coverage. That is why most of the people are opting out for WhatsApp when they have to select a specific application to communicate with others.

The basic functions are pretty much the same between the WhatsApp and the FaceTime applications. The FaceTime can also support group video conferences for free that WhatsApp is not able to support.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is free and will support both messaging, calling and video chatting with extreme quality overall. Both applications are using less memory from your device and require access to your camera so that you can efficiently communicate with your friends.

WhatsApp is the application of choice for teenagers and younger persons due to the popularity it has gained through the social networks and the friendly profile it has among the users. It is a lot easier to identify a friend who has WhatsApp rather than the one that uses FaceTime since the latter is limited in users of IOS technology devices.


Q6. Who pays for WhatsApp video call?


When you are performing a video call on WhatsApp you have to be prepared to spend lots of data from your phone provider plan. For experimental purposes, people have measured the exact data that have been using when making a two-minute video call on WhatsApp and the results are not as exciting.

For a two-minute video call WhatsApp has used 10MB of data from each phone carrier and of course this is not as cheap as it sounds. Both the caller and the receiver are about to pay for this video call since they are both downloading data to see each other image.

As a result, both are paying for the video call in WhatsApp and you have to be prepared to pay for extra data in case you are having a lengthy conversation.


Q7. Is video calling safe on WhatsApp?


WhatsApp uses the most current encryption technology so that is keeps its services away of intruders. There is practically zero chance somebody else sneaks into your account and joins your private conversation. Unless it is shared by the other part, all the conversation is kept under severe security in the servers of the WhatsApp application.

This flawless type of communication is the key factor that WhatsApp has finally managed to gain the trust of the teenagers and millennials that are having high in their ranking the security issues.

Never before, has WhatsApp being threatened by hackers and the information kept in their servers is insured against any possible intruder.

Q8. Can WhatsApp video call be traced?


There is virtually no possibility in tracing a WhatsApp video call if you are a third party. There are so many encryption and secure page codes defending your privacy that you don’t have to worry about call tracing at any time.

On the other hand, WhatsApp retains the right to share your communication to the Government authorities provided that there are unlawful actions performed and you are involved in such an official investigation.

This is the only way that someone could possibly trace your video call on WhatsApp but this would be because law enforcement authorities are having you or your friends in close control for certain investigations.

No need to worry for everyday chats as a conclusion. Make your WhatsApp video calls without having the doubt of tracing under no circumstances.

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List of Best video chat apps till now

This is a list of the most popular video chat apps that you can find online:

1. Facebook messenger:

This is by far the most commonly used video chat app with direct messaging features. It has an easy interface to use and can be also extremely mobile. Its connection to Facebook social media gives it a more useful character.

Facebook messenger

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2. Google Duo:

It is actually a Google answer to FaceTime and can also be run in Android as well as in IOS. Video chats can be easily made and they cost less than normal phone calls. Google platform is actively promoting it.

Google Duo

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3. Imo:

This is a rather new video chat application which gives you a lot of new features. You can program to call people you don’t know but you are connected through email. It can also change colors according to your feelings each time of the day.


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4. JusTalk:

It is the lesser known of the video chat apps. You can do normal calling as well as doodling while being on a video chat call. The quality of the image and sound are perfect, and you can also enjoy it for free.


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5. Skype:

The well-known app that gives you the reassurance of Microsoft. Pre-installed in all PCs and can give you access to team presentations and teleconferences. It is also free.


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6. FaceTime:

This is the new deal from Apple that is the great rival of Skype and WhatsApp. Gives you great mobility and assures you that you will have the best quality communication no matter what. Basic features are also free.


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7. WeChat:

This is the application for video chats if you are using Facebook a lot. It includes high quality voice and video quality all over the world and has the highest safety protocols applied in its class.

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8. Hangouts:

Finally, Google has made it possible to have an in-built video chat program that works while you are checking your mailbox. It includes all your contacts with a possibility for group talks of 150 persons. You can perform video call to 10 people the same time. It works on all devices both Android and IOS with the same performance.

A new player in the video chat applications that is easy to install and absolutely free. It promoted the ooVoo community and can give you multiple video chat sessions with 8 people the same time. You can also post stories and check other’s people stories while reading your inbox.

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9. Tango:

Popular video chat with more than 400 million of users. It has the best quality calling facility and you can easily live stream videos from other people. It is accessible from Android and IOS devices. You can easily switch from video call to chat in zero time. You can keep a timeline and add friends.

Tango video

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10. Viber:

The most preferred and used video chat app all over the world. It gives free international calling as well as video conference. It has an automatic encryption that secures your messages against any online threat.

Viber Messenger

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11. Line:

This app has in turn reshaped the way of communication around the globe. It’s not only a messaging app but also allows users to do audio calls, video calls. You can chat with over 200 friends at the same time while having video and voice calls. There are also hundreds of stickers to make it a lot more fun when chatting.


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12. ICQ:

Highly convenient and easy to use messenger apps with many additional features. It unifies almost all functions that make a communication fun and moreover easier for the user.


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13. Camfrog:

This is kind of a cross-platform community with thousands of users available in various chat rooms. Be it on any device- Android, iPhone or Mac, if you are a member of the Camfrog community then you could chat with anyone available.


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Today all the possible ways of video calling communication are reliable enough to give you high-quality chatting either for leisure or professional purpose. The Skype and WhatsApp as well as the FaceTime applications are widely accepted by users who are diverting from the traditional ways of communication using the phone lines.

Concerns about the quality of the communication as well as the privacy measures that all companies are taking for their clients have been answered. So far there is no threat for the security of the video calls and conversations made through any online application.

The quality of the communication -video and vocal- becomes better day by day keeping up with the evolution of the internet speed (ground and air) as well as your interest in abandoning the traditional networks in favor of the online communication apps.

You are entering a brand-new world of science and technology where information driven through the alleys of internet is going to be proliferated in fractions of second. All these apps are constantly improving their services and lowering their rates for your own good. Make sure you always choose the right app so that you get the highest possible quality for your video calls.

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