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21 Free and Open Source Best Church Management Software List

Whether it’s a church, temple, mosque, or any other religious place its management is essential in order to preserve the local community, traditions, and heritage of the society.

And in this digital era we can’t think of but software solution for managing religious institutions. Indeed they manage by keeping records of the members, donations, and other events.

So software proves to be resourceful even when it comes to managing even a church. And here we are going to discuss some of the best church management software.



  1. What does church management software do?

Church management applications are such apps that are specially designed for churches and other religious institutions. So that they can manage and automate their daily routine tasks easily and manage events and the members.


  1. How much does a church management system cost?

There is no fixed amount that software for church management demands. Among the applications for church management, some are completely free, some are paid.

Where users have to pay for exclusive features and services, and some are entirely paid.


21 Amazing Software For Church Management

Whether it’s an office premise or a church every institution needs proper management. And software for church management just ensures that.

However, there is a wide collection of applications useful in church management available out there. But the real quest is to find the best among them that is according to our needs and demand.

Well with us you don’t have to struggle with this and here you will have the list of the best applications for church management.

# No. 1 Church Giving Church Giving

  • A long time ago the term “tithe” is used for the 10% percent of the produce that is given by the peasants to the churches.
  • So we can understand from its name itself that it aims at managing the donations.
  • But that is not it and it offers more than that. For effective communication among the members, it has a management tool.
  • It has automated workflows that ensure that all the important tasks are completed on time.
  • This application offers tracking tools that monitor giving, gifts, and all the financial activities and standing of the organization.
  • For comprehensive reports, it also reports tools that guide your rough edges.

# No. 2 AplosAplos

  • This software for church management has earned its place because of the features it offers to the users.
  • It can be thought of as a full suite of features that helps in accounting, marketing, management, and other things.
  • With this application, users can create lists and notes to gather all the required information in a single place. It also has a feature to keep the notes private.
  • Here team management feels like a piece of cake as it manages the groups and teams. Schedule meetings, group access to meeting agendas, notes, and job assignments.
  • Not only that but it has a customization feature for email templates. And with the help of filters users can give a personal touch to the messages.
  • It also has online and secure giving features with tithe tracking.
  • And within just some clicks it can also prepare quarterly, monthly, or annually giving statements.

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# No. 3 Church Community BuilderChurch Community Builder

  • No religious institution is complete without its entire community. And that what the objective behind this software.
  • With this application, users can connect and engage with the whole church community.
  • For that, it offers details about other people of the same community in one place.
  • With text support, it has secure and safe check-ins. It also includes children check-in features.
  • This software can also be used for the online donation management and giving without any hassle.
  • With supporting online donations it also has automated tools for generating reports on the giving, analysis of donors, and annual statements of giving.
  • Apart from all these features what makes it attractive is that it can be accessed from any device from any part of the world.

# No. 4 Breeze ChMSBreeze ChMS

  • This is one of the easiest and simplest applications for handling church management.
  • It is web-based so no need of downloading and installing the software.
  • For small to middle-sized churches, it is perfect in the context of budget and features.
  • Here users can easily store unlimited information of each member by just adding a custom filter.
  • This application can also be used for communicating and organizing the groups of a single church.
  • It can automatically create groups, view stats, and schedule their messages.
  • With the help of this application, users will get secure text, online giving. And track gifts and donors.
  • It also has control user access so that only the allowed users can access the information. And confident information remains secure.

# No. 5 ChMeetingsChMeetings

  • One of the robust yet seamless applications for church management is here.
  • What makes this software a brilliant choice is a fact that it is made for small to big-sized churches and denominations.
  • Users here can effortlessly manage the membership for the church, with the management of groups and events.
  • Taking an edge over security solutions it has a proactive Firewall that keeps your data safe from any unauthorized user.
  • It has data storage as well as a tracking feature where data can be converted into actionable reports.
  • Here users can separate one–time events and recurring events and make them automatic.
  • It also offers daily backups, free data import, and easy generation of reports.

# No. 6 ACSacs church software

  • If you are looking for an all-rounder software solution for church management then it is only for you.
  • It is cloud-based software where users can manage information on individuals and families as well.
  • This software is a comprehensive solution that combines contact management, tracking features, and the organization of contribution-related details.
  • It also has features to optimize ministry outreach and can monitor attendance trends.
  • Also, it can easily integrate with other applications to enhance the performance of the church.
  • Users can use this software for fundraising drives review and renew membership and membership history.

# No. 7 FellowshipOneFellowshipOne

  • This software is specially designed for church management keeping in mind the empowerment of church ministry.
  • It allows users access to data of all the staff members of the church in one place. Here members can also update their information as well.
  • Users will get the automated channels, email tools, and newsletter templates for effective communication between different groups of the church.
  • It also has tracking tools to recruit, train and allot tasks to the new hires as well to the existing members.
  • Moreover, it has real-time information access across different devices so that users can work from anywhere anytime.
  • It manages online giving and contributions, and then analysis with generating reports on the trends and insights.

# No. 8 DonorKiteDonorKite

  • This excellent software is not only for the churches but also for non – profit organizations and charities for managing donations.
  • Here users can manage unlimited donations, contributors, and data management.
  • With that users can also have the tools to maximize the donation collection.
  • It also provides immediate acknowledgment to every single donation made with the institution.
  • For volunteers, it has team management and resources and can complete donation data management.
  • This software also offers donor tracking, custom reporting, and data imports.
  • To save money and time it has automated and efficient workflows for the group members.

# No. 9 FlocknoteFlocknote

  • If you are looking for a church management application that can reach out to mass members with notices for events and important texts then you have got this.
  • With this software solution, users can establish a strong connection with the members using emails, mass church texting, and other communication channels.
  • Also, it manages the databases of the members allowing the church to track individual registration, involvement, and contribution.
  • But if you think that it will make the work chaotic then you are wrong. This software has its own streamlined working system that saves you from any extra burden of work.
  • You can also create here unlimited groups for every department, ministry, and subgroup.
  • With that it offers analytics to member count, track email opening rate, attendance data, and donations and giving.
  • To further reduce the workload it sorts out and eliminate duplicate data and place the information on a centralized platform.

# No. 10 ChurchteamsChurchteams

  • This superb software is specially made for the church administration so that they can access various elements of the church at the same time.
  • Here church administrators can access the dashboard, manage church groups, customize event cards and do a lot more.
  • It has tools for attendees, guests, and staff to send messages just after their registration and check-ins.
  • With its working mechanism, users can make, find and monitor groups within the church. Also, users can automate repetitive tasks that can save the time and effort of the members.
  • For volunteer recruiting also, it has scheduling tools and can assign roles to the volunteers.

# No. 11 ShelbyNext MembershipShelbyNext Membership

  • Who doesn’t like to have the advanced management software for church onboard? If you are also one of them then your wait is over.
  • It is a cloud-based application that is focused on ministry and helps in building the church community.
  • What makes this application stands apart from other apps is its flexibility that even a new hire can operate this software.
  • This application has tools to handle individual members as well as groups of them.
  • With that, it also calendars settings that can sync with the church straight forwarding the groups, events, equipment, and other things.
  • Here users can get insights into new members, record attendance, handle multiple check-ins and send mass text messages and emails at the one go.

# No. 12 Elexio Community ChMS

  • One more advanced software solution with us is this which is also an integrated and congregation solution helping the users in many ways.
  • This application is well known in the field for the smart features it offers as eliminates the traditional hassles.
  • It is smart because it let the users create smart reports to track contribution, funds, gifts, and attendance.
  • With that, it also has smart check-ins, calendar management, an easy and simple dashboard, reporting, and event management.
  • The groups can communicate with each other using emails, texts, and voice and also has push notifications.

# No. 13 Churchtrac Churchtrac

  • Generally, cheap, easy to use and incredible features don’t fit in one single frame. But for this software, it’s a myth indeed.
  • It is an affordable application for church management that is easy and simple to handle too.
  • Despite its cost-effectiveness, it is made for small to large-sized churches where users can keep records of people, finances, attendance, and events.
  • Here users will also get the membership management, contributions, and giving management.
  • It also generates donor and contribution reports with fund budgeting and its monitoring.
  • For the smoothening, the workload also worships scheduling and planning even for the volunteers and team members.

# No. 14 Text In ChurchText In Church

  • If you are looking for the best communication software for church management then look nowhere, it is perfect for you.
  • This application is specially designed for all sized churches whether small, medium, or large.
  • For efficient and fast communication it uses texts and emails channels which are reflected from the name itself.
  • For better communication, it also integrates with other communication applications. And allows two–way messaging to engage the guests with the church.
  • With that, it allows the visitors to the website to plan their visits to the church. And offer automation in workflows where reminders are also available for the staff members.

# No. 15 Servant Keeper

  • This software is for saving users’ time on the ministry and its activities.
  • With this software, users can easily get the members, volunteers for the tasks and their management.
  • It also offers contributions and donors management and sacramental records management.
  • For effective communication here users can create as many groups as they want and then communicate through various channels.
  • With its reporting feature, users can analyze the church activities and improve wherever needed.
  • Also tools for data management, skills tracking and security with check-ins for children ministry are present here.

# No. 16 ParishSOFTParishSOFT software church

  • This software for church management is the first choice of over 8000 parishes and 150 dioceses reflecting its popularity.
  • It is designed specifically keeping in mind the account management, family suite, and gifting for Catholics all over the world.
  • The management system of this application augments the productivity of the church by uniting the whole church administration and its activities.
  • With that, it also helps in managing and keeping a record of parish pledge campaigns, gifts, funds offertory, and contributions.
  • For managing the Catholic traditions it keeps a family directory, Catholic sacraments, finances, and communication.

# No. 17 KindridKindrid software church

  • This software is a church’s giving a platform where users can improve the visions of the church.
  • With that users will also have unlimited designations feature, bank-level security, powerful reporting, and event registration.
  • It has smart admin control where users can control permissions to restriction with email customization just right from the dashboard.
  • For better working and features it can integrate with other church management solutions.
  • It also supports bank giving, debit and credit cards, kiosk, and text communication.

# No. 18 TouchPointTouchPoint

  • This software is known for its flexible functioning and workflows that make church activities a cup of coffee.
  • Here users can keep records of families, people, and church membership. With that, it also manages attendance tracking, church management, and online registration.
  • And users can manage the pledge management as well as the contributions.
  • Here adding, updating, and viewing member data is very easy and simple with having a powerful search function.
  • Users can find the volunteers, events, email lists, access to the admin dashboard, and group management everything comes in one place.
  • Also as a cherry on the top, it has dashboard customization for specific roles performed by the users.

# No. 19 Church ToolsChurch Tools software church

  • If you are searching for an application that can improve your church activities as well as manage them then you have to look nowhere.
  • It is your one-stop destination for all your problems as it is cloud-based and helps users to bring together ministry, operations, and people in one place.
  • In management systems, it has people and group management, document management, resource management, and event management.
  • With that in its feature, we can include a check-in feature, calendar sync, and is available in many languages too.
  • It is one of the simplest and easiest tools to use for church management that you can ever use.

# No. 20 Faith TeamsFaith Teams software church

  • One perfectly curated software for the small to medium-sized church is this which is easy to handle, rich in features, and also affordable.
  • This software helps in building a relationship between the church and congregants. It also establishes mass communication.
  • Here users can track the attendance, automate guest follow-ups, and schedule volunteers.
  • With that, it also manages the dashboard, reports, contributions, and giving. It also accepts contributions through online giving and text.
  • Through the dashboard, users can track and analyze the data and then generate a report to improve the working of the church.
  • For communication it allows the users to send texts and emails to groups as well to the groups.

# No. 21 IconCMOIconCMO software church

  • This is the best software for church management which offers fund management with the group and people management.
  • It has mass communication channels, tools for attendance, and with a membership access module, it keeps the ministry updated and connected.
  • Here users will get the attendance tracking, customizable fields, archives, and special event reminder so that not even a single task can be missed.
  • With that, it also has e – giving, retention, data printing, annual processing that helps in managing the donations.
  • So with this application users can make the management of the church hassle-free and streamline the workflows.

These are some of the software applications available out there for church management.



So to conclude we can say that whether it’s a religious institution or any other office, management services for each of them is available the only need is to find them.

And here we do the struggle and pick only the best for you so that you can save your time and effort too.

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