What is RCP Components on android Why Is it ON Always

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There are many curious owners of android gadgets who are really interested in knowing what an exactly RCP component is. In this article, we have attempted to figure this out for you so that no longer you will have any question or be in any kind of doubt.


RCP is an Eclipse-based Rich Client Protocol component which is found in the application manager on your android device. It is a software programmer tool which makes the integration of independent software components easier on your phone. Most of the data processing takes place on the client side. It is thought of as a modular UI framework and is developed mainly for the developers. Ready independent software modules are integrated by simple mouse click. It permits to link graphic interfaces, databases, texts, to use and to launch Geo location services and maps.


To begin with, let us start with explaining the term RCP, what is RCP component, what is its use on your android device?


       I. What is the RCP component?

RCP is referred to as a Rich Client Platform which is a programming tool. This programming tool is usually used by the developers, mostly as a treasure trove of opportunities. So, what does the RCP components on your device do? Well, almost everything. Here is how:

What is RCP Components

The Rich Client Platform, RCP is a software system which consists of the below outlined significant components-

  • A core
  • Update manager
  • A standard bundling framework
  • Microsoft interface definition language compiler
  • File buffers
  • A portable widget toolkit
  • A workbench
  • Run-time libraries
  • Header files
  • Name service locator
  • Portmapper
  • Text handling, and text editors


RCP is a collection of lower-level frameworks on your android device. This software lets the developers build their respective applications on their existing computing platforms. The independent software modules like mapping technologies, graphic tools, and spreadsheet integrate friendly and smoothly with the RCP software system.


Moreover, while understanding the meaning and use of RCP components, it is also crucial to get acquainted with what is the rate control protocol. The rate control protocol is a reboot management system which is specially developed with an aim to reduce the boot time.


    II. Why are RCP components on your device?

RCP components on android devices play a very significant role. The application software with RCP components are portable to many operating systems which helps the apps with RCP to be launched on different devices. Designed mainly for the developers, it is important for an individual to know coding language to build an app.


It may happen that your app is not compatible without RCP. In that case what should be your next step? Well, of course using RCP. By using RCP components, it becomes easier for the developers to build an app without having to create tools. Therefore, developers build their software with encoding rules. It is more like developing a product, but instead of doing all the steps all over again, the frame has already been created with RCP components and only the developers will do the rest.


You may be wondering whether it is of no use to persons who are not developers or don’t have the required set of skills to develop an app? To answer, you can try to create your own applications on off-the-shelf computing platforms. Just do not start developing apps from scratch and rather use tested platforms. The difference can be easily seen when you get fast integration of apps and smooth loading of independent software modules.


To say in simple words, the essence is that these are apps that are built into the operating system of your android device. Most of them work in the background and support the operation of your Smartphone.


 III.            Can you disable RCP components?

For those people, who are worried about why the RCP components are always on your phone, despite not being a developer, it is important to know whether you can disable the RCP components on your android gadget or not?


To answer your question, please note that of course, you can easily disable RCP components on your device. To do so, please follow the below mentioned easy steps:

Step 1: Firstly you need to disable all the unwanted applications from running in the background or for updates. This is not a difficult step at all and you can easily find the unwanted apps on your screen.

Step 2: Choose to edit and click on the folder. You device will show you all the information on the unwanted app.

Step 3: Then you can click on the disable icon and you are done disabling RCP components successfully.


Note: Think before disabling the app. If you disable some unwanted apps you can free up the memory of your Smartphone. Do it carefully!


 IV.   Should you delete RCP Components?

It is pertinent to note that you cannot possibly remove the RCP components on your android gadget without actually rooting the device. Some apps may be part of your android device and can’t be uninstalled. Removing them completely can damage your device so it is better to disable only the unwanted apps.


If you have downloaded the RCP apps from Google Play, you can safely remove the unwanted apps. Trust us, during this step you are going to be more surprised when you see apps on your phone that you did not install. These apps are embedded in the software and are developed to work in the background.  It is dangerous for your device to delete them.

You can find out detailed information about each app that is built into the operating system in the settings of your device.  It is also crucial to understand that some embedded applications influence each other and removing either one of the RCP apps is prone to cause damage to another.

    V.            Conclusion

With a RCP, programmers and developers can easily create their own apps on existing computing platforms, Instead of having to write an app completely from scratch, the developers can benefit from the tested and proven features of the framework provided by the computing platform.

As discussed above, it is claimed that programs built with RCP components are portable to many operating systems while being as rich as client–server applications which use traditional clients.


Here, our journey of providing you a brief introduction to what is RCP component on your android phone and why it is on always comes to an end. I hope the article was of great help to you. Thank you.


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