Did You Know These Useful Shortcut key of Microsoft Word

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Important shortcut key for application software:Today I want to tell some important shortcut which really help you when you use any program that run on window so remember it

Important shortcut key for application software:

Shortcut key

  • ALT+F:It open file menu option in any open program eg when use notepad,office etc
  • Alt + E:It open edit option
  • F1 :universally for help
  • Ctrl+A:For selecting all text
  • Ctrl+X:Cut
  • Ctrl+V :Paste
  • Ctrl+C:Copy
  • Home : Go to beginning of current line
  • Ctrl+home:Go to beginning of document
  • End : Go to end of current line
  • Ctrl+end: Go to end of document
  • Shift+home: Highlight from current position to beginning of line
  • Shift+End Highlight from current position to end of line
  • Ctrl+left arrow: Move one word to the left at a time
  • Ctrl+right arrow: Move one word to the right at a time


List is not end’s here. there are so many shortcut key but remembering all is quite difficult so that i mention only few of them whose are important.

Tell me if i miss something through comment below


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